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A Day in the Life of Diana Coben Einstein

Diana Coben Einstein and her husband Heath, director of freshman admission at Texas Christian University, have three children: Levyn, 7, Adielle, 5, and Asher, 2. Diana lives in Dallas and works full time as director for community connections for Temple Emanu-El. 

6:02AM The alarm goes off for Heath. He snoozes.

6:11AM Heath gets up and gets in the shower. This gives me about 20 more minutes to stay in bed.

6:34AM Heath reminds me again to get out of bed. Getting up in the morning is so challenging. I start getting ready while Heath goes to wake up the girls.

6:55AM Heath heads out the door, while the girls start eating their breakfast of choice: a waffle for Adielle and cereal for Levyn, along with milk. I get Asher and give him his waffle and milk. My kids love milk.

7:10AM I do Levyn’s hair (in a side ponytail as usual) and Adielle’s hair (she prefers to leave it down) and then start gathering all items for Levyn to head out the door and preparing for the littles to get in the car. Monday is ballet day for both girls so I have to make sure they have their respective ballet bags including the correct color leotard and matching skirt, pink tights and ballet shoes.

7:15AM I watch Levyn walk to our neighbor’s house, where she will get a ride to school. We are so lucky to have amazing and helpful neighbors.

7:35AM I buckle Asher and Adielle into their car seats, load in their nap bags, lunches and my bag. Did I remember my phone today? Yes, yay!

8AM We arrive at Temple Emanu-El and drop off Asher in his room first. He adores his teachers and friends and most mornings are easy. I give him lots of kisses and hugs and tell him I love him one last time before walking Adielle to her classroom. I chat with the teachers for a minute, hang up her coat and lunch and put her nap stuff in the bin. I give her a big kiss and hug and tell her I love her and to have a fun day.

8:15AM I walk down the hall, turn right then left, down another hallways and into my office to begin my day. I am so lucky that I work in a place that has the most amazing early childhood education center. I start by going through my emails and then begin projects that need to be accomplished.

11:15AM I’m getting hungry, so in order to distract myself I take a little walk around the building, hoping to get a peek of Adielle or Asher in their classes. I do my best not to let Asher see me because he will get upset. Luckily, he is playing on the floor with his friends, so I get to see his adorable little face. Adielle is in circle time, so I walk quickly by her classroom, give her a big smile and hear her say happily, “I saw my mommy!”

2PM Meeting with two of my volunteers for the congregational initiative we’re working on together. I provide the current numbers versus our goals for the project and then we review any remaining tasks, including follow-up, communications needs and individual assignments.

4:30PM I should try to leave the office soon. I respond to a few emails that came in recently and make note of what I need to do when I get in tomorrow.

4:45PM I leave the office and walk to Adielle’s classroom. I make sure to get her first so she can run into my arms when I walk into her classroom. (It’s hard for her to do that when I’m holding Asher.) She yells “Mommy!” when she sees me and runs over to give me a hug. Then, she shows me her art project that she is so excited to take home. We walk together to Asher’s class, gather up all necessary items and walk to the car.

5:30PM We arrive home and walk next door to get Levyn from our neighbor’s house. Levyn and Adielle chill on the couch for a bit watching Jessie on Netflix while I begin feeding Asher his dinner. It’s so helpful to feed him early because I get to spend some quality time with him while the girls relax. Once he’s done with his dinner, I give him some Cheerios as dessert so I can start preparing dinner for Heath, the girls and me.  

6:20PM I tell Levyn it’s time to start doing her spelling homework, which she has every night to prepare for a test on Friday. Both girls come and sit at the table in the kitchen so we can all be together. Adielle likes to “do homework” as well, so I write letters in pencil and she traces them in pen.

6:40PM I give Asher a quick bath and hope that Heath will walk in the door soon. Asher loves the bath and it’s so adorable to hear him say “Baaa!” when he walks into the bathroom.

6:45PM I hear the girls yell “Daddy!” and I smile. Help has arrived. I finish getting dinner ready while Heath spends time with the kids.

7PM Asher goes to sleep and we sit down to dinner.

7:30PM Heath clears the table while I start to get the girls ready for bed, get them into pajamas, pick out clothes for tomorrow, brush teeth and braid their hair. (It’s always easier to brush out their hair at night and braid it, so there are no knots to deal with in the morning.)

7:45PM Heath comes in and Levyn reads to him. Adielle and I go into her room and I read the books she has picked out. She’s learning to read, so I have her practice with the two- and three-letter words.

8:08PM Heath gets on email for work and I take a shower. It’s my alone time and it’s so nice not to be rushed.

9PM We watch House of Cards.

9:48PM Should we go to sleep or watch one more?

11PM Zzz … 

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