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A Day in the Life of Amie Trahan

5:45AM Hear Kate coming into my room followed by The Baumer (our border collie/lab mutt). I hand her my phone, as she is still dazzled by the lights and buttons. Roll over to see that Bruce has once again gotten in bed with me sometime in the middle of the night.

5:55AM Get forced out of bed by Kate to be led into the kitchen and to the fridge, where she picks out her breakfast. Switch on coffee pot.

6:00AM Drink coffee while fixing egg whites and oatmeal for myself. Pack Bruce’s breakfast and extra snacks for school. Hear Bruce snoring.

6:20AM Take Kate to my bathroom to play while I shower.

6:25AM Get out of shower to find Kate on top of the sink and Bruce sitting Indian style on the floor wearing my robe.

6:35AM Make-up and hair while stepping over Kate.

6:55AM Spongebob is on the TV with Bruce now on the couch fully dressed. Dress Kate.

7:15AM Bruce feeds dog, turns off TV, shuts off lights while I get dressed.

7:30AM Everyone’s buckled and we’re on the road to daycare.

7:50AM Arrive at daycare. Get everyone out, haul in all children and all child equipment.

8:05AM Arrive at work. Say my hellos, turn on my computer. Check boss’s calendar; pull any files she may need for meetings. Open e-mails to get a sense of the mood of the day.

8:15AM Go to colleague’s office for fresh coffee.

8:25AM Back in my chair. Boss calls and asks me to deliver several messages to various directors and managers. Continue morning answering e-mails and tackling my to-do list.

10AM Finalize agenda for weekly leadership team meeting. Distribute to team.

11AM Leadership team meeting.

1PM Lunch at my desk.

2PM Meet with colleague to schedule project reviews by my boss.

4PM Get phone call from kids’ dad saying he’s on his way home and could he stop by and see the kids tonight? Of course he can, because he’s good like that.

5PM Tell boss goodbye, remind her of her luncheon tomorrow so she will wear dress shoes and mascara.

5:15PM Arrive at daycare. Go to Kate’s class, where she runs to me and jumps into my arms. Lots of kissing. Gather her things and head to get Bruce.

5:20PM Kate insists on getting water from the fountain, as is her tradition each evening. Clean up spill of water on floor and refill cup one-fourth of the way.

5:25PM Kids run to the front door and outside.

5:30PM On the road to home. Check my phone to get text messages missed in the last 10 minutes before I put truck in gear. Start the movie for the kids. Zone out.

6:05PM Walk into house (don’t ask why this takes 15 minutes)

6:10PM Start dinner, change clothes while stepping over Kate and having Bruce call me to the computer to show me something—five different times.

6:20PM Feed The Baumer.

6:30PM Dinner is ready! They beat me to the table.

6:40PM “All done!”

6:45PM Bathtime. Kate is in the tub. I get her washed and call in Bruce.

6:50PM Bruce is in the tub, Kate is out. Bargain with Kate to let me brush her teeth. Tell Bruce to wash up and get out.

6:55PM Jason, their dad, knocks on the door. Dog freaks out. Bruce runs to let him in.

7PM Kids play with their dad in the living room. He helps me get the kids to bed.

7:45PM I go into listen to the last story with dad and Bruce. Kiss Bruce goodnight.

8PM Walk dad to the door and tell him goodnight.

8:15PM Put on pajamas, pour glass of wine, start load of laundry, pack my lunch for tomorrow and clean up the rest of the kitchen.

8:30PM Meet Bruce in the hallway and tell him to go back to bed. Walk him back to bed and pat his back for a few minutes. Hear Kate snoring.

8:45PM Pick up living room. Find glass of wine. Sit on couch with remote and cell phone. Check Facebook via phone and text some friends.

9:30PM Switch laundry. Check the weather for tomorrow and pick out clothes for work. Pack the kids’ bag to leave at school tomorrow for their three-day stay at dad’s. Set all gear by the back door for the morning.

9:45PM Brush teeth. Wash face. Check phone. Grab book that I won’t read and get into bed.

10:32PM Fall asleep.