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A Day in the Life of Aaron Evans

Aaron Evans is a stay-at-home dad. He and his wife of five years, Tori, live in Grapevine with their two children: Elizabeth, 3, and Owen, 2.

7AM What is crawling across my face? How did Owen get in here? Oh, I fell asleep next to his bed because he woke up in the middle of the night and I didn't want him to wake up his sister. Take him to go potty (he's potty training), then Elizabeth wakes up and we begin getting dressed and ready to take Tori to work.

7:20AM Gather up the trash because I didn't take it out last night. Clean off the table, so the kids don't get into the dishes because I didn't do them last night. There's a theme here … no time for finishing the dishes now, just starting them while the toaster cooks some leftover pancakes. Ask Tori what she wants for breakfast and lunch.

7:30AM Pancakes are cooled. Kids eat while Tori finishes getting ready. We're taking Tori to work today and are running ahead of schedule, but that'll change before we make it to the car.

7:40AM Almost time to go; getting shoes on.

7:51AM Leave. So close to on time.

8:02AM Drop Tori off at work.

8:30AM Back home and kids decide to watch Guess with Jess and eat more breakfast (bagels), while I clean the kitchen and listen to a video about being afraid of flying (I'm not, but it's part of a series I've been watching).

9:20AM Kitchen is clean, dishes washed and time for school. We have been learning some sight words lately.

9:30AM Lesson one done. Played a game on PBS Kids as a reward; playtime now. We play Elefun, gymnastics, puppy racing, trucks and trains and almost make it to the potty on time. I noticed Owen stop and make a face and I knew it was coming; we just couldn't get there in time. Oh well.

10AM More playtime. Firefighters, blocks, more trucks, pretend to be puppies and we talk about babies because one of Tori's coworkers had a baby today and she sent us a picture.

10:30AM Even more playtime. Hopefully tired out enough for lunch then nap.

11AM Lunchtime. We're having leftover roasted turkey.

11:40AM Naptime. Elizabeth goes to her room for quiet playtime. Owen and I go to my room to lie down. Usually, I can get him to sleep in about 30 minutes. Today, it just takes 15.

12PM Naptime is my relax time. Usually I play a game on the computer or catch up on emails. Today, I'm doing that and calling to set up a reservation for date-night dinner.

12:25PM Owen wakes up. Downside of not staying with him is he doesn't sleep as well or as long.

2PM I lie down with Owen for about an hour and a half. He is close to sleeping for a lot of it, but maybe only sleeps for about 15 minutes. Oh well, hopefully he got enough rest to not be a terror while Elizabeth is at gymnastics. Now everyone uses the potty and gets dressed and ready for gymnastics.

2:30PM I let them watch a show while they eat a snack and I try to clean and vacuum a bit.

3:30PM More school time for Elizabeth; then just trying to keep them happy until 4:10 when we leave for gymnastics. Everything is ready to go, so we won't be in a huge rush. Preparing for the final push of the day.

4:10PM Leave for gymnastics. Everyone just used the potty again, so we should be good to go until 6pm when we pick Tori up from work.

6PM Pick up Tori and we decide to go out to eat instead of making spaghetti. Tori just had her braces tightened, so we pick a place with soft foods.

7PM Home. Tori packed up some things for her coworker who just had a baby, and Elizabeth and Owen draw a picture to give to the new baby. Tori leaves to go visit them at the hospital. Time for one last school time for Elizabeth today. Now she is reading a short story.

7:30PM Everyone is ready for bed. Teeth are brushed and flossed, everyone has gone potty and Owen has his water bottle (can't sleep without it). I planned on giving them baths tonight, but I don't feel up to doing that alone and they didn't have spaghetti, so no bath. I have to sit with Owen to get him to sleep right now, as he isn't able to stay in bed.

8:20PM Had to take Owen to our room to get him to sleep. He's finally out now and in his own bed. Elizabeth is still awake, but at this point it is safe to relax and enjoy some me time.

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Published June 2014