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A Day in the Life of Jessica Morris

Jessica Morris’ professional title is “coordinator of chaos.” She’s a wife and mother of one. Baby No. 2 will be here soon. Jessica lives in Hurst with her husband Derek and their daughter Madison, 1.

5:34AM Beep beep beep beeeeeep! Alarm No. 1 is going off again after I lose count of how many times my husband has hit snooze. But since we’ve been married for over a year now, he’s aware that I have a “beeping” limit and that there’s only a short amount of time for him to get up and turn it off before he gets karate-chopped by his loving wife. (He didn’t know about my ninja skills until after he married me.) I know what you’re thinking … I must be a crazy lady to wake up next to in the morning, or I’m totally kidding about the karate chop thing. I’ll let you be the judge, but ask yourself this: If a little chop-chop is what it takes to get your man moving and out of bed in the morning, then what’s a wife to do?

5:42AM After Derek gets his final “chop-chop” notice to wake up, I also get up and semi-start my day by making his lunch in the kitchen while he gets dressed for work. Once he’s dressed for success, he grabs his lunch and off to work he goes. I go back to bed … yes! (Hee hee.)

7:45AM Alarm No. 2 goes off. And although I love my beauty rest, this is my favorite wake-up call of the day. I hop up, make the bed and get dressed. Well, to be honest, when I say “dressed” I mean that if anyone submitted my photos to the casting of What Not to Wear I don’t doubt that I’d qualify with whatever I’ve thrown on at this hour of the day. My sweet baby Madison certainly won’t be judging me on a Stacy London level any time soon, and she has never once complained, even when I’ve been guilty of wearing the same shirt a couple days in a row. It doesn’t count if no one over the age of 2 saw me wearing it, right?

7:54AM After I get dressed, I walk down the hallway to Maddie’s room and eagerly peek in the door. As usual, she is quietly sitting in her crib with messy hair and a smile that melts my heart every time. She knows when she sees me that it’s time to get up and play!

8:01AM First stop is the fridge for her beloved “meealk” (milk, for those of you who don’t speak toddler). Stop No. 2 is the living room, where she crawls into her kid-size pink and green rocking chair and plops down in her seat that she likes to share with Fred the monkey (a stuffed animal almost the same size as her). Then it’s Netflix time with the one and only Dora the Explorer. While she’s in a trance watching Dora, I make breakfast.

8:07AM The usual breakfast request is oatmeal, for which I am happy to oblige. While the oatmeal is cooking, I hit the button on my Keurig coffee maker (one of my most prized wedding gifts) and … voila! Bliss. I drink my coffee and my OCD subconsciously takes over, and without realizing it my fridge ends up looking like it’s ready to debut on a new episode of MTV Cribs (according to my sister, anyway). This might seem a little obsessive to some, but in order for me to function properly everything needs to be in its place, and by that I mean all product labels must be facing the same direction, even if it’s on the top shelf of my pantry in the corner in the back. This somehow helps me cope with life’s more unplanned chaotic moments.

8:45AM On Tuesdays and Thursdays this time frame is usually a blur involving a mad rush to dress Madison, pack her backpack and her lunch and find the perfect matching bows for her piggy tails and send her off to Mommy’s day out (a.k.a. my mini-vacay days, usually used to run errands). Maddie is only 1 1/2, but she’s already established that she’s a social butterfly who loves to go to school and play with the other babies.

9:30AM Mommy time! Insert the typical housewife fantasies such as going grocery shopping alone. Or getting to shop for the list of items I need for a current Pinterest project, or going shopping for things we need for our new house. But lately the one thing that I’ve been opting for the most is a less strenuous fantasy ­– getting to take a nap. Since I’m very pregnant these days I seem to run out of energy, and the further along I am, the more invaluable I find my mommy nap time to be. Napping with a toddler at home is Mission: Impossible, as most of you know, even when she does take a nap. Right after I lay her down, the second she’s asleep, I start cleaning from the mess she made when she was awake. By the time I get done cleaning, it’s usually time for her to wake up again, and the cycle continues.

2:30PM Pick up Maddie Mae and read all of the wonderful notes from her teachers about what a good girl she was that day. Sometimes her teachers even send me pictures of her. After we leave school, it’s off to some new adventure. Every day has its surprises!

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