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A Day in the Life of Carrie Anne Sachnik

Carrie is mom to two, Sydney (8) and Max (7). She is a medical assistant at Dallas IVF and her husband is a programmer at Match.com. The family lives in The Colony with two dogs (Romeo and Ally) and one cat (Sammy).

5:45AM My alarm goes off and I quickly push snooze.

6AM Second alarm goes off. This one is in the bathroom and plays morning talk radio and I am up. The house is quiet for now. I let the dogs out to potty and feed them and start my bath.

6:30AM Sydney, my 8-year-old, is up now and asking to get on the computer. I grab my first cup of coffee. Luckily, my husband is now up, too, and getting breakfast for her while I dress.

7AM Max is now up, as well, and I check to make sure that Sydney has had her meds. All is well for now.

7:15AM We’re late again and running out the door with breakfast and coffee in hand!

7:30AM Ah, work! My day at Dallas IVF is a fast-paced morning of blood draws and seeing patients. It’s a great place to work. I really get to help people. Infertility is a rollercoaster and I try to help my patients and treat them like I would want to be treated. Today, I teach a couple how to do their injectable medication and reassure them that we will be there to help them through this. It can be a very emotional job, but the good outweighs the bad and I know I am very lucky to like what I do and to have the ability to work and still be home with my kids when I need to be.

12:30PM I wind up my workday and head home.

1PM Two hours till the kids are home from school. I should go work out, but as I walk though the house I see that there are breakfast dishes. They scream my name, which leads to me sweeping the kitchen floor—which also leads to vacuuming and laundry. So much for working out.

2:50PM Pick up Max from school and head home. I ask about his day but get the standard answer: “Fine.”

3PM Feed my starving Max and wait for the bus to drop off Sydney from school.

3:25PM The school bus pulls up and I stand outside with a big smile, hoping Sydney’s day was all right. When you have a child with special needs (Sydney has Asperger’s), it’s like watching a dice roll. You never know what will be coming next. She is glad to see me, but more excited to see Ally, our 1-year-old yellow Labrador retriever. She LOVES this dog, and I think Ally knows Sydney needs her and is always there to greet her.

3:30PM The kids are home and the drama is in full effect. Today, there’s homework for Max and Sydney. This is the hardest time of day. The kids are tired and grumpy, but they need to get homework done. I remind myself how lucky I am to be home with my kids, but right now I would rather be at work.

4:30PM Think about what I am making for dinner, then get distracted by Sydney needing help on the laptop.

5:30PM OK. The meltdown is over and now I HAVE to make dinner—fast. It looks like a taco night, which is fast, easy and makes everyone happy.

6PM Chris is home! It’s one of the best times of day. The kids are playing and dinner is ready. We all sit down for a meal that lasts about 12.5 minutes. Weird—it took me 25 minutes to cook and another 25 minutes to clean up, but so little time to enjoy.

6:30PM I send Chris up to play videogames with the kids (It’s how he unwinds).

7:30PM Time for the kids’ baths—and just before the next meltdown is about to start.

8PM Time for bed! We each choose a kid and head to their bedrooms to read. Tonight, I read Harry Potter with Max and Chris reads Maybird to Sydney.

8:30PM Hugs and kisses given and lights out. Finally, it’s bedtime for
the kids.

9PM I get to sit down with my husband and watch some TV. I multitask (on the laptop) and check e-mails and Facebook.

10PM I crawl into bed and try to read some but keep thinking … “Am I doing all I can for my kids? What will tomorrow bring? And how will I be a better mom?” I love my kids, but HATE the guilt.

11PM Sweet sleep … because it will all start again tomorrow. …