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A Day in the Life of Amber Autery

Amber Autery is a customer service representative for Phase II Window Coverings in Plano. She lives in Richardson with her husband of seven years, Dustin, and their 3-year old daughter Adeline.

5:45AM Snooze.

6AM Snooze.

6:15AM Snooze, but start having a conversation with myself about just how clean my body and hair are and whether or not I can get away with one more day of not showering. If it means 15 more minutes of sleep, how dirty can I really be?

6:30AM All right, I’m up. I have 30 minutes to get myself ready for work, get my coffee, get my things together, get Adeline’s juice and cereal for the eight-minute drive to day care ready, and get some sort of chicken meal going in the Crock-Pot for dinner tonight.

7AM I enter Adeline’s room with as pleasant a “Good morning, Sunshine!” as I can manage (with one eye still slightly stuck shut) and get my sleepy-faced baby ready for school. Adeline is not a morning person. So I spend the next 10 minutes pretending her socks are hungry monsters looking for some tootsies to eat to get that girl to crack a smile. Clothes on: check. Hair did: check. Trip to the potty: check.

7:10AM We go back into our bedroom to wake a still-sleeping Daddy (don’t even get me started on the fact that he doesn’t have to be at work until 9am) and say goodbye with a hug, kiss and the most important high-five of his day.

7:13AM Locked and loaded and on the road to day care. We look for school buses, sing songs and play our new favorite game of “No, you go to work and I go to school.” (Listen, I’ve only had a couple of sips of coffee at this point. Don’t judge.)

7:19AM We pull into day care. This marks the saddest part of my day. I hate leaving my child in someone else’s care all day long. Fortunately, I have been blessed with a child who just rolls with the punches. She’s ready to send me off with a hug, kiss and a high-five of my very own, with a smile on her face as if to say, “It’s cool, Mommy. I got this.”

7:24AM Now it’s my turn to sit in traffic as I head west to Plano. I drink my coffee and listen to “The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show.” This 20 minutes, coupled with my 30-minute drive back to day care at the end of the day, marks the only time I will have all to myself all day.

7:50AM I roll into work, fire up the computer and check Facebook one final time before 8am hits.

5PM The workday is done and now it’s time to go get my girl.

5:30PM Every time I walk into her classroom I get the biggest “Mommy! You came back!” followed by one of those running-into-your-arms, melt-your-heart, make-you-regret-ever-leaving-her-ever hugs. Now that we are full-blown potty training, a discussion with her teachers follows about how well she did that day. “Did she make brown in the potty?” You know, the really glamorous topics moms deal with on a daily basis. I get her bundled up and gather up all her artwork. So. Much. Artwork.

5:50PM After a fun car ride home, full of questions about her day, fruit snacks and our new favorite songs, we walk in the door. This is the part where Adeline gets to watch her movie of choice with a snack, while I run around the house like an idiot, finishing up laundry, loading and unloading the dishwasher, making whatever sides are going to accompany the Crock-Pot dish, getting Adeline’s clothes picked out for the next day and, mercifully, finding the chance to change out of my work clothes. Again thanks to potty training, all of this is interrupted with about 27 potty breaks.

6:15PM Dustin gets home from work and it’s a whirlwind the minute he hits the back door. Stuff down, Adeline up and away they go playing drums or guitars or ’puters while I now have a few minutes to finish up all the horrible, awful, grown-up, mom stuff I’m doing, so we can all sit down to dinner at a decent hour.

7:30PM Bath time. This is one of my favorite routines with Adeline. It’s where we giggle, make up new games and make a huge mess with bubbles. Sometimes, Daddy gets called in to join the fun or look at what a silly bubble mess Adeline has on her head. But tonight, it’s “just us girls.” Bath is followed by all the typical bedtime stuff: jammies, brushing teeth, reading some books and sitting in Daddy’s lap looking at the big ’puter to wind down our day.

8:30PM Bedtime. Adeline turns on her humidifier, her Sleep Sheep (this thing is still one of the best gifts we ever got) and her ladybug night light Once she’s all tucked in, Dustin and I sing her three songs to sleep. Then it’s a round of kisses from Daddy before he leaves the room. This is the best part of my day, when I get to lean over her and cover her sleepy head with “quiet kisses” and tell her just how much I love her.

8:45PM Wine Mommy time. (Just kidding.) I finish up the dishes from dinner and get myself organized for tomorrow. I call it “hitting my reset button.” With any luck, there will be time left over for me to catch up on some Hulu Plus or maybe watch a movie with Dustin … but I end up stalking my friends and their cute babies on Facebook and then heading to bed. Before I turn off my nightstand lamp, I look at Adeline on the monitor and whisper, “Good night, sweet baby.” And then I say a quick prayer to grant me the strength to get up and do it all over again tomorrow.

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