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A Day in the Life of Allison Harrison

Allison is the mother of 5-year old Dylan and 20-month old Zoe. She is married to Scott, a chemical engineer. She works for Vault Denim as an independent sales representative. The Harrison family lives in Coppell.

6:15AM Alarm goes off at 6:15 but I hit snooze twice and end up getting out of bed by 6:30. I drag myself into the kitchen and make myself a cup of coffee so I can function properly. The house is peaceful and quiet for a brief moment until the silence is broken by Dylan’s loud, obnoxious alarm, which he somehow sleeps through but I can hear all the way in the kitchen . . . funny how that works. I go upstairs and finally convince him to come down for breakfast. I have about 15 minutes until Zoe wakes up, so Dylan and I get to have breakfast together, just the two of us. 


7:25AM Put Zoe in the stroller with her “ba ba” and some biscotti, which she calls cookies and is her new favorite breakfast food. We’re out the door to Town Center Elementary to drop off Dylan at kindergarten.

8:00AM Get Zoe dressed for her MDO program. I love Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays because both kids are in school and I have time to run errands without them in tow. Isn’t it sad when you look forward to grocery shopping?

9:00AM  Drop Zoe off at her school—she loves every minute of it. Off I go to the store since we have eaten our shelves bare. Pick up a quick dinner since Dylan has basketball practice tonight right in the middle of our normal dinner hour. I will be serving pizza, take it or leave it.

11:00AM Make coffee cup #3 and a snack, then sit down to check my email. Send out an evite with the location of our next ECPTA Mom’s Night Out dinner that I coordinate every month. I so look forward to that night when I get to have a delicious dinner with a big glass of wine while chatting with some good friends.

11:30AM Run to Frisco to pick up the Vault Denim Jeans because I have friends and neighbors who want new jeans. I absolutely love being an independent sales rep for Vault Denim, but it does require a lot of driving some days. I won’t have time to drop off the jeans at home since it’s 12:30 and I need to pick up Zoe so she can take a nap.

1:00PM Zoe is peacefully asleep in her bed and I have time to take inventory of the jeans before I have my regular buyers stop by to make their purchases. 

2:45PM Zoe wakes up just as my neighbor knocks on the door so we can walk together to pick up our kindergarteners. We pick up two other mommy neighbors on the way out of the neighborhood and we’re off.

3:20PM Kids stay outside to play in our gated backyard while I run inside to think about dinner, which we’re going to eat a bit earlier than usual tonight. It’ll be cheese pizza and salad. God forbid they see anything that resembles a veggie or their world would end. I’ll eat the salad.

Check Dylan’s folder and he has one page of homework. I notice a little note from his teacher saying that Dylan thought it was a good idea to give his friend a haircut in art class. UGH! Try to hold back my giggles as I explain to him that it was not a good idea to do that and that he is definitely not a professional hair stylist. 

5:00PM Pizza is hot and ready for the kiddos. Good lord, Zoe would eat a whole pizza if I let her, while eating is so secondary to Dylan. I try not to make a big deal about these food issues though. 

5:40PM Out the door to basketball practice. Trying to keep Zoe contained on the sidelines with the other little siblings is not easy. Scott finally arrives straight from work to watch Dylan’s practice and help keep Zoe entertained.

7:15PM Back home, Zoe is about to pass out. I give both of the kids a quick bath. Scott plays (wrestles) with them for a bit until it’s time for bed.

8:30PM Kids are both tucked in and sleeping. Woohoo! Pack one lunch since Zoe will be home with me tomorrow, then lay out Dylan’s clothes.

Finally get to relax on the couch with hubby and watch some mindless reality TV. 

10:00PM I can barely hold my eyes open so I’m off to bed. Snuggle with Scott, who’s almost asleep since he went to bed before me—he couldn’t take another second of my “junk TV.” Oh well . . . I still love him. Good night!