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A Day in the Life of Casey Gerwer

Casey Gerwer is the mother of 18-month-old quadruplets Trey, Reid, Cameron and Brady. She lives with her children and her husband, Robbie, in Murphy. Gerwer, who’s launching an online retail store for multiples (www.designedforbabies.com), serves as the co-coordinator for Plano Area Mothers of Multiples.

7AM My alarm goes off and I hit snooze. I quickly hope that the kids sleep in for another 10 minutes. About 30 seconds later, I hear four toddlers uncontrollably laughing and singing, as if they’re mocking me. Since my plans to “snooze” failed, I opt to shower and brush my teeth — there may not be another opportunity. I pull my wet hair back and wonder when was the last time I actually blow-dried it. Off to the kitchen to unload the dishwasher, put milk in sippies and lay out breakfast.

7:30AM The kids can hear me and they let me know it. I open the door to four smiling faces and I smile back — my favorite time of the day. We all run into the kitchen, where they play with toys at my feet and I avoid them like landmines as I cook breakfast.

8AM The kids scatter like ants as I chase each one of them down for diaper changes. I scoop each one up as they run away and take them to the table to eat. We eat at a toddler table that resembles a blackjack table, and I’m the dealer handing out some cut-up eggs and pancakes. After I wipe down the crew, it’s off for another game of chase while I try to dress them.

9AM While I’m packing up the snacks for today, the kids realize we are leaving. They run to get their shoes, sit down in a row and wait for me to put them on. I have a quick “aww” moment before they turn back into screaming toddlers. We walk out into the garage and I load them into their seats one by one while the others run around the car. I turn on the car (and the AC) while I attach the hitch to the back of the car to carry our very large quad stroller. Talk about drawing attention. With the way I’m sweating at this point, that shower was a waste of time. Now it’s off to Target for a few things we need and then to the play area across the street.

10AM At this point, I am so thankful we are within a fenced area. The more they run, the harder they nap! After we start hitting “Meltdown Mania,” we load up and head home for what will hopefully be a good nap. But to make sure, I sing at the top of my lungs to keep them awake. That would keep anyone awake, right?

10:45AM Get home, unload.  

11AM I make lunch. I feel like I’m in a food rut and quickly jot down a reminder to look up new lunch ideas.

11:30AM The kids demolish lunch. I do my best to clean out the veggies and fruit my kids like to use as hair products and we head to the playroom (formerly known as my living room). The kids’ second wind kicks in, just as my energy starts to take a nose dive. I realize it’s not even halfway through the day. I clean the mess, put on a baby signing video and the kids wind down while I do diaper changes.

12:30PM NAP TIME! The kids walk like my little ducklings behind me to the nursery. Right now, I wish I was off to nap. After I administer blankets and lovies, they drift off and I get busy. Laundry, toy pickup and dishes.

12:45PM Work. I check my business e-mail and return messages to my designers and vendors. I impress myself when I return e-mails from my BlackBerry and computer at the same time! Although, I’m less than impressed when I look down at my feet and wonder, “When was the last time I got a pedicure?” I return all phone calls and squeeze in time to return e-mails from fellow multiples moms and friends. Did I mention I’m tired? Insert some lunch wherever/whenever possible.

3PM Laughing and “uh-ohs” pour out of the nursery. Intermission is over. I get the kids out of bed and give them their snack, all while they bounce around the kitchen. The dogs cry a little as they miss the quiet. I glace over where the toys WERE picked up and wonder, “Why did I bother?” Diaper changes, sunscreen and shoes on.

4PM I manage to get two dogs and four toddlers out the back door to play outside; it’s like herding cats. Playtime consists of dirt, water, smelling flowers, balls, chase and more sweating.

5PM Time to begin cooking dinner, which I do without stopping at the counter or one of the kids will latch onto my legs. I cut with a pizza cutter while moving — genius! I open my Tupperware cabinet; I’m desperate to give them a good distraction.

5:30PM Dinner begins. Daddy comes home and all are happy, including mommy. They enjoy a messy dessert and I scream out “BATH” afterward. They go sprinting to the bathroom. Wash, rinse, repeat times four. Diapers and pajamas, times four.

6:30PM Daddy has turned on some silly song and all but me are dancing and singing. I load the dishwasher while the kids enjoy some milk and daddy reads them a story.

7:05PM The kids are in bed, but they goof off and talk for about 30 minutes before falling asleep. We clean the living room and kitchen, feed dogs and think of something quick for us to eat for dinner. Microwave it is.

8PM I return all work and personal e-mails, which takes longer than I expect. I go through at least one product catalog and approve a couple of designs from my designer. My to-do list for tomorrow is made. More laundry. I begin uploading photos and write an entry for our blog.

11PM Bedtime!