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A Day in the Life of David Schnetzer

David Schnetzer is the father of 11-month-old son, Reagan. The financial professional is president of the Japan-America Society (www.jasdfw.org), and a self-described “beginning artist, novice birdwatcher and a wannabe musician.” He lives in Dallas with his wife, Amanda, an executive at a Dallas nonprofit organization.

5AM Wake up. A beautiful Saturday morning. I’m confident I can get in one and a half hours of work before "the child" wakes up!

5:05AM Turn on my computer and start writing speech for the annual fundraising dinner on Monday. At this rate, I’ll be able to finish the first draft this morning!

5:07AM The child wakes up. I may have to rethink this day.

6AM Feed and burp Reagan. For some reason he refuses to hold his own bottle, even though he did it regularly when he was younger. Is he regressing? At what age is burping considered rude? How odd is it to refer to his “younger days” when he’s only 11 months old?

6:15AM Reagan takes a nap, as do Mom and Dad. Bliss and serenity.

8AM Reagan wakes from his nap. Amanda dresses him. I perform his morning ablutions: wash his face, chest, hands and feet; clean an unknown substance from his ears (what IS that?); brush his four teeth.

8:15AM Play with the child and his purple-Martian-person-thing-with-the-fuzzy-body-and-weird-orange-hat toy, being careful to avoid the drool (teething?).

8:30AM The child tries to eat the toy’s foot.

8:45AM Get dressed, brush teeth.

9:10AM Explain to Amanda how to install the shopping cart cover. Wait, I’m confused—how does this thing work again?

9:12AM Figure out how to install the shopping cart contraption.

9:19AM Explain to Amanda how to install the shopping cart cover.

9:20AM Watch as Amanda feeds the child.

9:28AM Check expiration date on the jar of wheat germ in the pantry … November 2007. Add “wheat germ” to the shopping list.

9:40AM Get started cutting the lawn and cleaning up our yard, which has been neglected for far too long. Amanda takes the child with her to the grocery store.

11AM Say hello to Reagan and Amanda as they arrive home.

12:10PM Take a break from the yard to feed the child his third bottle of the day.

12:20PM Notice that the child needs changing. Stinkfactor = 3.7 (on a 5-point scale). Change his diaper. Sometimes this job can be so earthy.

12:30PM Eat lunch with Amanda and Reagan, a favorite part of the job.

1:30PM Head back out into the yard, which is looking much better. I am no longer worried about getting phone calls from annoyed neighbors.

2:30PM Amanda joins me in the back yard. She puts Reagan in his ExerSaucer, man’s second-greatest invention after the vibrating bouncy chair. He loves being outside and laughs, which these days sounds a bit more like a cackle.

2:35PM Neighbor stops by to see Reagan. She used to come over to talk to my wife and me.

2:38PM Reagan tries to eat a leaf.

3:10PM The child announces that he’s had it with the ExerSaucer and is ready to go inside. Look at my watch as Amanda takes him into the house … feeding time.

3:48PM Finish work in the yard. I forgot to wear a hat and think that the top of my head is sunburned.

4PM Take a shower and change clothes. Reagan is fussy. This could be an interesting afternoon.

6:03PM Feed the child and burp him, with some trepidation. He spits up on me. Someone please remind me what we’ve been doing for the last two hours.

7:10PM Put Reagan into the car and head to the gelato store. Dessert before dinner … I feel like a rebel. The child is soon asleep.

8:15PM Back home, fix dinner and eat with my wife. Together, we clean the kitchen, do a load of laundry, fix baby food, watch a bit of TV, review schedule for Sunday, get ready for bed.

11:35PM Get in bed and read for 10 minutes before my eyes get heavy. I’m looking forward to tomorrow. If I get up at 5 a.m., I am sure that I can get in at least an hour of work before Reagan wakes up!