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A Day in the Life of Jami Lee Gainey

Jami Lee Gainey lives in Rowlett with her husband Nick, worship pastor and elder at Connection Communication Church, and 1-year-old son, Beau. She works from home part time for a Wylie-based nonprofit organization named iGo Global and is expecting Baby No. 2 in December. 

4:45AM My husband’s alarm goes off. On a good day, I make it out of bed and a few feet to my elliptical before my own alarm is set to sound at 5am.  

5:25AM My husband kisses me goodbye while I’m reading a fiction book on the elliptical. He then heads off for racquetball and weightlifting at our local LA Fitness, a place I used to frequent alongside him before becoming a mother whose schedule depends on a nursing baby — thus the elliptical! 

5:40AM I turn the coffee pot on that I prepared the night before and jump in the shower, praying my son continues to stay asleep to allow me some time to get ready for the day.  

6AM With coffee and wet hair, I crawl back into bed to spend some time sitting, reading and writing before I hear my little man’s voice over the monitor.  

7AM Beau’s bouncing squeal when I open his door is irreplaceable.  

7:30AM B desires to feed himself breakfast, so scrambled eggs and jam droppings end up on the floor, the table, in his lap and other places I don’t discover until later, when I get him dressed for the day.  

8:30AM B’s friend JJ arrives to play for the remainder of the morning. His mother and I work together, and we take turns watching the boys so we can have uninterrupted time to work. She watched them yesterday and today is my turn.  

9:30AM Snack time arrives as JJ approaches the fridge and declares, “Cheese!” until I supply what they both want.  

11:30AM We alternate between piles of blocks, LEGOs, Tupperware containers, Handy Manny tools and puzzles that seem to multiply across the entire house. In between a wagon ride or two, I wash cloth diapers, straighten the kitchen, prepare meals and occasionally answer a phone call or email pertaining to iGo work. 

12PM We “clean up” and begin lunch: an assortment of leftovers, bites of strawberries and bananas, a pureed combination of vegetables and fruits, and a slice of wheat bread. Sometimes I get to eat, too.   

12:45PM JJ goes home and one or both boys fuss momentarily about the departure of their playmate.  

1PM B and I read a few books while he sips his milk and then I lay him down to take a nap. Now it’s iGo work time for me! I retire to the couch and spend the next few hours editing content for the packets we will send to our students who are going overseas with us on mission trips.  

2:30PM B stays asleep and I transition away from iGo work. After directing weddings for a few friends, my husband recently talked me into starting a small side job of wedding consultation, mainly doing “d ay of” type stuff. I have my first official I-get-paid wedding in a few months, so I start working on the wedding party’s schedules.  

3:30PM B awakes and I put on his Your Baby Can Read DVD while he has a snack and milk.  

4PM “Daddy’s home!” The words B and I exclaim when we hear the garage door open.

5PM I prepare dinner while my men wrestle on the floor together. 

5:45PM We eat tilapia and sautéed squash and try to finish before people start knocking on our door. It seldom works.  

6:30PM Everyone from our small group (that we host from church) knows to knock and then walk on in on Tuesday nights without waiting for an answer. Oftentimes, they simply join us around our table, chatting and offering to help finish feeding B while I throw dishes in the dishwasher or take a final load of diapers out of the dryer.  

6:45PM Our meeting time messily includes Bible study/discussion while everyone takes turns corralling and playing with the toddlers in the room. The youngest in our group are 4-month-old twins, who we all pass around and coo over, while simultaneously trying to keep B from jumping on their heads. The meeting is anything but tidy, and that’s part of why I love it so much.  

8:15PM The last few people leave the house, usually the younger, single guys who enjoy talkinxg with my husband. Nick joins us after B's bath and helps with lotion and pajamas. I then nurse B, which always calms him, before reading one more book for the night, usually Goodnight Moon or The Going to Bed Book. 

8:25PM Lights off, sound machine on and time to rock in the rocking chair long enough for Nick or me to sing one song. B usually grins sleepily before rolling over in bed and falling asleep.  

8:30PM I start the dishwasher, throw away used study guides from our group’s meeting, pick up stray toys and arm the house’s security system for the night. Although I usually want to pass out from being needed by a toddler all day long, I know how valuable quality time is with my husband; I try to be intentional with the hour or so that we have together after B falls asleep.  

10PM Lights out! Grateful to rest before starting all over again tomorrow.

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