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A Day in the Life of Emily Rozell

Emily lives in Denton with her husband Clay and their three children: Reveau, 7; Calvin, 4; and Hannah, 1. Clay is a Denton firefighter, and the couple owns Bookish Coffee Roasters in Denton. They serve on the Denton Young Life Committee and home-school their children.

6:30AM Wake up, drink a bunch of water, start my Bible study and prayer time, and make a to-do list for the day. I love getting up before all my kiddos so I feel a bit prepared for the day.

8AM The kids wake up, and we start cooking breakfast. Rev boils the water for our morning tea and coffee while Calvin runs out to the chicken coop to grab the eggs. Hannah is very impatient and wants to eat immediately, so I give her a bowl of blueberries until breakfast is ready. Calvin loves scrambling his own eggs and Rev prefers poached. We have our family devotion, sing hymns and recite our poetry for the month. After eating, the boys spend a few minutes writing and drawing in their journals while I clean egg crumbles and blueberries off the floor.

9AM We clean up from breakfast, start chores, get dressed, brush teeth and take our vitamins. The kids play outside while I get school prepared, check my email, make my bed, quickly get dressed and throw my hair in a ponytail. I put on a pair of earrings and a necklace.

10AM I try to keep Hannah occupied with Play-Doh, sensory boxes, bubbles and coloring while I do school with Rev and work with Calvin on his speech therapy practice. My activities for Hannah keep her occupied about 20 minutes, so I attempt to keep her happy with a snack or a jar full of buttons to sort and scatter through the house. Calvin is already asking for a snack by now, but I tell him to wait until lunch. Rev repeatedly asks when school will be over so he can play "army" in the backyard with his brother.

12PM The kids go outside to jump on the trampoline and play in the sandbox and their fort while I cook lunch. I hear Calvin crying in the backyard; someone always seems to get hurt on the trampoline. Hannah went swimming in our dog’s water bowl followed by the sandbox, so she is now a wet, sandy mess. I take lunch outside, and we have a picnic on our deck. My theory is: Why would anyone ever be inside when they can be out?

1:30PM I give Hannah a bath in the kitchen sink, change her clothes and put her down for a nap. Rev and I finish up a little more school. I pop a few chocolate chip cookies in the oven, and the boys and I read books for a while. After cookies and books, we do an art project.

3PM Rev and Calvin have 30 minutes of quiet time on their beds for reading, coloring and listening to audio books. They tell me they are starving and need a snack, so I cut up some bananas and almond butter. I finally clean up the kitchen from lunch, get dinner started, start a load of laundry, check email, drink a few glasses of water and pick up toys that are scattered all through the house.

4PM Hannah wakes up and we walk to the downtown square to watch Daddy roast coffee. A walk to the downtown square is always exciting. We run into many friends, grab a treat at Atomic Candy and help Dad roast the coffee beans.

6PM The kids play baseball, throw the football with Dad in the backyard and hit plastic golf balls while I cook dinner. Hannah somehow has found water again and is soaking wet, so we change her clothes one last time. She loves pulling tools, paint cans and shovels out of our shed and scatters them all over the yard. At dinner the boys pull out our "discussion jar" (thank you, Pinterest) that gives us fun questions to discuss at dinner. Rev complains about eating his vegetables and Calvin almost convinces us he has a stomach ache and can't eat his vegetables, so dinner ends with both boys getting in trouble.

7:30PM After dinner we play a game of bingo. The kids ask if they can have a treat before bed, and miraculously Calvin’s tummy ache completely disappears. Calvin and Hannah take a quick bath, Rev jumps in the shower and everyone lines up for teeth brushing. We sing and say prayers with Hannah first, and she blows night-night kisses to her brothers. I read Calvin a few of his favorite books while Clay and Rev play a game of chess. Rev is the last one to get in bed, and we read a few chapters to him from one of his chapter books.

8:30PM The house is quiet, and we think everyone is asleep. Clay and I sit down on the couch to watch an episode of Shark Tank and share an apple, nuts and a glass of wine. Rev yells to us from his room that he “can't fall asleep,” and Calvin is asking for a snack and water. We catch up with each other and usually laugh about funny stories that we had with our kids that day. He takes care of some Bookish Coffee emails and orders, while I flip through a magazine and books.

10PM We head to bed, exhausted but so thankful God has blessed us with a happy, healthy family. Clay is on shift in the morning and will be at the fire station for 24 hours.  Tomorrow my day will look very similar to the last, as I will be teaching, training, cooking, cleaning and loving on our three little ones.

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Published August 2013