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A Day in the Life of Jill Noble

Jill Noble lives in Flower Mound with her husband of 17 years, Eric. Both work from home. Jill is a travel agent and business blogger and Eric is a regional manager with Bridgestone. They have two daughters, Brooke, 9; Kendall, 6; and a lovable mutt, Bella.

5:58AM Mommy, I had a bad dream (very unusual). Rolling over, opening one eye, I see that it is 5:58AM, exactly 22 minutes before my alarm goes off. Pull Kendall into the bed and fall asleep for what seems like one second.

6:20AM Ease out of bed while trying not to disturb one, not-so-scared, 6 year old sleeping next to me. Eric is out of town, but will be home this afternoon, thank goodness.

6:40AM Time for Brooke to awaken to a slobbery doggie kiss as an excited Bella jumps onto her bed. Head back to my room to wake up Kendall (who prefers no slobbery kisses).

6:50AM Breakfast of an Eggo, bananas and milk for the girls while I pack lunches (the school menu did not catch anyone’s taste buds this morning, sigh). I eye the coffee maker and think about how hungry I am.

7:10AM Time for the girls to get dressed. When we opened the door for Bella this morning we noticed that it is much cooler than we expected. The girls sprint up the stairs to grab some leggings instead of the shorts they picked out last night.

7:20AM The hair stylist has arrived. Yes, that’s me. Brooke decides on a ponytail (my fave because it’s super easy) and Kendall ups the difficulty by adding a braid along the side.

7:30AM Gathering up the backpacks and heading out the door.

7:35AM Bella is the first to jump in the passenger seat for her daily ride to school. The girls are arguing because Kendall is climbing in too slowly for Brooke.
I’m wondering why she doesn’t just get in on the other side. Why did we buy this SUV only to use one door?

7:50AM Back from drop-off and headed for the coffee maker at last! Clean up the girls’ breakfast dishes, load the dishwasher and wash the pot in the sink soaking from last night’s dinner. Decide on peanut butter toast, a banana and COFFEE for me.

8:10AM At my desk, with coffee and breakfast in front of me. I read facebook for 10 minutes then follow-up on some business emails.

8:45AM Take a break to the dance studio for my tap class. I’m so glad I decided to do this. I realize how much I miss dancing…and how much my balance has changed in 20 years since my last tap classes!

10:30AM Work in my office. Today I begin wearing my “Cruise Therapy” hat and research cruise options for a group in June that want to leave from Galveston. Pull preliminary pricing and build a .PDF to email to the group leader. Switch to my FlowerMoundFamily.com hat. Answer emails, update three client pages and start planning for next week’s newsletter.

1PM Ahhh! Where did the time go? It’s time to change clothes and get to my client meeting.

1:30PM Meet with a potential new client. Remind myself how blessed I am to love what I do.

2:50PM Back at the school to pick up the girls. Spend some time talking to a couple of friends while the kids do cartwheels.

3:07PM The pint size divas get into the car (again through one door, really?), talking non-stop about their day. My “Mom” hat is now back on my head until bedtime.

3:12PM Get home to a super excited Bella. After napping all day, she loves to see her “sisters” and wants to play ball. After romp time, the girls do homework and get ready for Kendall’s Ballet and Jazz class.

4:45PM Kendall is in ballet class while Brooke and I leave to pick up Boston Market for dinner. We don’t eat fast food very often, so I remind myself if we have to, this is one with some of the healthiest choices.

5:25PM Kendall has a break in between ballet and jazz, so we devour our dinners at the studio. I find myself wondering if Eric is home yet…

6PM I check emails and read my Kindle while Kendall is in class, and sneak peeks at the little dancers in the studio. Brooke reads her book or plays a few games on my iPhone (yesterday was her day at gymnastics). Make a mental note to try to schedule all classes on the same day next year.

7PM We are back at the casa and see that Daddy is home! The girls rush in, everyone talking at once, telling him what he missed. He takes them off my hands, which I’m thankful for because I’m exhausted.

7:15PM Brooke jumps in the shower and Kendall in the bathtub. They washed hair last night so tonight is easy.

7:45PM Eric and the girls head downstairs to get their backpacks ready and bedtime snacks. Kendall eats yogurt and Brooke has some dry Frosted Mini Wheats with a glass of milk.

8PM Back upstairs to pick out clothes for tomorrow, brush teeth and get into bed.

8:15PM Eric goes in Brooke’s room and I head into Kendall’s to read books, give hugs and turn the lights out. Shhhhhhh…

8:30PM It’s my turn to take a shower. Close my eyes, take deep breaths and enjoy the silence and hot water.

9PM Many nights I go back to my office and work for two more hours, but tonight we decide to have a glass of wine and spend time together since Eric has been out of town for a couple of nights. This is the only time we can talk to each other without having our sentences interrupted. We also watch an episode of Revenge on DVR.

11PM Time for bed. Turn on my Kindle, read for 15 minutes until my eyelids won’t stay open. Nighty, Night. See you at 6:20am!