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A Day in the Life of Jana Pool

A peek into the life of a Lantana mom of one

Jana Pool is a clinical research associate in the pharmaceutical industry. She and her husband, Chase, a videographer, live in Lantana with their son, Maddox. The family will be celebrating Maddox’s fifth birthday at the end of October.

7:15AM Alarm goes off. I get up and start a quick version of my morning routine: use bathroom, brush my teeth and put in my contacts. Next, I let out our two dogs, Buddy, a Yorkie, and our Chihuahua/Shih Tzu mix, Bella. Once they come back inside, I give Buddy his allergy medicine.

7:30AM Time for Maddox to wake up—thankfully, he’s actually a morning kid. (Which is a breed even more rare than unicorns!) The minute he’s up, he’s ready to go and asking what we’re doing for the day. I take him to the bathroom to get ready and we talk about what he’s excited for at school.

7:35AM It’s a balancing act to make Maddox his breakfast while simultaneously packing his lunch for school. While he chows down, I realize that he’s still wearing his pajamas. I head over to the laundry room to dig through the basket of clean clothes that I haven’t had a chance to put away yet, and find a few outfits for him to choose from. He usually opts for anything with camouflage print.

8AM Maddox chooses his outfit of the day (camo, of course). I clear his plate and remind him that it’s time to change into his clothes for school and put on his socks and shoes. He’s at the age now that I let him do this on his own, but help out if needed. Usually he just needs a reminder in the morning!

8:10AM Fix Maddox’s hair and tell him to brush his teeth.

8:15AM Off to school. As he’s heading out the door with Daddy, I give Maddox his vitamins.

8:30AM Home alone. My mornings are normally spent in my home office, heading to the airport or running to a meeting somewhere in DFW. Depends on the week. This week, I get to work from home, so I check my email and dive into work. It would take a long time to describe everything that I do, but to sum it up I monitor clinical trials for pharmaceutical companies.

9:30AM I realize I haven’t had breakfast yet so I whip up an egg and avocado toast and make a cup of hot green earl grey tea.

9:40AM Back to work. It’s a lot of oncology research and ensuring that the physicians follow the proper clinical trial protocol to preserve the scientific integrity of the data being collected. I also verify that all processes are within regulations of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Good Clinical Practice (GCP), and confirm that the safety, rights and wellbeing of the human study subjects are protected. It’s a long list of duties, but it’s amazing that my job is to help patients find treatments or cures for their illnesses to live best quality lives.

1PM Break time. I was hoping to squeeze in a quick workout, but instead opt to walk the dogs around the neighborhood. Try to decide whether to have a salad or smoothie for lunch.

1:45PM Back home. Decide to have some chicken with rice and veggies for lunch.

2PM Only a few more hours till school pick-up, so I multi-task work with laundry and tidying up around the house.

4:50PM Pull up to carpool line and stand outside the car to greet Maddox. As soon as he sees me, he runs up and yells “Mommy!” before giving me a big hug. The drive home consists of talking about his day and everything he learned and played at school.

5:30PM Maddox and I have our daily adventure time. Some days, it’s movies or bouncing at the trampoline park. He’s so active and imaginative, so today we play superheroes.

6:30PM After saving the world with my superhero, I start making dinner. Tonight, it’s breakfast for dinner” healthy burritos and some yummy veggies.

7PM Dinnertime. Maddox loves to eat. He’s not picky at all and he eats a wide variety of foods—vegetables included! Over dinner, he asks when we can have his new favorite food, salmon sushi.

7:40PM Bath time for Maddox.

7:50PM One more round of playtime before bed. Hide-and-seek is a favorite pre-bedtime game that we play. Twenty minutes of play time, and then it’s time to calm Maddox down for the night. We snuggle into bed and I read him his current favorite book, What the Dinosaurs Did Last Night … A Very Messy Adventure by Refe and Susan Tuma.

8:35PM Lights out for Maddox. We cuddle and sing a lullaby that I wrote for him when he was a baby. We sing for a while before he drifts off to sleep.

8:50PM Pick up some of the toys that are scattered everywhere, tidy up the kitchen and do the dishes.

9:05PM Pour a glass of wine and sit on the couch with Chase. We’re currently working our way through a few bingeworthy shows—The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Ozark and Big Little Lies, so the real struggle is deciding which one to watch.

9:45PM Realize that I didn’t have a chance to shower today. I’m too tired and will try again tomorrow. Ha! I pour another glass of wine instead.

10:45PM Chase and I have talked our way through two episodes of TV just catching up on our respective days. Oh well, we’ll have to watch again tomorrow. Time to go to bed.

12AM Maddox wakes up. Like clockwork, he climbs into our bed to sleep for the rest of the night.

12:05AM Back to sleep until the cycle repeats tomorrow.