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A Day in the Life of Dee Jay King

Dee Jay King is a former teacher and a stay-at-home mom. She has been happily married to her husband Winston, lead web architect for Mouser Electronics, for 11 years and has six children: Cassidy, 9, Colton, 6, Cooper, 3, and triplets Gabriel, Sawyer and Josiah, 1.

6AM The alarm goes off and I hit the snooze button …

6:30AM Hit snooze button some more …

6:45AM I realize I must join reality and, finally, get up. I make breakfast for my older two kids and then I wake them up. My oldest child and only daughter, Cassidy, is pretty easy. Colton, however, I have to drag by the legs and hoist out of the bed. While they get dressed for school, I finish making snacks, lunches and water bottles. During this time, I am praying that they can be quiet enough not to wake up my 3-year-old, Cooper, or the 13-month-old triplets, who have a nursery off the kitchen.

7:40AM The older two are dressed and ready. My awesome husband Winston takes the older two to school. Since the younger four are asleep and there is nothing going on this morning, back to sleep I go. Then, the day starts. I try to sneak in chores (laundry, tidying up, paperwork and a workout) before the rest of the brood awakens.

9AM The babies are up by now, as well as Cooper. Now it’s time for the breakfast frenzy. Cooper is usually fed first, so he is occupied while I deal with the triplets. The triplets (Gabriel, Sawyer, and Josiah) are quite voracious. I fear for the teenage years. Breakfast consists of whatever is convenient and easy for them to eat, since they don’t have a lot of teeth. While they are eating, I try to cram something into my mouth.

9:30AM After breakfast, I clean the kids off and put them in their play yard. Meanwhile, Cooper is begging me for the Wii for the millionth time. Next, I have to clean the fallout from breakfast. Then after picking up the floors, closing all doors and securing everything out of their reach, I open the play yard door and let the triplets loose. We have two walking and one who’s almost there. Cooper is playing and being my helper. He loves to tell the babies what to do.

11AM Sesame Street is on. I put the babies in the play yard and this is my time to get something done: phone calls, chores, etc. Cooper goes to speech twice a week at the older kids’ school, so I load everyone up for that. We get to see the older kids at their lunchtime, so the younger ones like that.

12:30PM I feed the younger four lunch. Cooper usually gets his peanut butter sandwich and the triplets enjoy their sandwiches as well. And, I actually get to eat.

1:30PM Naptime! There is a bed in the nursery, so I have Cooper lay down with me and the triplets are placed in their cribs. It’s a great day when I can get all four down for a nap because then I can nap too. We do have our days where they sleep at different times and that does not make for a good day.

4PM I’m lucky they slept this long. The older two come home from school and it is homework time. The triplets go in the play yard, so I can help with homework: spelling words, math facts and paperwork galore. Cassidy has gymnastics this afternoon, while Colton has baseball. Checking homework, getting dinner ready and controlling the chaos until Daddy comes home from work takes up most of the time.

6:30PM Daddy comes home. Dinner, family time, church, baseball games and school programs take over our evening. Family time means cranking up the music and just dancing. Even the babies love to dance. We also talk about our day and what is going on with each other. We found out our daughter was the last girl in her class left in her class spelling bee, so she gets to move on to the school spelling bee. She won third place last year.

8PM We tell the kids that playtime is over. Then they pick up, get clothes ready for school the next day and put their homework and notes in their backpacks. Bedtime commences. The kids take baths, brush teeth, and we have story time and prayers. (We try to read a story every night before bed, but we definitely say our prayers every night.) After prayers, we send the older ones to their rooms. I kiss them goodnight and tuck them in. Then, my husband and I get the babies ready for bed. They don’t like to be rocked as much anymore, so I lay down in the bed that’s in the nursery until they fall asleep.

9PM This is when I get the bulk of my chores done, such as finally putting laundry away and cleaning the kitchen. This is also when I finally get to spend some quality time with my husband. We like to watch TV, catch up on our day and just be in each other’s company. And when we feel like there isn’t a care in the world, we realize we get to repeat the fun all over again tomorrow.

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