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A Day in the Life of Amy Motamed

Amy Motamed is a medical student and mother to Yael, who is almost 23 months old. Husband Massoud is finishing up his Ph.D. in biochemistry at UT Southwestern. Native Dallasites, they currently live in town off of Knox-Henderson.

5:30AM Wake up. I’ve always been an early bird, but surprisingly Massoud is up too, packing for an upcoming trip. Go downstairs; make breakfast (and coffee!) for both of us. We try to use this time in the morning before Yael gets up to spend time together and talk about our upcoming day.

6:20AM “Dada? Dada?” Yael is awake. She always calls Massoud’s name first in the mornings because he comes to her rescue faster than I do. She’s so small, but she already has him wrapped around her little fingers.

6:30AM Yael gets breakfast with us (waffles, peanut butter and bananas), and then cries as Massoud leaves for work. I assure her that he’s coming home tonight and we move on to blowing bubbles.

7:00AM Read Oliver for the gazillionth time with Yael and her entourage of animals. She attempts to put two stuffed cats, a stuffed dog and her doll in the chair with us while reading. We settle in somehow, but then she realizes that she doesn’t have her blanket, so she goes to get that. But then she gets distracted by her toy train, so the animals will have to wait …

8:00AM Get Yael ready for the day. This task used to take me five minutes tops, but now, whenever I start trying to dress her, she wants to do it herself, which can add a lot of time, but it’s great getting to see her blossoming sense of independence.

8:30AM Go pick up some dry cleaning for our upcoming interviews. Massoud is currently completing his Ph.D. and applying to medical school, and I’m finishing medical school and applying for residency programs, so we’re keeping our dry cleaner in business!

9:00AM Drop off Yael at Temple Emanu-El for school. We’ve been here for more than a year now, and it’s great! Attend parent association and room moms meetings. Since I split my fourth year of medical school over two years, I’m free to be a mom for the next four months and totally love the extra time to be involved with her.

12:00PM Get home and check my e-mail. Hooray! I have another interview for a residency program, and this one is at a school Massoud is really interested in attending following his recent interview.

1:00PM Laundry, study for upcoming board exam, eat lunch.

1:30PM Go for a quick run on the Katy Trail, hoping it’s not too cold at this time of the day. I somehow manage to survive this time.

2:15PM More studying … my upcoming board exam involves interviewing standardized patients, so it’s sort of hard to prepare for alone, but I do my best. This is it for exams until I’m done with medical school though, so I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

3:00PM Time to pick up Yael from school; she had a great day and says “bye-bye” to everyone on the way out.

3:15PM Go grocery shopping; we’re out of virtually everything once again. Yael likes looking at the balloons and eating cookies from the bakery. Though I know that this will most likely ruin her dinner, the need for sanity and a peaceful shopping experience trumps healthiness this time.

4:00PM Time to hit the park. Fortunately, we live close enough to the park that we can get there on foot, though we usually take Yael’s blue buggy, which has a big “trunk” that I can put juice and diapers in just in case. Great! Yael’s one and only blue swing is open. There are tons of swings here, but she’s developing a strong sense of likes and dislikes early on.

5:15PM Massoud gets home. We decide to go out to dinner since he’s going to be gone for a while, so we try Fuddruckers, which turns out to be kid friendly, and is conveniently located next to Baskin-Robbins, which I visit for a scoop of “flavor of the day” ice cream on the way home.

7:00PM Bath time for Yael and her duck, affectionately known in our house as “Quack Quack.” She enjoys splashing in the water and making a big mess, pointing out the bubbles that all of the splashing creates.

7:20PM After a few rounds of Old MacDonald and The Itsy Bitsy Spider, it’s off to bed for Yael. I brush her teeth, and then she brushes her stuffed cat’s teeth, who she shares a crib with, along with her other stuffed cat. Did I mention that she loves animals?

7:30PM Read, catch up on the day and talk with Massoud. Discuss our future residency/medical school prospects and talk about how Yael is getting so big so fast! Parenthood has been great thus far, and we feel fortunate to have her in our lives.

10:00PM Bedtime! Today was a great day, I love being a mommy …