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A Day in the Life of Bethany Koehn

Bethany Koehn is a wife and homeschooling mom. She designs and crochets for her cottage business, Tiny Glow, and lives in Denton with her husband Brad and their two boys: Eli, 5 and Miles, 2.

5:30AM Alarm goes off. I sleepily snooze and drift back off into a deep sleep.

5:40AM Suddenly awoken by cries for mama. I jump up, sending my phone flying, and head next door to the kids' room.

5:45AM Miles, who was in need of some cuddles, is now tucked snuggly into our bed with Brad. I feel my way in the dark to the kitchen.

5:46AM Making coffee. We don't have a coffee maker; we use a teakettle and an AeroPress. The boys' room is right next to the kitchen; I'm halfway through my banana and the kettle whistle blows. I quickly turn the gas stove off. Quiet again and no one is awake.

5:50AM I sit down in my rocking chair in our living room. I sip my coffee, return a few emails and read my Bible. These solitary minutes sort of set the day right; without it, I feel a mess.

6:40AM Miles comes barreling into the living room with one eye still closed. We cuddle and rock, discussing the night's sleep, breakfast and the day.

7AM Negotiating breakfast. After requests for gum and gummies, Miles and I settle on toast with peanut butter and a bowl of blackberries. I go ahead and put toast in for Eli.

7:10AM Eli's awake. He's investigating a new book from the library. Miles is impatiently waiting for his toast.

7:20AM I put some music on — the boys' favorite playlist, Ben Kweller, is currently playing — and they happily eat their breakfast. I'm tucked in the kitchen, eating my breakfast, sipping the last drops of my coffee and washing dishes from last night. No dishwasher means washing dishes is a three-times-a-day activity.

7:50AM After minimal interruptions (including being coached in the fine art of stopping a soccer ball from Eli and being informed that The Shins were playing from Miles) the dishes are washed. Everyone is content. Getting myself dressed and ready for the day.

8AM After a slight meltdown and timeout for Eli, I am NOW getting dressed (and locking myself in the bathroom to do so).

8:10AM Dressed! After a quick phone chat with a good friend, it's time to get the boys dressed and teeth brushed. (A ritual activity before we start school time.)

8:30AM Daddy is awake and there is much rejoicing.

8:45AM Brad whisks off to work.

9AM School time. Reading, writing and math for Eli. I settle Miles in with a coloring book.

10:30AM Done with school. Happy day! Time to tidy up and do some house chores before lunch. Eli's chore for the morning is a "toy round up" (gathering all the toys that made it to the living room and hauling them back to the kid room). Hoping for no battles. Good background music usually helps.

11AM Toy round up: Done! Another little snack (pears all around!) to stave off grumbles and tide us over until lunch.

11:20AM My house chores. Time for laundry. The boys are painting letter pages with watercolor paints.

12PM Why is it that laundry is never done? Time to start lunch.

12:15PM Everyone is eating lunch together. It's so nice to sit for minute. We eat, read a few books and enjoy hanging out.

12:30PM The boys finish up lunch. Time for dishes and laundry again. Rainy day equals inside play day.

12:45PM Dishes, check. Laundry, however, was derailed by Miles and his quest to find the missing bouncy ball. Desperate times!

1:15PM After an impromptu session of Chase and Tickle, it's Miles' quiet time. He is in his room, where he will play for an hour or so, then hopefully sleep for two.

1:30PM Playtime with Eli. We play Memory, Charades and Spanish Bingo. I lose at all three.

2:20PM Eli's quiet time. I gather his snacks, books and turn on a book on CD to listen to. He stays in the dining room and does puzzles, draws and several other quiet activities.

2:30PM I sit down in my rocking chair and work on some crochet projects. I'm hopeful to finish a pair of women's slippers for an upcoming Christmas show.

3:15PM Miles is awake and not happy. He still needs to sleep. This means no more crocheting and rocking him until he's ready to wake up.

3:45PM Eli's quiet time is over. He takes care of his chore of sorting socks and it's time for 30 minutes of iPad learning. Miles is still sleeping.

4:15PM Miles is awake! A little snack and some milk. I put away the sorted socks and start dinner: chicken and barley with roasted sweet potatoes.

5PM Dinner is underway. I tidy up the house one last time before Brad gets home. The boys are having a dance party.

6PM Brad is home. The boys crawl all over him on his way to the dinner table. Time to eat.

6:45PM Dinner is done. Brad takes care of the boys' PJs and teeth, and they play while I clean up the dinner dishes.

7:30PM Bedtime. Singing, praying, hugging and goodnight!

7:40PM Sweep dining room and clean table and chairs.

8PM Pajamas and a lovely glass of wine with Brad.

9:30PM Goodnight!

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Published December 2013