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A Day in the Life of Ashley Akins

Ashley Akins is a single mom. She lives in the Dallas area with her 3-year-old son Briton. She works fulltime at The Campbell Agency as the fashion and art coordinator, working with the adult models and talent.

6:22AM My alarm goes off. I always set it at a number that ends in “2” – strange, I know. After a five-minute snooze, I'm up and in the shower.

7:10AM I hear a knock at my bathroom door. “One, two, three eyes on me!” he says. He’s learned so much at preschool. I scoop him up, get him cozy in my bed and turn on a show. Lately, all he'll watch is Team Umizoomi or Blue’s Clues. Team Umizoomi it is this morning. Thank goodness for the DVR. We practically have every single episode recorded.

7:45AM Breakfast for my little guy. Toast and juice is all he wants. Easy this morning, thank goodness. While he eats, I get his lunch together for preschool. He requests yogurt, apple slices with peanut butter and Angry Birds Cheese Nips. I get it together and cut up other fruit for the fruit smoothie I know he’ll ask for this evening.

8AM Brit plays with his new Cookie Monster counting game. He loves this thing. I finish getting ready for work.

8:30AM I'm dressed and ready. Now it’s time to dress Brit for preschool. I always lay out his outfit the night before to make it easy.

9AM I drop him off at preschool and get to work at the agency.

2:05PM I get a call from my mom (“Bella” to the grandbabies), who picks up Brit from school, and she tells me he had a great day and that he's been singing “Jesus Loves the Little Children” all the way home. She called because she knew I'd be calling any second to check on him. I usually can’t wait until I get home to hear how his day went.

5:30PM Off work. Time to get home and see my guy.

6:15PM Finally home after the lovely traffic. I walk in the door and immediately change into workout clothes. If I sit, I won't do it. The entire time I’m getting my tennis shoes on, Brit is asking me if I'm getting on the “tweadmill.” I tell him yes at least 10 times.

6:20PM I know he’s probably ready for dinner, but I really want to get my workout over with. I quickly make him a fruit smoothie with the fruit I cut this morning to hold him over. I use an apple, orange, banana, frozen strawberries and yogurt, and I sneak in some spinach. He loves it.

6:25PM I get on the treadmill with my audience (Brit) watching the entire time, while he slurps on his smoothie. He likes to be in there watching me; I think he's really studying how that thing works.

7PM I hop off and get this boy some dinner. I mean watching me work out had to have worked up his appetite. I ask him what he wants to eat. “Pizza, pwease!” Shocker. It’s his favorite thing to eat lately.

7:20PM Ding! Pizza's ready, and we sit down and eat. During dinner is always when I ask him 100 questions about his day. We’ll go over what he ate at lunch or what he did in Stretch-n-Grow. This is when I so wish I could be a fly on the wall when he’s at school. I’d love to see him in action throughout the day.

7:55PM Bath time for B. He's totally not in the mood, but I coerce him with a sugar-free Popsicle to eat while he splishes and splashes. The boy loves a Popsicle.

8:10PM Out of the bath. He gets dried off, jammies on and teeth brushed … time for bed.

8:20PM Brit is in bed. I get him comfy and cozy and let him watch a couple of YouTube Play-Doh videos on his iPad. He loves Play-Doh right now.

8:30PM I tell Brit it’s time for bed. We say a prayer, and I give him a kiss goodnight. Time for me to take a bath, get ready for bed and relax.

8:50PM Out of the bath. I put on my pajamas, put my hair in a bun on top of my head (because I’m too tired to dry it now) and brush my teeth. Time to get in bed, relax and watch a show.

9PM In bed and it feels so nice. Time to catch an episode of The Real Housewives of Miami.

9:45PM Show is over. I turn off the TV to go to sleep and get ready to do it all over again the next day.

Diaries are penned by moms (and dads) in the Dallas area. The authors volunteer to share a day of their choosing and are not paid or endorsed by DallasChild. Send your diary to editorial@dfwchild.comAll submissions are subject to editing and may be cut for space.

Published January 2014