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A Day in the Life of Erica Vega

Erica Vega is a stay-at-home mom in Lake Dallas. She lives with her partner of more than seven years, Geoffrey Forneret, a sales manager. They have a 1-year-old son named Winston.

5:30AM Geoff’s alarm goes off. He snoozes for about 15 minutes, and then he’s off to get ready while I lie there awake.

6:15AM He kisses me goodbye and heads to work.

6:30AM I must have dozed off. I hear Winston waking up on the monitor, so I get up and head to the nursery. It’s such a wonderful feeling to see that big smile and get a great big hug to start the day.

6:35AM I change his diaper, which he’s no longer willing to lie down for. I’ve mastered the standing-while-walking diaper change.

6:40AM I start my morning coffee and make a bowl of oatmeal for Winston.

6:45AM He’s decided to throw oatmeal all over our dog Tyson. That’ll be fun to clean up later. I feed him what’s left of his breakfast.

7AM I finally get to my much-needed coffee and sit down for one of the few moments of calm I have during my day. Winston is happily playing with his toys. His birthday party was last weekend, so our house now resembles several aisles of Toys R Us.

8AM He climbs on top of the coffee table and, before I can get to him, falls off. The first meltdown of the day has officially begun. I comfort him for a few moments until he’s decided that’s enough of that; it’s time to get back to playing.

8:30AM We read a few books and play when the crying begins again. He’s teething, so it’s been a rough few days. Nurse Mom is back into action with my normal teething remedies.

9AM I run to the bathroom, and my sidekick is right behind me. In a matter of 30 seconds he’s emptied out Daddy’s entire bathroom cabinet. I spend the next 15 minutes putting everything back.

9:20AM I lie on the floor with him in the living room while he pulls my hair, laughing in delight. I swear I’m going to need a hair piece in the very near future. But if it keeps him happy, I’m willing to sacrifice.

10AM Snack time: Greek yogurt, half of which winds up on his face, shirt and the floor. 

10:15AM I pull out his blocks and puzzles. Winston is having a few developmental delays, so we’re really working on getting him up to speed. He’s decided he’s not interested because his tooth hurts. Poor guy.

10:30AM More crying, so I give him some milk. Must be naptime.

10:45AM And he’s out. This is one of the rare occasions I have some me time. I squeeze in a much-needed shower, because this is probably the only chance I’ll get. I go the extra step and throw on make-up and fix my hair, because we have a doctor’s appointment this afternoon.

12:30PM He’s up.

12:45PM I make him his favorite lunch: black bean and cheese quesadillas. Another messy meal down the hatch.

1PM Bath time. A quick scrub-down before he manages to climb out.

1:15PM Get him dried off, lotioned up and dressed – all while he’s running away from me. Who needs squats when you’re chasing a 1-year-old?

1:30PM Pack the diaper bag with all of the usual necessities.

1:40PM I quickly throw myself together, pack up the car and grab Winston.

1:45PM Oops! Forgot all of the paperwork I needed inside.

1:50PM We’re off.

2PM Lost in Denton, trying to find this new specialist’s office.

2:10PM We’re now officially late, still lost; meanwhile, the receptionist attempts to navigate me there. She assures me that the building does in fact exist.

2:15PM Found it.

2:20PM Carrying Winston and a diaper bag that rivals luggage for a 10-day vacation, we make it inside. Winston snacks on his treats while we wait.

2:30PM They take us back, run some hearing diagnostic and evaluation testing and discuss results. It didn’t go as well as I’d hoped, so we’ll be back next week to continue testing.

4PM Checking us out, and Winston decides to empty the trashcan onto the floor in the waiting area. I always said I’d never be “one of those parents” with the rambunctious kid, and surprise …

4:10PM Baby … check. Diaper bag … check. Let’s head home.

4:30PM Back home, and since he missed his afternoon nap, he’s grouchy. He’s had a rough day.

5PM I put him in his new toy cart and take him for a stroll around the neighborhood.

5:30PM Daddy calls, and Winston gets super-excited. He runs off with my phone, which I eventually get back. He’s heading home. Thank God!

6:30PM Geoff is home. They play while I try to clean up the 8,000 toys that have consumed my living room.

7:02PM I quickly realize, “Who am I kidding? I have to make Winston dinner.” I heat up some leftover chicken and veggies from last night, and Geoff feeds him.

7:15PM Wash his bottles and do the never-ending pile of dishes.

7:30PM It’s bedtime, so I give him a kiss, tell him I love him and that I’ll see him in the morning before Geoff takes him to his room.

7:45PM After realizing I haven’t even had time to eat anything all day, I make dinner for the two of us. I make soup because it’s quick and easy, not to mention I don’t have the energy to get fancy tonight.

8:30PM Sit down to catch up on a few shows before bed.

9:45PM We head to bed to start the whole thing all over again tomorrow, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Diaries are penned by moms (and dads) in the North Texas area. The authors volunteer to share a day of their choosing and are not paid or endorsed by NorthTexasChild. Send your diary to editorial@dfwchild.com. All submissions are subject to editing and may be cut for space.

Published November 2013