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A Day in the life of Amy Wehr

Amy Wehr has been married to her husband Jeffrey for 10 years. They live in Frisco with their two children: Jordan, 8 and Collin, 3. Amy works as a data management analyst for PepsiCo and independent creative leader with Initials, Inc. She also chairs two committees at her daughter’s elementary school and is co-leader of her daughter’s Girl Scout Troop.

5:30AM Roll over to see I have 30 more minutes. Don’t start thinking about the day. Don’t start thinking about the day. Three more days until meet and greet. Is everything ready? Work will be crazy today; it’s Monday. Did I submit that Girl Scout transfer paperwork? Stop thinking. Stop thinking.

6AM Time to get up and shower. The house is quiet. This is the only time in the morning that it is. Get my first cup of coffee and check my Initials, Inc. business email. Answer any follow-ups and post to Facebook. Prep the crockpot; it’s a long day and something has to be easy today. Pack Jordan’s lunch and write her a quick note.

6:45AM Everyone is waking up. Jordan can dress herself and get her breakfast. Collin chooses which polo uniform color he wants for the day. Red it is. (My favorite color.) Collin wants his typical breakfast of waffles and organic chocolate milk. Jeffrey helps get Collin’s shoes on and makes sure that his bag is packed for preschool.

7:20AM Out the door. Must get in the elementary drop-off carline quickly or we’ll be there all morning. Jordan and Collin argue about which CD we should listen to; Collin wins. Collin tells “Judy Bug” to have a good day. I remind Jordan to drink her milk at lunch and that she has soccer practice today. Collin wants me to play number 27 “Firetruck, Firetruck” again.

7:45AM Drop Collin off at Primrose. We’ve been at this same school for more than eight years. He wants more breakfast. It’s hard to keep this 3-year-old fed, hence the nickname Moose. Have the same speech of “no accidents today, keep your hands to yourself and don’t kick.” He gives me the biggest, wettest kiss … love that boy!

8AM Visit drive-through at Starbucks. They know me by name, but I always change up my drink, which throws them off.

8:15AM Make it to work. Check how many meetings I have today and what emails came through over the weekend. Listen on mute to the Initials, Inc. Monday leader call during my work planning for the day. Multitasking at its best. The morning is pretty light, but this afternoon is full of meetings.

9AM One of my business girls just texted that she had a successful style show Sunday night. Woo-hoo! Love to hear women growing their businesses.

10AM Time for a diet soda; caffeine is my downfall. Finally through 25 emails since Friday afternoon, along with about half a dozen instant messages. While trying to read them, I get a call from our alarm point system telling me we have a data issue in Florida. Better hurry and go get that diet soda.

11:15AM Jeffrey texts to see if I can do a quick lunch between his customer meetings. Too bad all my meetings start at noon. It’s always nice to go to a meal minus the kiddos. Maybe tomorrow. Wait, he leaves town tomorrow!

11:45AM Better grab lunch before meetings. Soup, hummus and diet soda it is. Try to check any business emails before my meetings. Text the PTA president to tell her everything is ready for meet-and-greet with the parents at the elementary school. Three hundred packets stuffed and everyone should be on time for setup.

12PM The start of back-to-back data meetings. The first is with the Canada team. Love their accents! Multitask and send out notes from my Friday data meetings and set up follow-up meetings.

2PM Time to meet with account receivables and address their data needs. I need another soda, maybe a latte from the downstairs barista. I really should pack healthier snacks and drinks for the office.

3PM Call Jordan who’s at home with Jeffrey for the afternoon to see how her day was. No homework this week. Woo hoo! Run to the next meeting; my computer battery is about to die soon.

4.30PM Better make sure the Florida data issue is under control before I leave today.  Pack up my laptop; I’ll have to work tonight after the kids are in bed. It’s worth it to see Jordan at soccer practice.

5PM Pick up Collin from Primrose. He gives the best hugs! Meet Jeffrey and Jordan at soccer practice. Check emails while watching Collin play on the playground and Jordan practice.

7PM Time for dinner. Thank goodness for crockpots. Thanks to Pinterest, I’ve finally mastered the pot roast with veggies. Collin just wants veggies, fruit and yogurt. We make him try at least one piece of meat; he needs to try new things. Ask Jordan the same two questions I ask at every meal: who she sat with at lunch and played with at recess. I always like to know the children she keeps company with at school. It’s always the same: Faith and Caylen. They made up dance moves at recess.

7:30PM Quick showers for the kids and some playtime before bedtime. Jeff puts Collin to bed and I get Jordan. Each like a story, Cars for Collin and Where in the World for Jordan. Say our prayers and lights out. Visit with Jeffrey about his day. He travels 50 percent of the time, so I have to get my time in when I can.

8:10PM Follow-up on any emails that I missed while leaving early for soccer. Make a list of things to conquer when I get to the office tomorrow and start some email drafts. Wait … better get a run in.

9:20PM Shower and read the email my co-leader sent me for this year’s Brownie Girl Scout Troop schedule. She helps keep all of our activities straight. We take turns planning the meetings, but she’s great at keeping us on track. Print the flyers for the first meeting. Start looking at the badges I’m in charge of this year. Wonder what educational field trips we should take this year?

9.50PM Facebook Initials, Inc. Team Page has lots of posts and questions, so I need to assist others growing their business. Email team members about upcoming training this week and how we’re doing this month. Confirm reservations with the restaurant tomorrow for the iMeet. Pack for the meeting tomorrow night, print training sheets, assemble fun giveaways and confirm creative partner attendance. Did I get a babysitter since Jeff is gone tomorrow night?

10:30PM Finally in bed; Jeff is watching sports updates. Read the news for the day. Check Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest (my three amigos). Print a new crockpot recipe. Read some to relax.

11:45PM I might be asleep by now. Don’t stating thinking about tomorrow. Don’t start thinking about tomorrow. Did I turn off the crockpot? I always forget to do that … 

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Published December 2013