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A Day in the Life of Candi Creasser

Candi Creasser is a single, stay-at-home mom. She lives in Rhome with her 5-year-old daughter Alivia, her 4-year-old daughter Adysen and a 9-month-old boxer puppy Cookie.

6AM Up and in the shower. We have to be at our Classical Conversations Home School Group at 9:15. We take snacks and lunch. I usually prepare our food the night before to keep from feeling rushed in the morning. Snacks are: cherry tomatoes, olives, baby carrots, celery, berries, apple slices, cucumber slices, some kind of nuts for the girls and usually a veggie and fruit smoothie for me. 

7:15AM I am dressed with makeup on and hair done. I let Cookie, our boxer, outside while I get her food ready. She is still a puppy, not quite a year old. I start cooking the girls’ steel-cut oats. When finished, I add their vitamin D with probiotics and elderberry to the oats, along with butter, stevia and cinnamon.

7:45AM I turn the TV on to an educational show and wake up my two sleeping beauties.  Alivia is 5 and Adysen is 4, so waking up and rushing around getting ready to be somewhere by 9:15 is usually a challenge. I coax them to eat and then we have to do hair. We usually spend 30 minutes to an hour on hair unless things just aren’t going our way. Needless to say, their hairstyle for the day usually gets quite a few compliments. They like it up and out of their faces, so we do a lot of braiding and ponytails.

9:15AM We have our opening session where announcements are made. We say the Pledge of Allegiance. Usually, one family will give a presentation of some sort and we are led in prayer and dismissed to go to our classes. The girls are memorizing an Acts and Facts Timeline beginning with the age of ancient empires and a different history sentence each week. They also learn a little geography, English, Latin, math and science. 

10AM We have a short break and enjoy our snacks. While everyone is finishing up, the kids begin their individual presentations. Alivia and Adysen are usually eager to do their presentation, which is anything from talking about their favorite book to telling about a birthday party they went to over the weekend. 

10:30AM We do a science experiment and then draw a picture about the experiment. The first part of the year, the girls learn music and practice using a tin whistle. The second half of the year, they will learn about artists and experimenting with the different techniques that the artists used. 

11:30AM We start a review of what we have learned in the previous six weeks. We usually play a game of some sort to make this more fun. 

12PM Lunchtime we all come back together, eat and socialize. The kids usually eat quickly so they can run off some energy. The parents get a few minutes to chit chat about their week.

1PM We head for home.

1:20PM We arrive home and let Cookie out. She’s very thankful to see us. We live out in the country on five acres, so we also have cats and chickens. It’s always fun to take care of our chickens and see how many surprises they’ve left us. It’s like an Easter egg hunt every day of the year. We have 38 chickens in all. Three of them are roosters. About 20 of the hens are young and are just starting to lay eggs. 

2PM I usually fix the girls a little more to eat. They don’t eat very well at school because they are distracted and want to play. I refresh our snack and drink supply, and start getting clothes out for gymnastics and ballet. Sometimes I have to do some adjustments on hair, since it needs to be up for gymnastics and dance. Yes, we get all our activities done in one day.

3PM We start getting in the car to head to gymnastics. Alivia and Adysen are in two different classes, but they are both held at the same time and in the same area. We arrive a little before class starts. 

3:30PM This is my time to relax for a few minutes and watch my babies. I start to need a nap or coffee or something … the day is far from being over.

4:30PM We head to ballet. It is just a few blocks away. We have time to grab Mommy a coffee. The girls pull out the snacks to recharge a little before they get changed into their leotards and tutus for dance class. 

5PM We are usually a little early, so there’s plenty of time to get ballet shoes. The door closes as I prepare to sit with Alivia and entertain her while watching Adysen perform ballet, tap and jazz. 

5:45PM Adysen’s dance class is over, so we wait for Alivia’s class to begin.

6PM Alivia’s class begins. One time, Adysen was tired and actually went to sleep. But that is usually not the case. Now it’s time to entertain Adysen and watch Alivia perform ballet, tap and jazz. This is the longest hour.

7PM We finally head for home, which is about 20 minutes away. 

7:30PM We have leftovers for dinner. 

8PM We are all beat and begin to get ready for bed. Brush teeth, read a book or two, say our prayers and it’s sweet dreams for my two little busy bees.   

9PM I have no energy left at this point, but I try to pick up the house a little before I lie down with a book to unwind from this crazy day.

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