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A Day in the Life of Holly Faske

Holly Faske is 24 and has been married to husband James for three years. Their son Aiven was born on June 23, 2011. Her husband works full-time as a programmer, and Holly stays at home in Denton with their son.

5AM I dream of this annoying, unending sound … finally wake up to realize it’s my alarm going off. I hit snooze.

5:15AM Turn my alarm off, put socks on (we have cold hardwood floors) and get out of bed.

5:20AM Press the “on” button on the coffeemaker first thing!

5:30AM Get dressed in my workout clothes.

5:35AM Drink my coffee while checking email and looking at any new houses just listed on the market, and trying to wake up.

5:50AM Leave to go to the gym.

6AM Work out (treadmill and weights).

7AM I feed our cat, Cider, and then have my quiet time with the Lord, praying and reading my Bible.

7:40AM Aiven wakes up talking … I don’t get him immediately, because I love hearing his sweet voice.

7:45AM I go in to get Aiven and am greeted by a sweet smile and laugh. I change his diaper, then we go and tell Daddy good morning while he’s getting ready for work.

7:50AM I kiss James goodbye, let our dog (aka first son) Hudson outside and sit down to nurse Aiven.

8:10AM I put Aiven down to play by himself, and I vacuum, feed the dog, do the dishes, start laundry and eat some breakfast.

8:30AM Aiven and I play together or take a morning bath.

9AM I put Aiven down for a nap. I take a shower (if need be) and then I spend some time reading and doing my homework for the class I’m taking at church or spend some time on the Internet writing a post for my blog, myeverydayadventure.com, reading blogs that I follow, and, of course, checking Facebook and Pinterest. But when the weather is nice, I will sometimes go outside and work on some of my projects. As of now, I am redoing (painting, staining and re-cushioning) my dining room table and chairs.

10:30AM I start to prepare lunch. James comes home for lunch/brunch at 11am.

11AM Aiven wakes up; I change his diaper and then nurse him.

11:10AM James gets home, we eat lunch and talk while I feed Aiven some baby food.

11:50AM James leaves to go back to work and Aiven and I get ready to run errands, usually grocery shopping.

12PM We get to Kroger, he rides in the cart because he’s big enough now, and about every other person we cross paths with comments on how incredibly cute Aiven is.

1PM We get home; I unload the groceries and put them away.

1:15PM Aiven and I play together. If it’s nice outside we’ll play outside.

2PM Aiven plays by himself while I work on the never-ending “to-do list” work (i.e. budget, making calls, cleaning, making baby food, etc.).

3PM I change Aiven’s diaper and put him down for a nap.

3:05PM I have a friend come over, and we go through the Beautiful in God’s Eyes study.

4:35PM I start thinking about what we’ll have for dinner and look up a Paleo recipe.

5PM Aiven wakes up, and I nurse him and feed him baby food.

5:25PM I start dinner while Aiven plays on the kitchen floor.

6PM James gets home from working out after work, and he immediately picks Aiven up and kisses me.

6:10PM We eat dinner together, talk about our days and sometimes watch a show on Hulu or go to the dog park. And at least one day a week we drop Aiven off at my parents’ house and James and I go on a date. Living about five minutes away from them is definitely a wonderful thing!

7PM I clean up the dishes from dinner while James has some down time.

7:20PM I rock Aiven because he’s getting cranky but isn’t ready for bed yet.

8PM I nurse Aiven, change his diaper and put his jammies on.

8:15PM James and I put Aiven in his crib, love on him, pray with him and tell him goodnight.

8:20PM I pick up the house and get the coffeemaker ready to go for the morning.

8:45PM I take a bubble bath and read and relax.

9:10PM I get all my workout clothes laid out, ready for the early morning.

9:15PM I get into bed and journal and make my to-do list for the next day.

9:30PM I set my alarm for 5am, kiss James goodnight and turn out the lights. 


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