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A Day in the Life of Ausa Faria

Ausa Faria and husband Larry live in Flower Mound with their two girls: Madison, 3, and Lauren, 8. Ausa works full-time as a senior executive administrator at Texas Instruments and enjoys freelance writing.

5:30AM Awake and find myself sandwiched between both of our girls in our bed. I turn to kiss them on their cheeks and then power up both of my cell phones and quickly scan for urgent emails. I close my eyes, telling myself I’ll get up soon.

6AM I’m awake, and I brush my teeth. Hubby’s iPhone alarm has the most annoying sound. I tell him to get up. I’m not very patient right now.

6:30AM Hubby and I are getting ready for work in our bathroom – our only quiet time from the girls. He tells me he’s only had three hours of sleep (he was in our home office working late on another project). I tell him that I need to leave the house early so he’ll have to get our youngest ready for day care solo, and remind him that he has a parent-teacher conference for our 8-year-old later this morning. He’ll work from home until the parent-teacher conference and then go straight to work.

6:45AM Lauren still hasn’t gotten up, so Larry nudges her. I tell her to get up so she doesn’t miss the bus.

7AM I turn the TV on for Madi, who is smiling because she’s been caught sucking her thumb again. Larry and Lauren are in a rush down the stairs so they can walk to the bus stop together. He takes our dog Precious out the door for her morning walk while escorting Lauren to the bus stop.

7:05AM I hear the bus screech to a halt and know that Lauren has boarded. I kiss Madi goodbye and tell her I will see her after school. She says, “Goodbye, Mommy. I love you – you are so funny.” I kiss her cheek and underarm and she giggles in delight. I am a bit panicked when I pick up my laptop bag. My laptop isn’t there. I hope that I left it docked at my work desk.

7:15AM I am pleasantly surprised that traffic is lighter than the day before. But I also realize I’m leaving a few minutes earlier today. I laugh while listening to my favorite morning show, Kidd Kraddick in the Morning.

7:30AM I debate whether to jump off the freeway and grab a yummy Starbucks salted caramel mocha drink. My thighs thank me that I was strong enough to resist.

8AM Arrive in the Texas Instruments parking lot grateful that traffic wasn’t too brutal. I check the backseat of my car for my laptop, just in case.

8:15AM I’m finally at my desk. It’s always a long walk from the parking lot and up two flights of steep stairs. I’m relieved to see my laptop still docked. I greet one of our executives, and we have a good laugh. I feel so blessed to work with such great people.

8:30AM Catch up on emails, make my to-do list and start working.

10AM I call one of my peers to confirm she’ll be attending Zumba. A group of us just joined our work gym a week ago for support and to help keep us accountable on our workouts.

10:30AM Trying to meet my deadline before leaving my desk for the gym. I have a couple people coming by my desk to pick up their United Way T-shirts. We have our company-wide United Way campaign kickoff on Monday, and I’m on the leadership committee.

11AM Leave TI campus for the Texins Activity Center for Zumba.

12:15PM I’m drenched in sweat, and my shoulder hurts. Great class, but boy was it tough. I go back to my locker and check my work BlackBerry. I have one missed message from my boss.

12:30PM My work peer meets me at Subway and pays for my lunch (my birthday is in two more days). It’s the first time we’ve been able to talk in months, though her office is located down the hall from me.

1:30PM Back at my desk, and the halls are empty. Either people are taking a lengthy lunch or they decided to work the rest of the day from home.

2PM The hubby calls me and gives me the details on Lauren’s progress. She’s more confident, doing much better in reading and in math. I probe for more info, but he tells me the meeting only lasted 10 minutes.

2:15PM Eager to get home. It’s been a long week, and I would like to catch up on my reading. My daughter and I checked out several books at the Lewisville Public Library. I try calling my parents, who live in California, but get their voicemail.

3PM Trying to prepare myself for an early work meeting with my boss on Monday morning.

5PM Finally leave work while entertaining thoughts of a yummy Starbucks salted caramel drink. Traffic while merging on state Highway 121 is unbelievably aggravating.

6PM Pull into Starbucks and rent two DVDs before picking up Lauren from the school’s after-school program. I’m excited that my birthday weekend has arrived. We are heading to American Girl for breakfast, and then the hubby and I will be taking a 30-minute aerial tour in a Cessna the next day.

6:30PM Lauren and I are at the nail salon as her reward for getting straight A’s and for a wonderful report from the parent-teacher conference.

7:30PM Hubby has our toddler, and we decide to meet at Agave Azul for dinner. The place is packed, and while we wait for a table I regret not having dinner at home. We run into a few of Lauren’s friends and talk to their parents.

8PM We are finally eating dinner and realize how fun yet busy this restaurant is on a Friday night. We feel kind of hip for once!

8:30PM Madi sits on my lap and is sleepy. We hurry up and finish our food.

8:45PM We walk across the parking lot to Kroger and decide to grocery-shop before the weekend begins.

10PM Overwhelmed by how long it took us to finish our shopping, we all decide to go to sleep.