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A Day in the Life of Dynette Davis

Dynette Davis is a single mom of two. She lives in Plano with her daughters: Sasha, 10, and Londyn, 8. She works as an admissions coordinator with Strayer University and runs her own educational consulting company, Dymensions Educational Consulting LLC.

4:45AM Up and at it! I get up every morning at 4:45am to get in study time and writing time before I wake the kids for school. I’m a doctoral student with seven classes remaining before my dissertation. Studying first thing in the morning is best for me, because it allows me to get my coursework out of the way without any interruptions. Being a doctoral student is challenging, but I make sure it doesn’t interfere with my duties as a mommy.

6AM Rise and shine, girls. “Give God the Glory” – our morning song. I sing this song to them because it was what my mom sang to me growing up. They love it, and when they hear my voice, they wake up all smiles. My youngest is very punctual and rolls out of bed with no problem. She keeps us on schedule by walking the house, reminding us of the time we have left before our departure to school. My oldest, on the other hand (Sleeping Beauty), requires hearing the sound of her name at least three times before she’s moving. This morning, surprisingly, she rolls out of bed excited. Of course she’s excited – she has a field trip today. Field trip days are always the best!

6:45AM Time to comb hair and have breakfast. Combing hair this morning is a task, because the girls participated in the Polar Swim for their Girl Scout troops. The girls are champs during the process. Breakfast this morning is easy. I decide to make cinnamon toast, which both girls like. It’s a recipe I remember watching my grandfather make many times when I was a child. I try to make a big breakfast, because school lunch is hit-or-miss for them. They’re picky eaters, and they may decide against what’s on the lunch menu and eat only snacks.

7:10AM Snacks and lunches are out of the refrigerator and into book bags. Sasha and Londyn prepare their snacks before bed every evening. This helps to keep hustle and bustle down in the morning. Londyn reminds us that we only have 10 minutes before it’s time to leave the house. During those last few minutes, I pack my work bag, grab my lunch, and we’re out the door. Time to meet the bus. Londyn informs me of things I should pick up from the store before I head home after work. (She keeps me together.) They give me kisses, and I say a prayer to cover my girls during their day, and off they go.

7:20AM To the gym I go for 30 minutes. I try to exercise five days a week. Then I head home to get ready for my workday. Working out before I go into the office gives me a boost. I thought about missing today, but no way. I need the boost of energy.

8:45AM Back in the car and headed to work, I make my morning call to my mom, and we chat on my ride to work. I also use this time to make sure she has everything she needs. Today we talk about her transitioning to Texas. The girls and I have been here for almost two years, and my sister has been here for one year. I think we’re getting close to making a decision. But just in case, I mention how wonderful the weather is here compared to Chicago. “Love you, and don’t forget to pray,” she says at the end of each call. This morning, I beat her to it.

3:15PM I pick up my daily call from my Sasha, letting me know that they’re off the school bus and with my sister Phelon. We chat for a bit about the happenings at school that day.

6:45PM I make it home with my girls. Time to pull dinner out of the refrigerator (I prepare dinner the night before) and feed the “divas.” Today, Londyn wants to set the table. I watch to make sure she remembers what I’ve taught her. She gets an A in my book.

7:15PM Homework check, snack and lunch-making time, and finally we get to sit on the couch and watch a few episodes of Jessie. (The girls’ favorite show.) I like to take this time with the girls, because we spend our entire day away from each other.

9PM The girls are done with showers, and it’s time for bed. Not for me! Time to read emails and complete “to-do” items for my company. Working a full-time job while building a business and going to school has its challenges, but as long as I keep this schedule, I believe things will be just fine. Tonight I’m working on a project that teaches parents how to understand their children’s schoolwork. I can be tired and ready to go to sleep, but when it comes to Dymensions, I always get my second wind.

11PM Lights out and time for me to prepare to do this all over again tomorrow. 

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Published March 2014