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A Day in the Life of Brittany Duckworth

Brittany Duckworth lives in Grand Prairie with her husband of four years, Wade. She stays home with their two sons, Caleb, 2, and Joshua, 2 months.

3AM I hear the baby crying and check my cell phone – 3am. This means he actually slept five straight hours, a first for my nearly 2-month-old. I knew he wouldn’t be sleeping through the night as quickly as his older brother, since he was five weeks premature. I get him out of the Pack ’n Play beside my bed, nurse him, burp him and change his diaper –all by the light of my cell phone so I don’t wake up my husband. I check email and Facebook on my phone while Joshua nurses. It helps keep me awake.

4AM I wake up panicked because I don’t remember laying Joshua back down in the Pack ’n Play. I check, and he is in there covered up and asleep. I do this at least once a night, and he is always where he should be. I guess it’s my mommy brain working overtime.

6:30AM Joshua is crying again, ready to feed. It’s a little easier waking up for this one, since the sun is starting to come through the windows. Same routine and he is back asleep.

8:30AM “Momma! Momma!” I hear my almost 2-year-old son, Caleb, on the monitor yelling for me from his crib. I get him up, change his diaper, make his breakfast and settle into the recliner with him to watch the Disney Channel. This is the calmest part of my day, because I usually get one uninterrupted hour with my oldest. I remember that at some point this week Joshua has a doctor’s appointment. I call the pediatrician’s office and find out it’s today at 10am. I go into crazy mom mode, but somehow I manage to get showered and dressed. I dress both boys and nurse the baby again.

10AM We arrive at the pediatrician’s office and Joshua gets his weight checked and a shot. I always dread taking a happy baby into the doctor’s office so they can get a shot and leaving with a fussy baby.

11:30AM We get home; I nurse Joshua and get both boys settled. A friend calls to talk to me about a doctor’s appointment she just had. I was actually able to answer. I am usually busy juggling at least one of the boys. Texting has been my go-to form of communication since having a new baby. It’s more to the point for a mom.

12PM Caleb and I eat lunch, which usually includes me sharing my lunch. I don’t remember the last time I had a meal to myself! I don’t know why food looks better when it’s on Mommy’s plate. Caleb and I spend the next couple of hours playing. His favorite thing to do is play golf; he has an indoor plastic set. So he hits golf balls and I chase them down. Then we color in his new Spider-Man coloring book.

2PM I nurse the baby again and get him back to sleep before I rock Caleb and get him down for his nap. Finally, it’s what I like to call Mommy’s sanity time. I get two hours to drink my coffee, watch a little TV and read a book. Most days it’s not a full two hours. I usually feed Joshua at some point in there, but if things go according to schedule I get some uninterrupted time to myself.

4PM Wade calls to say he is on his way home. Caleb wakes up, and I spend the next hour fixing Caleb a snack and feeding and changing the baby. Caleb gets a hold of my cell phone. He is usually good about playing games on it, but today he decides to pull up the address book and make some phone calls. I don’t know if anyone answered, so I send text messages apologizing to everyone I found on my call list.

5PM My husband gets home and has an hour before he has to leave again. He is going to the Rangers game with some friends. I encouraged him to go, since we haven’t been out much with friends lately. We let Caleb hold the baby using a Boppy, and he kisses the top of Joshua’s head, which of course melts my heart. At least he isn’t taking swings at him like the day before.

6PM My husband leaves, and I make Caleb and me some dinner. After we eat, Caleb is playing quietly with LEGOs and Joshua is asleep in his swing, so I decide to sweep and mop the kitchen. I feel pretty proud of myself, since those are my least favorite things to do. I start nursing Joshua and notice Caleb’s diaper is hanging on by a thread. I do not want what’s in that diaper to fall out, so I put Joshua down, hoping he doesn’t scream, so I can change Caleb.

7PM I am straightening up my room and decide to change Joshua’s diaper on my bed. I lay a blanket down, but apparently he wasn’t done going because he pees all over the bed. I finish changing Joshua, put him in his swing and start stripping the sheets off my bed. Caleb, my new little helper, climbs up and starts helping me get the sheets and pillowcases off the bed and into the laundry room.

10:30PM Wade gets home and rocks Caleb to sleep since he wouldn’t go to sleep until his Daddy got home. Caleb gets down an hour after his normal bedtime – not too bad.

11:45PM Joshua is nursed and asleep. Caleb has finally stopped using his crib as a trampoline and fallen asleep, and I lie down hoping to get a few hours of sleep.