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A Day in the Life of Gigi Lancaster

Gigi Lancaster is a wife, mother and sister who lives in Dallas with her husband, Jim, and three kids, Gigi, 11, John, 9, and James, 3. When she’s not playing tennis or sipping Starbucks, Lancaster works as a Texas representative for Leontine Linens and is a volunteer at her children’s schools.

5:25AM Alarm goes off and I hit the 5-minute snooze and then get up. In the dark, I quietly wash my face, brush my teeth and put on my workout clothes.

5:45AM Out the door and driving to gym — tired, but I know I will feel good after a workout. At least that is what I keep telling myself.

6AM At the gym for an hour of weights and cardio torture. It hurts so good! I relish in the fact that this is the calm before the storm.

7:10AM At home again. The kids and daddy are in the kitchen eating breakfast and some are dressed. It’s time for me to start cracking the whip so we can get to school on time!

7:25AM Kiss daddy goodbye and jump in the car and get on the road to school. I drop John at my friend Rebecca’s and grab her daughter, Claire. I take the girls to their school while Rebecca drops the boys at theirs. Then I take James to Mother’s Day Out. All of this happens by 8 — it’s a well-greased machine.

8:15AM STARBUCKS — yea! This is my favorite part of the day.

8:25AM Home once again. I check e-mail, return phone calls and glance at the newspaper. I always read the obits first; they are morbid yet informative.

9AM Go over my schedule for the day and get showered and dressed. I pull my samples together, get paperwork and fly out the door to meet a client.

9:30AM Linen appointment with a new client who wants to overhaul her bedroom.We pick out colors, styles and designs that will enhance the room.

11:25AM Race through the grocery store and try to get inspiration for dinner.  

12PM Unload groceries. Fax paperwork and make a phone call. Pack soccer bag.

12:30PM Today is a treat — I get to lunch with some friends. We meet once a month (or we try). We talk, solve parenting problems and vent. It’s a great 50 minutes!

1:30PM Meet with a loyal client who wants dinner napkins, cocktail napkins and a new look for her son’s bedroom.  

2:45PM Go get James from MDO … wait in carpool line, do NOT talk on cell.

3:15PM Drop James at home because I may need his seat in the car, and I can tell he is tired. Thanks to nanny Juana, he doesn’t have to spend all afternoon in the car.

3:25PM Get in the carpool line at John’s school; it is moving slowly but surely. Grab John and a friend. Now I can drop the bomb that they have to go with me to pick up Gigi and her two friends. Group complaining … I tune it out.

3:50PM I navigate Gigi’s carpool line and get a good spot. Wait for girls. Pass out fruit, cookies and water. Tell the girls to put on their soccer clothes.

4:15PM Roll to a stop and drop off Gigi and friends at soccer.

4:20-4:40PM Drop off John’s friend at his home.

4:40PM HOME!

4:50PM John and I sit down together for a little homework and reading. This is one of my favorite times.

6PM Gigi returns home (that’s the beauty of carpool). I start getting dinner together. Oops, I forgot that John has lacrosse at 6:15 tonight. At least I marinated the chicken.

6:10PM Get John’s stuff together and race out the door. Thank goodness his practice is close by. All three kids hustle and jump in car. I nearly get him there on time.

6:19PM The playground is calling James’ name. He wants to play, but Gigi wants to get home and do homework. We deliberate and say just 15-20 minutes and then we will go home for the nightly routine. I call Jim’s cell and ask if he can get John — I need to cook dinner.

6:42PM Back in car and headed home.

6:50PM Gigi runs to her room to chill. James wants a little TV, so I turn on SpongeBob.

7PM “THINK,” I tell myself. Chicken is in grill pan, broccolini is sautéed in olive oil and garlic. Up next: couscous. I think this dinner is looking good!

7:30PM Ask Gigi to set the table and get water for everyone. I am almost ready …

7:35PM Jim and John are home. I am in full-on bossy mode. I tell everyone to wash their hands and get to the table!

7:40PM Dinner is late but at least we are all together. No one is complaining and I am hearing about recess, science and math. James spits out his broccolini and declares it “YUCKY.” I guess I saw that coming. Three-year-olds have no tact. John takes one tiny bite and he too thinks it tastes “AWFUL.” Gigi loves it. Maybe one day all three will like veggies!

8:02PM Dinner is done. Jim and I laugh at how quickly mealtime comes and goes.

8:10PM It’s James’ bathtime. Jim does the dishes — for this I’m grateful; I am messy in the kitchen. Probably because I’m in such a hurry!

8:25PM Read to James. Tell big kids to bathe and be in bed in 20 minutes … I know it will be 30.

8:50PM Hugs, kisses, bedtime routine. Daddy reads to John — some World War II book — and I chat with Gigi and snuggle.

9:05PM I make sure everyone has brushed his or her teeth and I give them one more kiss goodnight. Lights out.

9:15PM Do a load of laundry, check e-mail and call my sister.

9:30PM Talk to Jim and unwind. I promise myself that I’ll slow down and count my many blessings.

9:45PM Wash my face, brush teeth and crawl into bed. Jim and I each read. I’m glad to be in bed.

10:20PM Big hug and kiss to Jim and lights OUT!

10:24PM ZZZ.