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A Day in the Life of David Nicolato

David Nicolato owns and operates Rain Barrel Guys, a Denton-based maker of rainwater collection barrels. He lives in Lantana with his wife Cortney and their two children, Jacob, 4, and Ian, 22 months.

6:15AM Alarm goes off, and I shut it off before I wake the wife. She leaves for a three-day, two-city trip to California in a few hours, and it is best to let her sleep in some.

6:25AM Coffee is brewing and I check the iPhone for my emails, Groupon deals for the day and to see if the Stay at Home Dads of Dallas is doing anything close to me.

6:28AM Dang, the dads are getting together in Plano today at 10:30am, no way I can get down there and back to pick up Jacob from school. Wish there were more stay-at-home dads closer to me (hint hint, hit up Dallas Dads on Facebook if you’re in the same boat!).

6:35AM First sip of coffee as I’m getting dressed for the day, a workout outfit just in case a walk/run is in the cards for me. Mentally preparing for the day and thinking about how things will be over the next three days without my wife around (I’m getting used to it; business is booming, and she is gone about 50 percent of the time).

6:45AM Second cup of coffee, buy my Groupons (if they are good ones) and check the morning headlines and weather report.

7:10AM Go up and whisper sweet nothings to my oldest, Jacob, but he doesn’t move. Get clothes together, grab Ian – who’s a better riser than his brother – and we both go and convince Jacob to wake up.

7:18AM Morning ritual of milk and fruit bars for the kiddos with a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to watch. I start my third cup of coffee and make some waffles for the guys. Make a cup of coffee for the boss (wife), who is up now and getting ready for her trip.

7:50AM Crunch time, boys need to finish up breakfast, then remind Jacob to go to the bathroom while changing Ian, then change Jacob and think to take something out for dinner, maybe burgers since it will just be the boys … forget it … we’ll eat out!

8:06AM Kisses to Mommy for not only today but the next two days is making me a little late. Can’t be late for circle time. Mrs. Austin, Jacob’s Montessori teacher, is held on a high pedestal, and Jacob reminds me we cannot be late.

8:26AM Drop-off at Alden Montessori for Jacob. Ian wants to stay, throws a fit and then hits the carbon monoxide alarm test button that is within his reach. It beeps and beeps and beeps. Time for us to leave …

8:32AM Back in the car and time to tackle the errands. Lowe’s shopping for some parts for my rain barrels. Ian loves the carts there and likes to flirt with the cashiers.

9:02AM After our Lowe’s run, we head home and transfer to the jogging stroller without going inside, because if we go inside, we’re not leaving. Able to convince Ian that we should go for a run. Some LMFAO on Pandora helps to get his groove on.

10AM Nice run and cool-down, Ian is pooped, get a milk together and he goes down for a nap. While I am still a little sweaty, decide to drill out some barrels for rain barrels.

10:55AM Done with the barrels, hop in the shower and get to shave. Ah, what a great feeling!

11:50AM Feel wicked bad as I need to wake Ian from his nap to go pick up his brother. He is a great waker and gives me a big smile as we head to the minivan.

12PM Grab Jacob from school and make sure we stay away from that carbon monoxide alarm.

12:22PM Arrive home and get lunch together for the boys, PB&J with some Pirate’s Booty. We decide to have an outside picnic. Jacob grabs the blanket and we head outside.

1:02PM Beautiful day, so I put some water in the inflatable pool and we splash and play; so what if they still have their clothes on. Ian is soaked and wanders over to the sand box and rolls around in it then back into the pool. Jacob wonders why the water is dirty.

2:15PM Literally hose the boys off after stripping them naked and towel them off. Jacob wants to wear the towel around his waist like Dad does; so cute the things they pick up.

2:25PM They both look pooped, so we try a tri-nap. Ian in his bed, Jacob lying down with me, next thing I know it is …

5:20PM Wow, have not had a tri-nap in a while. Must have really tired them out. I wake up first, fix my bed head; Ian then wakes up, followed by Jacob. I’m not cooking tonight; we head to Dickey’s for kids eat free night. The kids make a mess with the ice cream all over them. Definitely bath time tonight.

7:15PM Head back to the house, hop in the bath; add in a few color-changing tablets – they love those things. Ian tries to eat one, not good. Get the boys dressed in their PJs. Read a story to both of them before bringing Ian to his room, where we sing a few songs and then place him in his crib for the night. Give him an extra kiss for Cortney.

7:40PM Go to Jake’s room, where he’s looking at a book. Do our nightly routine of what was your favorite part of the day, and Dickey’s ice cream makes the top of the list.

8PM Relax downstairs with a T&T (Tanqueray and tonic) for a job well done. Should really fold the laundry, but I am pooped. Pop some popcorn while relaxing and watching the DVR. Cortney calls to let me know about her day.

9:35PM Though there is more picking up to do, I’m in bed ready to start it all over again tomorrow!