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A Day in the Life of Heather Schmitt

Heather Schmitt is the local owner of Seekingsitters on-demand baby-sitting referral service. She and her husband Chris live in Fort Worth with their three children, Paden, 10; Addison, 8; and Jackson, 3.

5:45AM iPhone alarm gently wakes me up. I notice my 3-year-old snuck into our bed in the middle of the night. It’s hard to get out of bed with a sweet baby boy snuggled up next to me.

6AM Head downstairs quietly to meet up with my bestie, my Keurig. Drink my coffee and catch up on all the emails and texts from families needing baby sitters and baby sitters needing families.

6:15AM Shower and dress for the day.

6:45AM Wake up my three precious cherubs for school. Paden and Addison head toward their morning routine as Jackson and I head downstairs to prepare for breakfast.

7AM Breakfast time … hmmm. All I can say is that it is mandatory that everyone eat something before leaving for school in the morning. Paden, who is extremely picky, will usually have saltine crackers with sliced cheese and chocolate milk. The other two will eat anything. I grab a yogurt to go.

7:30AM Daddy jumps in to get Jackson dressed so I can take care of a few last-minute deals before heading out the door.

7:40AM Out the door, in the car and down the driveway … “Mom, I forgot my library book.” Head back to the house, stop the car, unlock the front door and get the library book. Head back down the driveway again … “Mom, I forgot my lunch!” Head back to the house … you get the picture.

7:50AM Drop off Paden and Addison with a “Have a great day, do your best today, I love you.” And kiss-kiss.

8:10AM It’s Tuesday, so Jackson has a big day planned at his mother’s day out. School does not start until 8:30am so we get to sit in the car and talk and play vroom with Lighting McQueen for an extra 10 minutes.

9AM I return to my home office with a Sonic extra-large Diet Dr Pepper with extra ice.

9:15AM Talk with Natalie, my assistant, about all the sitters we will be interviewing today.

9:30AM Return phone calls to families who are interested in using Seekingsitters. Return calls to sitters who are interested in contracting with Seekingsitters as professional baby sitters.

11AM Head to Starbucks, my other office, to interview sitters. One of the favorite parts of my job is getting to know these wonderful young ladies. They become your second family.

12:30AM Meet my wonderful husband Chris for lunch.

1:30PM Return to home office for a phone conference with a local family about setting up a full-time baby sitter. Work on a new magazine ad, review my sitters’ applications and make tough decisions about each candidate.

2:30PM Time to pick Jackson up at MDO. Nothing makes your heart melt like a 3-year-old running with arms open and yelling “Mommy!” We talk about his day and head out to get Paden and Addison.

3:25PM Picking up the kids is my favorite part of the day. Paden runs and jumps in the car and relives all the day’s adventures. He loves science. Addison is so excited to let me know her teacher gave her a special pencil for a great grade.

4PM Arrive back at the house with three starving kids. Let’s see, we have pizza bites, cheese sticks or pretzels. Of course they all choose something different. Next is down time for everyone. I return calls while the kids engage in various electronic games and silly TV shows.

4:30PM Homework time. Paden has fifth-grade math, which is not my specialty, so we leave it for his engineer dad.

5PM Soccer practice for Paden and Addison. Jackson loves to run around and kick the ball during practice. It’s a great way to exhaust a 3-year-old.

6:30PM Sweaty and tired, we return home. Dad has just returned from work, and the kids are so happy to see him. The kids are begging for tacos, so tacos it is.

7PM Dinner is ready. We sit around the table and play thorns and roses while eating. Everyone must tell a thorn, something they disliked about their day, and a rose, something that was great about their day. I love this time.

8PM Bath time and dishes. While shampooing Addison’s hair I am informed that she has decided her brothers are too mean. I reluctantly tell her she is stuck with them forever, so she may need to get a little tougher.

8:30PM Story time. Jackson insists on Goodnight Moon for the 50th time this week. He always wants to know where the lady in the rocking chair went. Paden and Addison read their assigned reading from school.

9PM Lights out. I-love-you and hugs for around five minutes, and then it is strangely quiet. I think the soccer wore everyone out early tonight.

9:30PM Time for a cup of coffee and a nice conversation with Chris about his day. I check my voicemail, baby-sitting requests, emails and texts.

10PM Bedtime.