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A Day in the Life of Emily Bogda

Emily Bogda is mom to 4-and-a-half-year-old CeCe and 13-month-old Clary. Formerly in finance, Bogda decided to stay home after the birth of her second daughter. She lives in North Dallas with her husband, Mike (president of ABA Consulting).

6:56AM CeCe wakes up and comes downstairs. She is our alarm clock unless my husband has an early meeting. This time varies by 3 minutes either way every morning, no matter what time we put her to bed, what the weather is doing — it doesn’t matter. She goes and gets her sippy cup of juice from the refrigerator that we prepared the night before and crawls into bed with us. This is the best thing my husband has taught her to do to date, as it gives us another 10 minutes of rest! Then she patiently waits until 7AM for the TV to turn on. That is our rule . . . it must be 7AM. “Mom … the clock says 6-5-7 …” This goes on every minute until 7. By now, our baby, Clary, is waking up. We go get her out of bed and give her a bottle.  

7:15-8AM This is a busy time for me, as I am getting CeCe dressed, getting myself dressed for carpool and making breakfast. Getting myself dressed consists of my tennis skirt and shirt for my drill later. I usually play two mornings a week, but even when I don’t play tennis, I recommend these clothes because people think you are active, healthy and exercising when you are really at home in your “lounge” clothes, which might as well be your pajamas. My non-tennis morning carpool couture consists of lounge clothes, a hat, my glasses and my UGG house shoes (but they are really slippers!). It is a good thing that the morning and afternoon carpool people are different because I’m sure they wouldn’t recognize me and think I am coming to kidnap my child if not for my carpool tag.

8-11AM I return home, feed Clary her breakfast, let her play a little bit and then put her down for her morning nap, which, by some miracle, she has not dropped yet. On a tennis day, Grandma arrives and lets me escape for an hour and a half. Tennis for me is so important. It is my exercise because I loathe the gym, plus it is a solid hour of not thinking about, talking about or doing anything kid-related. Tuesday is our weekly practice preparing for our big match on Thursday. I play in a tennis league called TCD, which involves ladies in Dallas and surrounding areas competing against each other on a weekly basis. It is funny how seriously we take this. I mean, we get really competitive and strategize on lineups and teams. Afterward, we go to lunch and talk more tennis … OK, and maybe talk about our families a little, too. 

On the non-tennis days, I spend naptime doing the breakfast dishes, making the bed, starting a load of laundry, straightening the clutter, checking e-mail, paying bills online and usually wasting a good bit of time on Facebook or some other mindless Web site.

11AM Clary is awake. I get her dressed, give her another bottle and get ready to pick CeCe up from school. This is fun for Clary because she loves the carpool line and the anticipation of seeing her big sister. When we pull up and she sees CeCe through the window, she swings her legs up and down and giggles. Carpool line is also a good time to check e-mail on my iPhone, browse through catalogs or even read a book while waiting. No phone calls, though — big carpool faux pas!

12:15PM We’re back home for lunch and play. CeCe loves dress-up and swinging outside, and Clary just loves watching CeCe. If we get adventurous, we will go for a walk or meet friends at a park.

2PM Naptime again for Clary. I let CeCe watch a show or movie so that she keeps quiet and doesn’t wake the baby. It’s very important in our house not to wake the baby! This is also a rest time for CeCe, but she hasn’t napped since she was 2.

3:15PM CeCe has ballet, which she loves. I enjoy visiting with the other moms and watching her through the windows. Clary likes to crawl around and explore the floor, which I’m sure is cleaned thoroughly every night … hmmm, I try not to think about that!

4:30-6PM We’re back home now and it’s snack time. Then it’s time to start dinner. CeCe usually (I use that word loosely) plays pretty peacefully upstairs in her room and the baby will try to crawl up my legs and into the Tupperware drawer. I am definitely ready for Daddy to come home.

6PM Daddy is home and it’s dinner time.

6:30-7:30PM Bath time; Clary’s bedtime.

7:30PM Daddy puts CeCe to bed. This is when I turn on American Idol and start picking up toys and trying to put the house back together. I also do the dinner dishes.   

8PM Hubby comes downstairs, we have a glass of wine, watch something recorded on TiVo and try to relax and catch up.

9-10PM Lights out for me!