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A Day in the Life of Amy Baggett

Amy Baggett is a stay-at-home mom adjusting to life with both of her children in school. She is a speaker to local MOPS groups and lives in Richardson with her husband, Steve, an attorney, along with their two girls, Lauren, 8, and Brooke, 5.

6:50AM Poke in contact lenses. Dress for the gym. I’ve have been drifting in and out of sleep for the last hour—this should make for a hazy Monday!

7AM Help crying 5-year-old Brooke get dressed for kindergarten. Bring her a granola bar to eat in bed (maybe after a little food she’ll be a little less grouchy). Fix grumpy 8-year-old Lauren’s hair.

7:25AM Give the 5-minute call for the girls to put on their socks and shoes. I remember that I haven’t fixed Brooke’s grilled cheese for lunch yet.  

7:30AM Pack a soggy grilled cheese into Brooke’s lunch bag. Steve and Brooke walk to school. Lauren and I jump in the car and head to her school across town.

7:45AM Drop Lauren at school. She runs in as the tardy bells rings. Late slip? Maybe. (Whoops!)

7:50AM Breakfast time and e-mail at the kitchen table. I’m waiting on an e-mail response from a friend about an upcoming writing project—it’s so hard to be patient sometimes. I read Isaiah 26 and plan my day, ignoring the half-done grocery list.  

9:15AM Break down and call the friend I’m waiting to hear from. She puts her daughter on the line. Is she avoiding me? Hmmm ….

9:50AM Head to my trainer Joseph’s Monday morning whipping-of-a-workout, although I’m not really in the mood.

12PM Lunch with Steve consists of mushroom soup and crackers for him. For me: a sandwich, leftover potatoes and a tiny bowl of ice cream (don’t tell the girls). I’m glad, as usual, that I worked out.

12:30PM My friend calls about the writing project and we have a nice heart-to-heart. I start revising my plans (which includes lots of chicken-scratch notes on an old scrap of paper). I head to the computer and translate the notes onto a readable, digital document.

2:45PM Walk Brooke home from school. Lauren arrives home about the same time thanks to carpool. I hand out squeezable yogurt and fruit cups for snack, make the pizza dough for dinner and run a full load of dirty dishes in the dishwasher. The girls play nicely and do homework.

3:40PM Read Judy Moody to Brooke. Struggle to keep my eyes open when she reads Charlie and Lola to me. We snuggle on the couch and I’m grateful that she’s content reading books rather than watching TV.

4PM Play “guess that chord” with Brooke for her guitar practice. Fold a load of laundry and put another one in. Clean Brooke’s mud-caked soccer shoes for tomorrow—a chore repeated about a billion times a month!

5PM Punch down risen pizza dough, top with leftover cheese and pepperoni, then bake for 12 minutes at 425 degrees. Pizza is such an easy, go-to dinner for our family. Pick up the remainder of art projects from the kitchen table.

5:30PM Dinner. Everyone is happy on pizza night—no leftovers! I add a side salad to our place settings and it looks like I’m the only one who took the bait. Oh well, I tried to sneak in the green-and-leafy nutrients!

6PM Fold and put away another load of laundry and then clean the kitchen from dinner.  I notice a spot on the rug and take care of that too. Ask the girls to take a moment and put the toys away in the living room. (I fail to mention that Mommy tripped over these toys this morning … thanks, darlings!). The girls oblige and then they head upstairs to take baths.  

6:50PM Aunt Rosie calls. We talk about my dad and how much we miss him. It’s phone calls like these that make me wish my extended family lived closer to each other.

7:30PM Put Brooke to bed. Cuddle with Lauren and watch Property Virgins on HGTV—her choice. Love this girl.

7:58PM Brooke reappears, gets her extra kisses and is sent back to bed.

8PM Lauren sets a new world endurance record for time spent brushing teeth.

8:10PM Finish my grocery list, finally. Realize I’m still in my workout clothes from this morning. Go to the store anyway.

9:01PM Spend $89 at two stores. Not too bad, really. Put everything away, snack on graham crackers and tea. Watch football with Steve.

10PM Shower and lie in bed, listening to the end of the game. Review list for tomorrow: Attend parent-teacher conference, pick up the trash bags and milk I forgot at the grocery store … ZZZ.