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A Day in the Life of Erika Ching

Erika, a stay-at-home mom to three (Carter, 7, Chloe, 5, and Cooper, 2), designs specialty hospital gowns for her business, Cover Me Chic (www.covermechiconline.com). The creative mom lives in University Park with her kids and husband Marc, a residential broker and developer.

7:15AM Wake up to my alarm—Chloe—standing next to my bed needing to “pee pee.” I throw on a fleece over my PJs and take her to the bathroom. Across the hall, I wake up Carter and then head downstairs (with the girls) to fix my coffee, pop Chloe’s waffle in the toaster and pour Carter’s cereal (something really healthy like Captain Crunch).

7:30AM Pack lunch for Carter and get school bags ready to go. Stop at my computer and check e-mails, Cover Me Chic accounts on Facebook and Twitter.

7:45AM Fix girls’ hair.

7:50AM Take Carter to school in my PJs with a fleece covering the cheetah fabric. (That’s right; I know other moms do it, too!)

8AM Return home to find my angel Cooper awake with Daddy watching a show with his stuffed puppy, blankie and a juice box.

8:10AM Feed Cooper, dress Chloe. Get myself dressed. This particular day, I have an “in-person” meeting so I take a shower.

8:45AM Start responding to e-mails/orders/inquiries for Cover Me Chic.

8:55AM My amazing husband takes Chloe to school and heads to his office.

9AM Bring blocks, books, games into my bathroom for Cooper while I finish getting dressed.

10AM Clean kitchen.

10:30AM Get Cooper a snack (pretzel Goldfish) and take it to him in the playroom.

10:45AM Conference call for Cover Me Chic with my sister-in-law (we run the company together) and a potential marketing/advertising opportunity. We talk business while I try to discretely play trucks/trains/Barbie/baby/puppy/horse/guitar/guns ….

11:45AM FREAK OUT that we are not even close to finishing our conversation and I’m going to be LATE to pick up Chloe from preschool!

11:55AM Get in the carpool line (which is now around the corner since I missed the “window”) and pick up Chloe much later than usual.

12:10PM Head to McDonald’s (a Friday treat) to meet a friend.

12:50PM Head home to get Cooper down for a nap so that I can conduct myself like an adult for my 2 p.m. meeting at my house with a potential advertiser/client. I opted to leave Chloe with my friend so she can play with her daughter at their house—a life saver!

1PM Change Cooper, read a zillion books, put him down for his nap (always with his stuffed puppy and blankie!).

1:20PM Scramble to straighten up house, refresh hair and makeup, potty, get Cover Me Chic products/packaging/flyers/business cards ready for the meeting.

1:40PM She’s early … that’s okay, I’m ready!

3PM Meeting wraps up and I check and respond to e-mail.

3:50PM Cooper wakes up, so I change him, fix fresh juice, get his shoes on and fly out the door.

4PM Need to get gas desperately! Will have to run through the gas station after I pick up Chloe from her friend’s. Then I have to get Carter from her brownie troop meeting. 4:05PM Pick up Chloe. NO time for gas, so I take the risk. The Suburban claims 26 miles still to go so I’m good, right?

4:15PM Pick up Carter. Get gas! (Phew, I made it!)

4:30PM Consider swinging by Target to pick up some household supplies. Scratch that! Carter needs to go to the bathroom—major emergency! Target can wait! Bebe’s house is closest (my mother-in-law), so we head to her house.

5:15PM Bebe takes us all to Black-eyed Pea for dinner. (Daddy has a charity happy hour.)

6:20PM Back to Bebe’s, where I check and respond to e-mails.

7PM Daddy arrives at Bebe’s—time for dessert!

8:30PM Cooper is falling apart so it’s time to go. The girls want to spend the night at Bebe’s (it’s Friday, after all). I let them stay, but my boys and I head home.

9PM Cooper asleep. I do a little more work at my computer.

10:30PM Watch a little TV with my honey—I have no idea what we’re watching, but I’m glad to be next to him in a quiet comfy house.

11PM Crawl into bed and pray Cooper sleeps until 8:30 a.m. so I can sleep in too!