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A Day in the Life of Heather Kooken

Heather Kooken is a at-home mom who works weekends at Centennial Medical Center as a radiologist. Heather is the lead organizer for a local playgroup. She lives in Frisco with her husband Kyron and their two children: Kinnick, 3, and Cooper, 20 months.

7:15AM Get home from work. I work overnights at the hospital during the weekend, allowing me to stay home with our two kids during the week. My daughter Kinnick and our two dogs are standing at the door waiting for my arrival. My husband has coffee waiting for me. My Keurig barista!

7:45AM Breakfast snacks until our son Cooper wakes up. My husband and I discuss our daily schedule. I remind him that today we have a play date at our house. This means crafts, snacks, toddlers – a.k.a. a mini petting zoo. No biggie, except he works from home.

8:15AM Cooper wakes up ready to play. He pauses to eat some eggs and fruit before both kids are off to the playroom. We just started incorporating morning prayer into our busy day, so the kids and I say our prayers for a blessed day to come.

8:30AM Let the dogs play outside, dress the kids and have them play in the toy room. Kyron is in his office, and I’m tidying up the house with a sugar-free Red Bull in hand (my new obsession after giving up soda for Lent).

9:30AM Play date starts! The dogs bark – oops, they’re still outside. Get them settled while trying to keep them quiet – Kyron is on a conference call. Within 10 minutes, members of our moms’ group arrive with their children, ready for a fun and exciting craft (Pinterest-inspired) and a yummy snack (pre-purchased from Costco). I like to show off my semi-gourmet baking skills.

10:11AM Glue and glitter all over the kitchen. I love toddler crafts. I make another cup of coffee and offer some to all of my fellow moms’ group friends.

10:15AM Kyron comes out of his office, takes a look around and dashes to the gym.

11:30AM After the mini-tornado hits the playroom, everyone leaves. Kyron brings home Chick-fil-A for lunch. Kinnick and Kyron have a little Daddy-daughter time. She attends preschool Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, so we enjoy our Mondays and Fridays. I cuddle with Cooper, getting him ready for his nap.

1PM Both kids napping. Ahh! I should nap, but I stay awake so I am tired at a “normal” time tonight. Besides, it’s still New Year’s resolution time, and I am training for a half-marathon. I am going to run the Walt Disney World Princess half-marathon next February. While Kyron continues conference calls, I change into my running gear, finish a Red Bull energy drink and point to the baby monitor. I’m off!

2:30PM I enjoy “my time” listening to music, watching cars pass by and feeling the breeze outside while running. This Iowa-Midwestern girl loves the Texas weather. I get home from an amazing run around the neighborhood and continue to relax during a hot shower.

3PM Kinnick comes out of her room for a potty break.  She informs me that she didn’t sleep and played with her new princess dolls and read books instead. “Mommy, I’m not tired!” Well, this mommy is, but the day continues. We play dolls, dress-up and with Play-Doh. I sneak a look at my iPad – emails, moms’ blogs, Facebook and Pinterest.

4:15PM Cooper wakes up with his crazy bed head ready to play. It is so nice outside, especially for spring, so we head outside. Bubbles and Big Wheels. I text Kyron a picture of the kids playing and ask, “Are you almost done working? What are we doing tonight? What’s for dinner?” He responds perfectly with, “It is up to you. Love you.” What a great dad, husband and cook!

5:30PM After eating at home we all head to the mall. During the week it is less crowded, just in case I need to run from the play area to Build-A-Bear while chasing escaping toddlers. Kyron makes a few stops while the kids and I shop for kid stuff. I make a mental note of play date opportunities at Disney Store, Pottery Barn Kids and Barnes & Noble.

7PM We are back home, let the doggies outside and dip the kids in the bathtub. What makes a happy toddler happier? Splashing in a bathtub! All of these bath toys, and they love the reusable take-out cups that we’ve accumulated. Our “routine” consists of bath, books and bed. More music to my ears … this mama is tired!

8:30PM Kids are tucked in their beds while Kyron makes me a frozen yogurt brownie sundae. We talk about our day while “playing” on our iPads. Our dogs cuddle with me on the couch. Thank goodness for DVR. We can watch Khloe and Lamar from last night or Modern Family from last week. It is so funny how much we can relate to that show! Although I don’t make it to the first commercial. Kyron turns it off and catches up on Boardwalk Empire or another gun-filled drama.

10:30PM My husband wakes me up from the couch and we head to bed. I tiptoe to each of the kids’ rooms to give them each one more kiss goodnight. I thank God for two beautiful, healthy, wonderful children. I just love watching them sleep! I make sure the dogs have water, give Kyron a kiss, set my alarm for 5am to be at the gym early tomorrow, and I turn out the lights. Goodnight!