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A Day in the Life of Jennifer Hadley-White

Jennifer Hadley-White is a stay-at-home mom to 5-year-old Jonah and a small-business owner. She lives in Fort Worth with her husband Casey, and never too far from her helpful parents (all pictured above).

8AM Jonah wakes me up. He slept late after a long, odd weekend, and I should be thrilled, but I still grumble my way out of bed and to the coffee maker.

8:05AM Jonah starts the day with as much energy as he ends it. I’m asked to be Candace from Phineas and Ferb. We call Jonah “The Director” because he tells us what to say and how to say it. (I wonder where he gets his micromanaging from?)

8:45AM Breakfast. Jonah has some food intolerances, but fortunately he’s also a creature of habit, so he prefers the same thing every day. I melt some soy nut butter, stir in some Rice Krispies and pour on lactose-free milk. I call it cereal. Jonah calls it “Soy nut butter with Rice Krispies inside of some milk.”

9AM I make the bed, drink more coffee, plan the day and find out what’s happening via Facebook. I’m grateful for my daily chats with friends from my childhood in New Hampshire, my high school years in New Mexico and my college days in Oregon. I also get a grasp of world news through Facebook – which I’ve set up as a daily paper. Not much happening first thing on a Monday, so I move to my goals for the day.

9:30AM Jonah gets ready for the day, and I remember to do the same for me. We get dressed and presentable and then playtime again for him and work for me, although work time for me is really a mix of playing and trying to work. I started my own business in April. I design, print, fold and cut my own stationery.

9:45AM We have more conversations as fake people as I prepare some work emails. It’s cold. It’s snowing west of here, but all we have is cold. No way am I getting out for errands. We’re lucky I’m out of bed. Brrrr.

10:30AM Jonah reads some books on his own and I decide against scheduling appointments, disputing a billing error, and making a grocery list and opt for the fun stuff. I decide to be Scarlett O’Hara and do it tomorrow. I walk into my workroom. Walk back out. Boxes need to be unpacked from the weekend. Again, Scarlett O’Hara.

11AM Second breakfast. He’s extra-hungry today. Must be cold.

11:45AM I get more work done. Pretend to be Candace again.

12:30PM Time to get ready for naptime. I am now Mater and am helping Lightning McQueen figure out how to become a secret agent. Nothing I say is right. Good thing “The Director” tells me what to say.

1PM We chat and read together. I read two books and he reads one. He is reading so well lately. We rock and cuddle to Billie Holliday and Etta James. He takes a while to settle down. If I walk out now, he’ll never nap. I decide to stay to ensure he actually falls asleep. OK, so maybe I nod off a little myself.

2PM Jonah is asleep and I’m doing more work. My aunt calls to catch up after not having chatted in a while.

2:30PM Start laundry. Find a groggy Jonah on the couch. I’d hoped for a longer nap, but this will do.

2:45PM More playing, talking and a little gymnastics.

3:30PM My husband Casey is on his way home. He teaches special education for high-functioning kids with autism. He was made for the job: He’s calm, fair and creative, with a fantastic sense of humor. Jonah’s excited to see Dad.

4:15PM Guys are outside. Jonah is playing with the neighbor. I’m finishing an order to ship and watching news. I can’t imagine playing outside in this cold.

5PM Try calling my mom. She doesn’t answer. Probably tired of me after helping all weekend. My mom and dad are a BIG moral support. I’m an only child, so we’re close. We talk a lot about everything. Between Jonah, my folks and me, my husband might get three words in, but he’s used to it.

6PM Dinner. Jonah eats a standard meal, free of his intolerances, while Casey and I eat some spaghetti I made a while back for nights like this.

7PM I clean the kitchen while Jonah puts all his toys away.

7:15PM Jonah and his dad do bath time while I get work done. I’ll be less busy next week.

8:15PM Jonah tells me he loves me, gives me a kiss and goes to read with his dad before bed.

9:30PM I get ready for bed (except for brushing my teeth). I’m beat from the weekend. Tomorrow is a school day for Jonah, and I have a meeting and orders to fill.

10PM Casey is doing some work. We have dessert (which is why I didn’t brush).

11PM Casey draws and I read. I’m hooked on Janet Evanovich books and read until I fall asleep.

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