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A Day in the Life of Brian Murnahan

Brian works in public relations for Chesapeake Energy in Fort Worth. He’s a single dad of two: Ainsley, 8, and Lucas, 7, who spend their weeks with him at their Arlington home. He and Ainsley are preparing to join a Girl Scout troop, and he supports his son's interest in Cub Scouts. He spends endless time on the sidelines of the soccer field, since both kids are active players.

5:45AM The Blackberry alarm goes off for the first time. After about four snoozes, I sit up and see Buckley, our new Pomeranian, ready to take me outside for my working wake-up.

6:30AM After flipping through some early morning emails on both home and work phones outside while Buckley inspects the back yard and drinks from the pool, we head back inside to get the morning started.

6:55AM Showered and dressed, I sit down on a bench at the end of my bed to slip on my shoes before heading upstairs to wake the kids.

7AM Lucas is awake but not moving, hoping I won’t wake him or simply seeing if he can fool me. He asks if I can pick out his clothes for him. I remind him of his Cub Scout raingutter regatta race tonight, and up he pops.

7:05AM I wake Ainsley, who says she’s stretching for the next several minutes until I come back in to push her out of bed. Her closet light is on, so I know at some point last night she got up and drew and colored before really getting to sleep.

7:15AM From the nook, I call up to let the kids know that breakfast is on the table – Cheerios with fresh blueberries. Lucas is first down. He plops down at the table and looks for the sugar. It takes another call upstairs before Ainsley makes her way down, still in her pajama bottoms but in a shirt she likes.

7:20AM As the kids eat, I make their school lunches – half a bologna sandwich for Ainsley and a jelly sandwich for Lucas along with grapes, Go-Gurt, cashews (Lucas gets a fruit snack, since he doesn’t like cashews) and a Capri Sun.

7:35AM I load the dishwasher, make sure the homework sheets are signed, and we’re off to school after encouraging my daughter to finish getting dressed.

7:55AM We arrive at school, where we wait our turn for the kids to get out. Lucas is out first and opens the door for his sister – a recent development learned at his mom’s – a nice surprise.

8:30AM I arrive in Fort Worth, where I work for Chesapeake Energy.

9AM The team sits down for a quick daily team project meeting.

9:57AM After some help from our intern, I send an email to provide a summary to local news concerning the business.

12:05PM A couple of us head off to lunch at Platform Grille, on the ground floor of the building. After picking up a BLT from the grill and a Sweet Leaf green tea, we have lunch watching the construction taking place on our patio, which is undergoing an expansion.

2:03PM After talking with a couple of field staff about their colleague, I prepare a story for our website on an award recipient.

6:24PM I pick up the kids from the Boys & Girls Club, stopping for dinner before driving straight to the Scout Hut on Mesquite in Arlington, where we participate in the raingutter regatta race.

6:45PM A Pack 68 volunteer and his son have already set up the raingutters, which I’d hoped to help with. Asked what the boat’s name is, Lucas responds “Blue,” in reference to its two-tone body color.

6:55PM I leave the kids with the den mother and run to a local drugstore to purchase paper towels as my contribution to snack for the pack. Lucas helps prepare fruit kebobs. Ainsley comes in to help the parents finish the skewers and downs the extra fruit afterward.

7:25PM Regatta racing begins. Lucas wins two of four challenges as he advances to the semifinals. He goes on to win two more races before missing the cut to the finals with his grandparents cheering him on.

8:30PM With the races over, the winner’s name is withheld until the next pack meeting in two weeks. Until then, it’s all speculation.

9PM The kids have one last snack and head off to bed with Ainsley talking about how much fruit she ate. She tells me she did her homework at Boys & Girls Club but that I need to initial her daily sheet. Lucas talks up his big wins and wants to pull out some markers to color on his regatta.

11:30PM After cleaning up a bit, grabbing a snack of my own and watching Stargate Atlantis on Netflix, I take Buckley out for a short walk around the court before heading to bed. Sometime much later in the night, Lucas joins me downstairs.

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