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A Day in the Life of Jennifer Carr

Jennifer is wife to Scott, VP of an IT consultant company, and mom to two sons, Jed, 8, and James, 7 (they’re 13 months apart!). The family lives in North Dallas, where Jennifer runs an online store (www.jenrosiedesigns.com) selling homemade aprons and chef hats for adults and kids.

6:30AM Wake up.

6:45AM Actually get out of bed.

6:50AM Wake my two boys—it’s always an adventure walking through their rooms in the dark.

6:55AM Make coffee. Make lunches. Make breakfast.

7:10AM Wake boys AGAIN!

7:30AM Boys are eating breakfast and Jed takes his medication (he takes Focalin for ADHD). Jed’s meds are not covered by insurance because they are considered a mental health drug and our insurance provider has decided not to cover mental heath anymore. So, we are spending $120 per month on the Focalin, which helps him pay attention at the school that is costing us an arm and a leg … I digress! Jed complains about taking his meds, as he does every morning, and he reminds us that it is not fair that he has to take medicine and James doesn’t.

7:45AM Scott takes the boys to school (just one of the many benefits of having a husband who works from home). I sit down at my computer, check my calendar and try to get ready for another crazy day. Three years ago, I started my own business …. I am thrilled that my business has steadily grown.

7:50AM Grab another cup of coffee and wrap my head around today’s project: taking pictures of my new designs and products and sending them to my Web designer so she can begin loading the images onto my Web site. Taking these photos is just one of the many tasks I need to complete in order to launch my spring line next week.

8:30AM I’ve finished setting up my studio (tables and walls draped in black felt, a few mannequins and a digital camera) and begin taking pictures.

10:45AM 10 photos down, eight more to go! I realize I’m not going to get these photos done before my 11:30 meeting. I have a bride coming over to finalize fabric choices. She is choosing fabrics that coordinate with her wedding colors and I’m making custom aprons for her to give as bridesmaid gifts. I have not showered, and am thinking I will just have to skip the shower today. Wait a minute, I skipped the shower yesterday.

11:15AM As I am getting out of the shower, the doorbell rings—the bride is early! Breakfast dishes are still on the table, beds are not made, my “studio” is set up in our dining room, my hair is wet and I’m not dressed. I yell at Scott to get the door (he hates when I ask him to do stuff like this). I finally come to the door, apologize for the mess but do not apologize for making her wait because she’s the early one!

12:30PM The meeting was a success; she picked out some adorable combinations and I think her bridesmaids will be thrilled with their aprons.

12:35PM Eat lunch (a Diet Coke and leftover chicken spaghetti).

12:40PM Doorbell rings; the guys are here to install our new chimney cap. I completely forgot they were coming and am so glad I’m home! It took a bird flying into our family room, via the chimney, for us to realize our chimney cap, original to our 60-year-old house, needed to be replaced.

12:45PM Resume photo shoot.

2:35PM I’ve finished taking the photos but because I have to leave the house in 10 minutes to pick up my boys, I do not have time to upload, crop and e-mail the photos.   

3:10PM Get Jed from school.

3:30PM Get James from school.

4PM The boys are “STARVING.” I clear breakfast dishes from the kitchen table to make room for them to do their homework. While they are working, I get them a snack (Girl Scout cookies and milk).

4:45PM Homework completed, the boys go next door to play. I begin photo upload and check e-mail.

5:15PM I put on my favorite Hot Mama Apron and begin dinner. Tonight we are having chalupas, rice and beans. I try my best to cook dinner for my family every night. My mother cooked for us when I was growing up. I now realize how much time, effort and organization goes into making dinner every night!

5:45PM The boys are back and are “STARVING” again.

6PM We sit down in the dinning room, amid the black felt and mannequins, and eat dinner together.

7PM I clean the kitchen (breakfast dishes included). Scott makes sure the boys get a bath and brush their teeth.

7:55PM I plead with the boys to go to bed … We aim for somewhere between 7:45 and 8 p.m., but this never happens.

9PM I finish cropping my pictures and e-mail them to my Web designer.

9:55PM Scott and I watch last Sunday’s episode of Big Love and an episode of Arrested Development.

11:30PM Lights out!