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A Day in the Life of Danielle Lico

Danielle lives in Sachse with her husband Saul and their 16-month-old daughter, Audrey. Danielle and Saul are students at Dallas Baptist University and work full-time. Audrey is represented by two modeling agencies, which keeps Danielle busy.

5:30AM “Mommmmmy! Daddy! Mommmmmy!” goes my human alarm clock. Audrey enjoys screaming so loudly that her high-pitched yells are easily recognized on the baby monitor. Before the crack of dawn, our little one is up and anxious to start her day. Every morning Audrey is found in her crib smiling and jumping, waiting for someone to pick her up.

5:40AM The first thing we do in the morning is take Audrey to her potty. It usually takes her a while to produce anything, so that’s when I prepare her diaper bag for the day and turn on a Barney episode. It never fails – when she’s done, she excitedly shouts, “Mommy … pee-pee! Mommy, poo-poo … ewww!” Following the deed is her infamous potty dance. Her potty has a sensor that plays music when the deed is done. She just loves that part.

5:50AM Audrey catches the last five minutes of Barney. The only part she really likes … something about that contagious song.

6AM “I love you … you love me!” sings my cute little 32-inch bundle of joy. I attempt to make breakfast with a toddler in one arm and a spatula in the other. “Mine!” shouts Audrey as she takes the spatula from my hand. Fine, she can have it; there are others in another drawer. I grab another and continue to make breakfast.

6:22AM Breakfast is complete, and Audrey is nowhere in sight.

6:23AM Audrey is found in her bedroom, having been just caught in the act. To my surprise, there is half a tube of diaper rash cream on her rug, all of the wipes have been removed from the wipe warmer, the nicely folded basket of clothes is now scattered across the floor and she has managed to pull every crayon, crumb, diaper and toy from her freshly packed diaper bag.

6:51AM After much scrubbing, the rug looks somewhat decent, and I have managed to tidy up the rest of her room. So much for a hot breakfast.

7AM Daddy’s alarm clock is ringing, sending Audrey into a crazy dance mode. Daddy is awake, and Audrey has found a new person to entertain. During this time, I’m using MapQuest to plan how we’re going to get to Audrey’s casting call for that day.

7:30AM Break time is over for Daddy, and he’s leaving for a workday in the investments and brokerage world, leaving Audrey and me just enough time to eat our cold eggs and toast and bathe so we can leave the house for a 9am gig. Have you ever tried changing a toddler? That alone can be a hectic task. Especially when you have a child that likes to take off her shoes and socks.

8AM We are running out the door, prepared to fight traffic on the busy Dallas highways during rush hour. Audrey is in the backseat banging her sippy cup against the window and still singing “I love you … you love me” repetitively as I continue to jam out to some Christian rock. Like usual, she falls asleep in her car seat, giving me a much-needed moment of silence.

8:50AM We arrive, and Audrey has managed to leak red juice in her car seat and on her clothes and has Cheerios intertwined in her gorgeous curls. So much for leak-proof sippy cups. I wake her and quickly change her into a clean outfit and run into the studio with a just awakened, somewhat cranky clean-faced baby.

10AM Shoot is over, and Audrey appears to be ready for a nap. Upon strapping her in her car seat, we hit the road, taking Audrey to her caretakers’ house while I get ready to head to work.

10:58AM With two minutes to spare, I arrive at work and am greeted by coworkers who’ve been at work since 7:30am. As if me running around with a toddler all morning weren’t enough work! I check emails and proceed with my daily tasks of answering phones, filing, talking to parents and, of course, a little chitchat with the office girls.

3:45PM My job as a school secretary is over, and I must head home to prepare for my next shift as a mother and wife. My husband usually picks Audrey up and brings her home. I’ve completed a load of laundry, emptied the dishwasher, started on dinner, taken my college exam and have attempted to see if I can get the remaining diaper rash cream out of Audrey’s rug from our early-morning mischief.

6:44PM I hear the garage going up, and I immediately race to the door to greet my family. Like usual, my husband is on the phone with a client, and Audrey is happy to see her mom. She’s always happy when she gets home. My mother-in-law keeps her while we work and does a great job singing, playing with and teaching Audrey. Not to mention they have a backyard full of bunnies that Audrey loves to chase after.

7PM Audrey’s favorite time of the day: dinner. As I set the table and get Audrey in her high chair, we say a prayer. For some reason Audrey always laughs when we close our eyes. I’m not sure what goes through her head, but it never fails that the moment we close our eyes she giggles. I set Audrey’s food on her tray with hopes that she’ll eat. It usually only takes about five minutes before there are sweet potatoes in her hair, chewed pieces of meat on the floor and the outer layer of her grapes half-way across the table. Yes, I have a food thrower. I have yet to find an article that has worked for our everyday food-fight war. I try to trick her into eating some meat, but it never fails. First, a look of disgust, followed by her spitting out her food, then a long series of chanting ewwwwww’s.

7:33PM Dinnertime is over, and Audrey is slowly moving around the house with a look of complete tiredness. Bedtime is either a hit or a miss with her. She will either take a bottle and go right to sleep, or she will bounce, babble, cry and refuse to sleep. Two Yo Gabba Gabba episodes, one Bubble Guppies episode and half of a pre-recorded Barney episode, and she has finally passed out.

9:28PM My husband and I are finally able to talk and spend time with each other. Our talks are usually work-related, yet highly entertaining. We catch up on our DVR shows and eventually go to bed.