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A Day in the Life of Cassidy Calman Prather

Cassidy is the mother of Kara, Carly and Kate, ages 8, 6 and 4. Cassidy and husband Keith own and operate Doctor Sound Home Theater in Flower Mound, and Cassidy also authors Food Prude, a blog for healthy living and gluten-free diets.

5:45AM The alarm, deliberately placed in our bathroom, 14 steps away from my bedside, begins to sing. Wake the 14-year-old Labrador retriever and 1-year-old beagle pup; put them outside.

6AM My still-sore-from-last-night’s-yoga-class muscles require stretching. Put on clothes that are as comfortable as pajamas but look slightly less slept in, wake everyone up, feed kids and get them ready for school.

7:10AM Let dogs in, feed them, refill water bowl.

7:15AM Scarf down some sort of breakfast as I bark orders and corral the children.

7:30AM Load Carly and Kate into car, kiss Kara and send her off to public school with the world’s greatest neighbor.

8AM Drop Carly off at private school with a hug and a kiss.

8:20AM Run to grocery store with Kate, grab gluten-free English muffins because the world might actually come to a screeching halt if there isn’t some sort of bread product in our home.

9AM Take Kate to preschool and enjoy lots of hugs and kisses simply because she’ll still let me.

9:45AM Eat second meal of the day while making coffee and scribbling my to do list on the nearest piece of porous material.

10AM Empty dishwasher, take call from boss (aka husband), troubleshoot and remedy his e-mail problem. Let dogs in, take and make a couple of calls, and catch up on e-mails.

11:15AM Pay bills, check blog and Facebook fan pages, respond to comments and begin writing new post.

11:45AM Answer call from boss requesting that I deliver an important piece of equipment to a job site, make quick lunch, rotate laundry, search and rescue library books (failing to notice any damage) and eat on the way to job site while hoping Nanny McPhee will magically appear and have all the household chores done when I get back.

12:45PM Drop off library books on way home from delivery.

1PM Home. Let dogs out, process payroll tax, talk to accountant on the phone, work on next month’s promotion, ad and e-news campaign, let dogs in.

2PM Leave to pick up Kate and Carly, attempt to skim this month’s book club selection while waiting in car line at two different schools.

3:15PM Pick up Kara from aforementioned greatest neighbor’s home.

3:30PM Home. Let dogs out and make appointment with chiropractor as my back reminds me of this morning’s incident. Feed kids snack, unpack lunches, sit Kara down with homework, get Carly and Kate ready for soccer practice, let dogs in.

3:45PM  Receive phone call from local library requesting payment for book damaged by “what appears to be a puppy.”

3:50PM  Hang up phone, look long and hard at my two beautiful beagle puppies and thank God for making them so darn cute while simultaneously screaming in my head that I’ve “bought” too many library books and it is clear that we are too irresponsible to check them out ever again.

4:30PM Make mental note to go to library to pay fine tomorrow, fill water bottles, locate soccer balls, load car.

4:45PM Chiropractor makes my inherently weak back happy again.

5PM Drop Carly off at practice, take Kate to hers, call husband to make sure he will be able to pick Carly up and feed the kids dinner while reminding him of my book club meeting.

5:30PM Edit blog post on phone while diligently watching six 4-year-olds navigate soccer balls the size of their torsos around cones.

6:30PM Drop kids off at home with hubby, change into something non-pajama-ish, realize I still haven’t taken a shower yet today, put on extra deodorant and lip gloss in hopes that no one notices and dash out the door.

7PM Book club, dinner, sit down, eat (slowly), sip wine, converse with friends about a good book and several other nonessential but enjoyable topics.

9:30PM Home. Decide to skip running tonight, shower, put on pajamas, peek into my husband’s office and say hello, pack Kara’s lunch, check her homework, see what clothes she picked out for tomorrow, clean up kitchen, load and start dishwasher and kiss my three sleeping beauties goodnight.

10:45PM Pull out my running shoes and clothes because I am definitely going to pound the pavement tomorrow morning, and crawl into bed with one of my several half-read books.