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A Day in the Life of Grace Smith

Grace is the mother to 5-year-old Leah and 9-year-old Caleb. She is a vice president at Chase, and her husband, Stanley, is an insurance agency owner in North Dallas. The family lives in Flower Mound.  

5:15am I wake up without the 5:30 alarm. The mad dash to get out of the house begins. Shower, hair, makeup, start dressing…

6:15am I turn on Caleb’s lamps—he will need another 10-15 minutes before he fully wakes up. Wake Leah up and lead her to the bathroom. Caleb arrives in the kitchen fully dressed—confirms that he made his bed and turned off the bedroom lights. Stanley arrives five minutes later, grabs his stuff, and they all head to the car.

7am Turn on the Today show to catch the national and international headlines. Finish dressing. Caleb has his grade-level fine arts concert tonight, so I pack his full change of clothes and an extra set for Leah. It’s going to be a long day for us.

7:25am I grab a yogurt, banana and juice and leave for work.

8am I pull into the parking garage at work, head into office. Immediately begin preparing for 8:30 call with client and mid-morning meeting.

11:15am Finish with meeting, swing by office to pick up co-worker for lunch. On the way to the restaurant, we catch up on family birthdays, summer vacation plans, music and weekend plans. Quickly order a salad and sandwich, then back to the office.

12:30pm Check emails, return phone calls, respond to texts. Begin to review financials for two business credit requests.    

1:30pm Received unexpected message from prospective client that I met several months ago. Opportunity to bring on new business relationship presents itself. Schedule meeting with client for next Tuesday. Continue working on credit requests.

2:30pm Internal conference call, phone meeting with client.

3:30pm Meet with manager to review second quarter business plan.  

4pm Leave the office for the day. Make phone calls from car: Colleague working on client deal with me; client traveling earlier this week, but back this afternoon—left voicemail. Dancewear store confirming Leah’s ballet and tap shoe sizes are in stock for pick-up tomorrow evening. Bakery to order croissants and tarts for pick-up tomorrow morning for third grade Culture Day (Caleb researched France).  

4:30pm Pick up the kids and drive to Stanley’s office, which is closer to school than home. Sing a little ’70s Jackson Five on the way over. The kids clean up and change clothes for the concert. Stanley returns from a meeting. Caleb isn’t hungry—he already had a snack. Leah and I leave to eat an early dinner and stop for gas.

6:10pm Meet Stanley and Caleb at school. Walk Caleb to classroom, sneak a peek at the displays for tomorrow’s Culture Day, walk to Concert Hall. Should have arrived earlier because by the time we got there, there were three standing-room-only spots in the back left.  

6:30pm Approximately 84 third-grade students present a fine arts concert, serenading their adoring audience with a selection of songs from around the world: Vive la France, Down Calypso Way, Aj Samajel Achi. A number of the students were visibly excited to be singing and performing for parents, grandparents, siblings and teachers (my son didn’t show overwhelming enthusiasm, but was OK with being part of the third grade gig). Standing O—bows, thank-yous and good-byes!

7pm Back outside—the students are ripping, running and enjoying a little post-concert playtime with their fellow classmates. Parents visit and spend some time catching up. What a beautiful evening.

7:25pm Round up the kids from the playground and drive home. Debrief the day: Leah forgot her library book at home this morning, had a great swimming lesson today and asked for a late dessert! Caleb thought lunch was OK, recess was great and was thankful for no homework this evening. He asks for permission to stay up past his bedtime to watch the Mavericks play tonight. He reminds me that tomorrow is Friday—thank goodness!

8pm I help Leah with her bath, give her a snack and tell her a story… she falls asleep by 8:30. Caleb showers and then plops down on the sofa with Stanley. They share a late dinner of leftover pizza and watch the game till 9. I unpack Leah’s backpack, swim and lunch bags.    

9pm Caleb goes to bed. Stanley and I both pull out our laptops to finish our workdays—promise to be done within an hour. I finish expense report, prepare notes for Friday meetings and begin online training. We talk about our days while working and plan for the weekend.  

10pm Fall into bed, switching channels between the news and ESPN. Stanley is still working; I try to wait for him.

10:45pm I’m dozing off now. Stanley takes my glasses and places them on his nightstand (has been doing that for as long as I can remember).  Did I forget anything? Today was a good day…