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A Day in the Life of Amy Moore

Amy Moore lives in Fort Worth and is general manager for the travel blog everything-everywhere.com. She homeschools her daughter Claire, 6, and has a 4-year-old son named Luke. Her husband is a pilot and is typically gone four days a week. 

6:30AM I wake up and quietly go downstairs to eat breakfast and to get email out of the way before the children wake up. Because I work with people all over the world, the amount of email I get overnight is substantial.

8AM I head back upstairs to wake up the children and to get them dressed and ready for the day. This involves me telling my daughter to get dressed once and my son specific details again and again until he actually does what he needs to do. It seems like I say “put your pants on” 20 times before it actually happens.

8:30AM I sit them down for breakfast while I get everything gathered together that we’ll need to take with them. I also pack the lunch for Luke I compiled the night before. He informs me he no longer likes pretzels. While I know that will probably change again tomorrow, I throw them into my daughter's bag for a snack and substitute a container of yogurt.

8:45AM We finally get in the car and get buckled up. I put in a CD of kid songs, and the children sing happily to a song about bees.

8:55AM I walk Luke into our church preschool, which he attends each Tuesday and Thursday. He runs to his class happy and begins playing with his little friends. I have to remind him to say hello to his teacher.

9:05AM Down to just Claire and me in the car. We begin driving to her first class, and I pop in a CD of “Geography Music.” They are catchy little songs about places, and I know the “Countries of the former U.S.S.R.” song will be stuck in my head all day.

9:35AM We get to Claire's class site early, so I have her read a few beginning reader books to me. She's getting better, and I make a mental note to buy her the next higher set when I get a chance.

10AM Claire's homeschool gymnastics class begins. She has classes every Tuesday and enjoys them a lot. I slip out to the waiting area, turn on my Wi-Fi Internet router and work some more. Even though I look up and try to catch Claire in action often, I get quite a bit done in these two hours. I do a lot of work on social media sites, and normally it’s easy to get distracted. But knowing exactly how long I have to work today keeps me on track.

12PM Claire and I drive toward her next class site but stop for lunch at a restaurant. We eat quickly but still manage to have a discussion about princesses and unicorns.

1PM I walk Claire to her class. It is a kindergarten class for homeschoolers, and it meets Tuesdays and Thursdays. She enjoys having her school friends to play with. I work on planning an upcoming family trip.

2:30PM Claire and I rush back to get Luke from his school. She wants to stop for a drink on the way. Usually I say no, but today I relent because a limeade sounds like a really great idea.

3PM I pick up Luke, and he has lots of paintings to show me. I gush over them and promise to put one on the refrigerator.

3:05PM We're finally back home, and the kids rush outside to play for a bit while I sort the mail and pay bills online.

4PM The kids come back in and head upstairs to watch Phineas and Ferb. I sit down to my laptop and answer more email.

5PM I start cooking dinner. I have Claire prepare the green beans, which she enjoys. Luke runs away before I can put him to work. I hear him having an epic battle between his superheroes and villains in the playroom. Claire prepares the glasses of water and sets them around, then runs away to play until the chicken is finished cooking in the oven. I survey the pantry and make a list for the grocery store tomorrow.

6:15PM We leave the TV on during dinner and watch a nature show about ducks. It’s more interesting than it sounds.

7PM My husband calls to talk to me and the kids. He won't be home for another couple of nights, so the kids tell him about their day and they tell him goodnight. He's on East Coast time and has an early flight in the morning, so he'll be going to sleep after we hang up.

7:15PM We go for a quick walk around the neighborhood. Usually the kids take their bikes or roller skates, but tonight we’re all on foot. I am glad we live in a neighborhood that has sidewalks.

8:15PM The kids get in bed, and I set up with the laptop in the hallway upstairs. They sleep in bunk beds in a shared room, and tonight they have a hard time staying quiet. I have to shush them several times before I hear snoring start.

8:45PM I go downstairs, turn the television on. I watch a couple shows while doing the dishes, cleaning the kitchen and doing the laundry. I throw out all of Luke's pictures he brought home except the one on the refrigerator, making sure they aren't visible.

10:25PM I check my email for the last time, double-check that the doors are locked and head to bed.