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A Day in the Life of Aimee Leach

Aimee Leach lives in Flower Mound with her husband, Chad, and two children: Marley, 9, and Griffin, 6. She co-owns Imagination Yoga, works part time in Denton and tries to enjoy all that life has to offer.

4:45AM I hear my husband getting ready to leave for work. Say good-bye. Might as well get up! It’s going to be another busy day …

4:50AM Fix a cup of coffee and grab my computer and piece of paper. I sit down at the kitchen table and look at my schedule for the day. Then I jot down a few reminders on my list (things that are quickly running through my mind); check email (return a few, send some new); remind myself to take a few deep breaths.

5:30AM Time to get moving. I grab my Imagination Yoga adventure for class today and tape it to the shower door. It’s a great way for me review and prepare my thoughts.

5:47AM Out of the shower. Take a few minutes to stretch.

6:05AM Back to the kitchen table to get on email. I look over the Spring Fest silent auction list and lay out a plan of where I’ll be able to stop today. Grab my list; don’t forget to get a birthday present for a party tomorrow.

6:20AM Start a load of laundry, pack lunches for the day and start chocolate-chip pancakes for breakfast. Yummy!

6:40AM Wake the kids up. They are both moving slow this morning. Thank goodness it’s Friday. I remind them of this several times.

7:30AM Out the door to drop the kids off at school.

7:37AM Back home. Finish getting myself ready, double check my bag to make sure I have everything for my classes and start the dishwasher.

8:07AM Head back over to Prairie Trail Elementary. I’m the parent reader for my son’s first-grade class this morning. This is one of my favorite things to do.

8:47AM Finish as the parent reader and go over to my daughter’s third-grade classroom to work on bulletin boards for her teacher. Marley is coming back to her class and comes over to hug me – just what I needed!

9:45AM Leave Prairie Trail. I head to Primrose of Highland Village for my morning Imagination Yoga class.

9:47AM Receive a call from my husband (such a nice surprise!).

9:52AM Arrive at Primrose and set up for class.

10AM Gather my students. It’s such a great feeling when I walk in and the children shower me with hugs.

10:34AM Wonderful class this morning. I return the students to class. One student sends me off with “I love you.”  How lucky am I? Gather my mats and bag and head out the door. I finished early enough today that I can make it back to Prairie Trail to surprise my son during his lunchtime.

10:55AM My son sees me waiting for him and his face lights up. It’s moments like this that make all the rushing around worth it.

11:30AM Lunch is over. Run back to the house.

11:45AM Phone call with my partner, Heather. We talk about possible new schools, advertising and our Thursday evening class at Top Hat Dance Centre, Inc.

12:35PM Grab a quick bite to eat as I get back on the computer to search flights to Ohio.

1:05PM Spring Fest time! Out the door to gather donations.

2:25PM Donation time is up. I need to head toward my afternoon class. I use my drive time to refocus my thoughts on class.

2:48PM Arrive at Corinth Montessori for my afternoon Imagination Yoga class and set up.  

3PM Grab my first group of students. Shoes are off, crisscross applesauce, hands at the heart. Begin with our three big, deep yoga breaths.

4:05PM I wrap up class today by using our kindness ball. It’s a great way for the children to learn the power of words on both the delivery and receiving end. There’s an immediate difference in one child. He sits up straighter, his head comes up to make eye contact and a smile covers his face. I ask him how he feels after receiving kind words from his friend. His response is “loved!” Confirmation of the power our words have. Kind hearts, kind words, kind thoughts.

4:20PM Leave Corinth Montessori and head to my friend Denise’s house to pick up my kids.

5PM Arrive at Denise’s house. She is such blessing. She picks up my children with hers from school every Friday while I teach my afternoon class. I ring the doorbell and hear Marley and Sophia scrambling around inside. (They know it’s me.) I hang out for a bit with Denise and play catch-up: Girl Scouts, PTA, schoolwork, kids and when are we going to schedule our hotel spa day?

6:10PM The kids and I arrive home and are greeted by Chad. “Yeah, Daddy’s home!” Scratch my dinner plans; we decide to go out for pizza.

7:45PM Arrive back home. The kids get washed up and pajamas on. Pick up a few things around the house and check to make sure Griffin’s clothes are ready for his basketball game in the morning.  

8:20PM Get the kids in their beds and chat about the day. Kisses goodnight. Tucked in tight. Surrounded with love.

8:40PM Kids are asleep. Change my clothes and wash my face. Chad and I spend a few minutes catching up about the day. 

9:15PM Chad is fast asleep and I’m not far behind. As crazy as our days are, I’m closing my eyes with a grateful heart.  

Diaries are penned by moms (and dads) in the North Texas area. The authors volunteer to share a day of their choosing and are not paid or endorsed by NorthTexasChild. Send your diary to editorial@dfwchild.comAll submissions are subject to editing and may be cut for space.

Published April 2014