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A Day in the Life of Alicia Gregg

Alicia Gregg lives in Justin with her husband Aaron and two children: Bryton, 5, and Ansley, 3. She is a part-time preschool teacher for 2-year-olds. Her superpowers include mediating toy privileges, redirecting towards better choices and tickling until breathless.

6:45AM The kids’ bathroom light pops on. I watch for it to go off and pray my darling daughter will adhere to her “green light policy” and go back to bed for another 30 minutes. No such luck. After a gentle briefing that she may lay quietly in bed, but not get up until her alarm clock light turns green, I lie in bed unable to sleep and clear out 31 emails on my phone. May as well start the day fresh.  

7:10AM Bryton emerges from his room. I make a mental note that Ansley’s light turning green and Bryton’s required time to get up should coincide. I decide I’ll change Ansley’s light later. We all head downstairs to have breakfast. The kids request pancakes. It’s a good thing. I need to grocery shop today.   

7:45AM I turn on Disney Junior for the kids, while I take a few minutes to finish work-related items. Upcoming art projects must have kinks worked out. The kids’ scrapbooks need pages put in and … oh, there are now 17 more emails in my inbox. Check, check, check.  

8:30AM The kids choose to play outside while I get ready for the day. It’s Friday, so my husband is home. We love these days.  

9:30AM After much outside play, Ansley and I pack up to go grocery shopping. It seems with each person I add to my grocery adventures, I end up with extra items in my cart and a little bit of a tighter budget. But I enjoy my time with them. The Popsicles and veggie chips were worth it.   

11AM I spend the next 30 minutes carrying in groceries, rearranging the pantry and putting things away. I preheat the oven for the frozen pizza I bought when I realized I’d be crunched on food-prep time for lunch. I have a bit of mom guilt, but it passes quickly.  

11:45AM Lunch commences. My kids “retry” cantaloupe for the 20th time. After much confusion from my 5-year-old son, he announces that he likes the green cantaloupe. “Honeydew?” I ask. “No, the green one with the black seeds.” Kiwi? Cantaloupe? Yes, those are close.  

12:15PM I’m reminded that yesterday I had promised my kids a trip to the park. We pack the car and off we go. Upon arrival we are surprised to find our park hosting a birthday party on a Friday afternoon. My just-turned-3-year-old had her hopes up to swing her little heart out for the next hour. But given that both bucket swings are occupied by second graders and both big kid swings are occupied with, well, big kids, we avoid a minor meltdown by racing down slides for 25 minutes and heading to QT to get frozen drinks as a treat.   

2:15PM Bryton takes his quiet time. Ansley takes her nap and I kick my feet up in the recliner for an hour and grab my computer to relax. Ansley has other ideas, and I hear the pitter patter of little feet back and forth as she decides she’s not tired enough to nap today. Sigh.  

3:15PM The kids play with Sven, our labradoodle, while I finish up the work I’m doing on my computer.  

4PM Outside to play. Baseballs and bubbles and soccer, oh my! 

5PM The hubs and I redeem ourselves from the frozen pizza lunch. He fires up the grill for pork tenderloin and I get potatoes and green beans going in the kitchen. 

6PM Dinner is served. Bryton comments on the texture of the meat and I make a mental note to serve more than our usual chicken or hamburger. Dinner is followed by household chores. The dishwasher is unloaded and reloaded, the backyard is cleared of toys and we begin to wind down for our Friday night Disney movie (our weekly countdown to our first family vacation to Walt Disney World!). 

7PM Tonight’s showing: Peter Pan! We sit in welcomed silence and watch Wendy experience Neverland (well, silence besides Ansley exclaiming repeatedly that she doesn’t want to be eaten by a crocodile). 

8:30PM Time for bed, to bed, I said! We have our nightly race up the stairs to use the potty, brush teeth, put on PJs and brush hair. Then everyone gathers around Bryton’s bed for his Bible story on his Bible app on his kiddie tablet. We say prayers and silently I consider how very blessed we are. I kiss sweet heads, wipe tousled hair from a little girl’s brow and, by request, leave the hall light on as I head downstairs to unwind for my own bedtime.   

10:15PM I crawl into bed for the day, realizing how quickly time passes. I’m thankful for this season of our lives. It’s then that I remember that I never changed the time on Ansley’s green light wake up call and I laugh to myself. Time does pass quickly, and 6:45am will be here before I know it. 

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