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A Comparison of Grocery Delivery Services

Easy grocery delivery or pickup with the click of a button

North Texas has seen a lot of local grocery stores and services make the timely chore of food shopping a lot easier on moms. By adding grocery delivery, these stores eliminated so many unpleasant scenarios — like arguing with your toddler because she can’t sit in the blue car cart at Tom Thumb (it’s being used by another shopper) or hitting the nearby Whole Foods at 9pm after the kiddos are in bed, which is where you’d like to be too.

There are few things we appreciate more these days than the simplicity of lying in bed, pressing “add to cart” on your grocery app, and then presto, they arrive on your doorstep. But are you using the best service for your needs and budget? We’ve taken a closer look at the apps and grocery stores services for pickup and curbside delivery, and how their fees compare—right down to tipping the driver. The time, sanity and gas you’ll save are well worth it.

The details: Albertsons offers same-day grocery delivery, subject to availability.
Why users love it: You can include notes to your Personal Shopper about your item preferences before checkout.
Cost: Delivery and service fee for orders under $30. Delivery fee can go up to $9.95, but varies depending on time your order is placed. Discounts of delivery fee may occasionally be available by adding a promo case or enrolling in their subscription-based program, FreshPass. If you choose to use a third-party service provider such as Instacart, then the fees for your order will be established and charged by that company.
Tipping or no tipping? Tipping optional.

The details: ALDI is partnered with Instacart delivery service which offers a same-day delivery option.
Why users love it: Users love ALDI because of its comparably lower prices. Personal shoppers contact you if item is out of stock, and if you would like a substitute or remove from order. Instacart can deliver in as little as one-hour.
Cost: Delivery fees may vary based on the time requested for delivery and size of the order. No subscription required to shop through grocery delivery partner, Instacart.
Tipping or no tipping? Optional but encouraged. 100% of your tip goes directly to your Instacart shopper/driver.

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Amazon Fresh
The details: Amazon Fresh is a digital grocery store offering items such as meat, dairy, seafood, packaged foods, produce, household products, cleaning supplies as well as Whole Foods 365 products.
Why users love it: Offers free two-hour delivery if you meet an order minimum (varies by location). Amazon Fresh is a convenient and free option for existing Prime members to get their food shopping done without spending time at the store. Amazon Fresh is linked with Whole Foods so a wide variety of recognized brands and a selection of organic products. If an item is out of stock, you can set reminders for the item to ensure you will be notified when it comes back in stock.
Cost: Membership required with Amazon Prime ($12.99 per month or $119 per year). Free two-hour delivery for orders over $35 in eligible locations.
Tipping or no tipping? Encouraged. You can edit your tip amount up to 24 hours after delivery.

Central Market
The details: Central Market is open for delivery everyday between 8am–8pm. Visit the website or go to the mobile app to place an order.
Why users love it: Delivery time can be scheduled as little as two hours ahead. If you forgot something in your order, you can add up to 20 items to an order up to two hours before your scheduled delivery time.
Cost: Delivery fee for orders ranges from $9.95-$11.95. A 3% personal shopper fee applies to all orders.
Tipping or no tipping? Optional.

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The details: Costco partners with Instacart to offer same-day and two-day delivery. As a side note, only Costco members can receive same-day delivery.
Why users love it: Ordering with Instacart, you can shop at Costco without being a member. Your Instacart personal shopper contacts you to discuss a substitute or refund for an item if it is out of stock.
Cost: Order minimum is $35 and service and delivery fees apply*. No separate delivery fee for orders of $75 or more. Instacart Express members receive additional savings through lower item prices compared to non-Instacart Express members. *For additional pricing details, see Instacart fees below.
Tipping or no tipping? Optional but encouraged. You are able to modify the tip while placing an order and for a limited time after receiving your delivery.

The details: Typically known to deliver from restaurants, DoorDash has expanded, allowing you to order groceries via the app or online.
Why users love it: You can conveniently order groceries from your phone or computer. You are also able to chat via the app or text with your DoorDash driver about requests for substitutions for out of stock items.
Cost: To use DoorDash, you are not required to subscribe. DoorDash does offer a subscription called DashPass in which you can receive $0 on delivery fees and reduced service fees on grocery orders over $25 or more. DashPass is $9.99 per month with the monthly plan or annual plan.
Tipping or no tipping? Encouraged. DoorDash delivery drivers receive 100% of their tip.

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FarmBox Delivery
The details: FarmBox delivers produce, meat, dairy and more throughout Texas. You have the option to choose your FarmBox and pick your groceries. You can also select how often you’d like to receive boxes and can skip a week if you’re out of town.
Why users love it: High-quality freshly picked foods from local Texas farmers. 10% discounts for teachers, seniors or frontline healthcare workers (must claim discount by emailing customer service proof of credentials). You get a $20 referral credit every time you refer a friend, and your friend will get a $10 credit. To qualify, your friend needs to enter your full name or email address during sign up. Delivery orders that contain cold items include thermal packaging which ensures freshness.
Cost: All orders above $30 qualify for free delivery. Orders between delivery minimum of $19.99-$29.99 will include a $5 delivery fee.
Tipping or no tipping? Optional.

Farmbox Direct
The details: Farmbox Direct guarantees all organic and natural produce, plucked from local farmers. The menu of produce changes weekly and it is dependent on what’s in season. You are able to customize your Farmbox to your liking with up to 5 substitutions. Several Farmboxes to choose from. Prices of boxes start at $43.95 for the smallest box to and $68.95 for the largest box.
Why users love it: Free delivery and no commitment to future orders. Emails sent out the beginning of each week letting you know what is being harvested by their farmers for the current week.
Cost: No membership fee to sign-up. Free front door contact-free delivery. Additional packaging and handling fee is $5.98.
Tipping or no tipping? FedEx delivers the boxes directly from FarmBox Direct, so no tipping necessary.

Favor Delivery
The details: Favor Delivery service that serves dozens of cities across Texas, from your favorite restaurant eats to your groceries at your doorstep.
Why users love it: Get groceries and essentials delivered in under two hours with express delivery from H-E-B and Central Market.
Cost: Standard delivery fee is $6. In addition to delivery fee, a service fee and suggested runner tip. Service fees vary from 5% to 16% based on cost of items purchased, with percentage varying on location, among other factors.
Tipping or no tipping? Highly encouraged. You runner will receive 100% of the tip you choose to give.

The details: Hungryroot helps set up a personalized grocery plan to fill your cart with suggested groceries and recipes that fit your needs. You also have the option to edit your delivery to get exactly what you’d like. Lastly, your groceries and recipes are delivered to your door. weekly.
Why users love it: The food arrives in an insulated box so that your food keeps its freshness. Most meals cook in less than 15 minutes and recipes are easy to assemble. Saves time shopping in-store for groceries during your week. You have to capability to skip deliveries any week before they are processed and can pause or cancel your subscription anytime.
Plans start at $65+ per delivery. Your plan size is personalized based on how much food you need.
Tipping or no tipping:
Hungryroot uses different carriers based on your area, so no tipping necessary.

The details: Instacart uses personal shoppers to pick up items for you from local stores. Instacart partners with large grocery store chains such as Albertsons, ALDI, Central Market, Costco, Fiesta Mart, Kroger, Market Street, Sam’s Club, Sprouts, and Tom Thumb.
Why users love it: Instacart allows capability to chat you’re your shopper from the store aisles about changes to your order or recommended replacement items, or anything else you want to communicate. Contactless delivery option is available. Multiple delivery options available such as same day delivery and scheduled delivery up to two weeks in advance. New customers may be eligible for free delivery promotions.
Cost: No membership required to order with Instacart. Users will need to create account to place an order. Fees start at $3.99 for same-day orders over $35. Fees vary for one-hour deliveries, times of the day, club store deliveries and deliveries under $35. Service fees vary and may change based on factors such as location and the number/types of items in your cart. Instacart Express ($9.99 per month or $99 annually) is an optional membership which gets you $0 delivery fee on every order over $35 and lower service fees.
Tipping or no tipping? Optional but encouraged. 100% of your tip will go directly to your shopper who delivers your order. You are able to modify the tip while placing an order and for a limited time after receiving your delivery.

The details: Kroger Delivery is Kroger’s in-house delivery service where orders are shopped and delivered by Kroger associates (or from a third-party service).
Why users love it: Digital coupons accepted for any order made online. Orders placed through delivery online will earn points towards fuel rewards. You have the option to leave select substitutions preferences in the event that an the is out of stock. In addition, you also have the option to have driver leave groceries at door or deliver in-person.
Cost: Free delivery on orders over $35. Service fees between $9.95-$11.95 depending on location and time of order placed.
Tipping or no tipping? Tipping not accepted by Kroger Delivery drivers. Third-party partners like Instacart and Shipt accept tips where 100% of any tip provided goes to your shopper.

Market Street
The details: STREETSide is Market Streets’ grocery delivery service. Check on website to see if delivery is available in your zip code. To shop online, you must be a Rewards member with a valid email address. Free to sign-up.
Why users love it: No limit or minimum purchase to orders. You have to option to order for friends or family and deliver it to their house. Capability to change or cancel order up until two hours before your schedule delivery time. You can add notes to your order such as adding substitutions for items that may be unavailable in your order. All qualifying orders will earn Rewards points.
Cost: Fee for all delivery orders, large or small, is $14.99. Additional service fees may apply.
Tipping or no tipping? Market Street delivery drivers do not accept tips. If order is delivered by third-party partners like Instacart, tipping is optional.

The details: Postmates is a delivery service that partners with a wide variety of restaurants and a selection of grocery stores. Postmates serves grocery stores such as Alberton’s, Tom Thumb and Walmart, to name a few. Check on the app or online to see what stores deliver groceries in your area.
Why users love it: Postmates has a large selection of restaurants and convenience stores to order from.
Cost: Delivery and service fees vary. If your order is too small, a small order fee of $1.99 gets charged. A minimum requirement for your order varies by location. Postmates Unlimited is a subscription which helps reduce fees associated with your order and eliminates the delivery fee once your cart reaches the minimum. An additional 5% off grocery orders over $30. Postmates Unlimited subscription costs $9.99 a month or $99.99 annually.
Tipping or no tipping? Encouraged.

The details: Grocery delivery service owned by Target. Access to same day grocery delivery from stores such a Central Market, H-E-B, and Kroger.
Why users love it: Personalized service from your shopper that selects fresh items and keeps you updated along the way. Flexibility to change delivery addresses or send a grocery delivery to friends and family. Exclusive savings in the app for members and weekly store sales. Users love Shipt because they don’t charge surge or busy pricing.
Cost: Monthly membership is $10.99, yearly membership is $99 per year + applicable fees. For these memberships, you receive free delivery for orders over $35. Orders less than $35 will have a flat $7 delivery fee. Capability to cancel anytime.
Tipping or no tipping? Optional but encouraged. If you choose to tip, you can add a tip when placing your order by choosing an amount. You may also tip in cash or within the app after you receive your delivery. 100% of tip with go to your personal shopper.

Tom Thumb
The details: Delivery offered at select locations. Check on website if delivery is available in your zip code. Minimum $30 purchase amount. Tom Thumb also partners with third-party delivery companies such as Instacart.
Why users love it: You can include notes to your Personal Shopper about item preferences. You have the option to request substitutions in case selected items are out of stock. Same-day delivery and contactless delivery available (subject to availability and location).
Cost: Delivery fee up to $9.95, depending on the selected delivery window. Service fee may also be charged for delivery orders under $30. Subscription to Tom Thumb’s FreshPass program ($12.99 monthly plan or a $99 annual plan) allows you to get free delivery on orders over $30, among other perks.
Tipping or no tipping? Optional.

Sam’s Club
The details: Sam’s Club partners with Instacart delivery service where you can place an order on the Instacart website or app. Delivery is available for orders of $10 or more.
Why users love it: Members who enter their membership number when ordering via Instacart will pay lower prices than non-members. Flexible delivery allows you to receive your order in as fast as an hour, same-day or delivery later in the week to fit you schedule. You are able to track your order’s progress and communicate with you shopper.
Cost: Delivery fees vary. Membership to Sam’s Club not required. Delivery fees are $8.99 on orders $35 or more. $12.99 on orders under $35. $10.99 for one-hour delivery on orders $35 or more. $14.99 for one-hour delivery on orders under $35. Free delivery for Instacart Express members ($149 a year or $14.99 a month).
Tipping or no tipping? Optional but encouraged.

The details: Sprouts partners with Instacart so your Sprouts grocery order will be shopped and delivered by an Instacart team member.
Why users love it: You will receive a text message offering to replace or refund if an item you order is out of stock. Flexible delivery allows you to receive your order in as fast as an hour, same-day or delivery later in the week to fit you schedule.
Cost: Delivery is free on your first order over $35. Future delivery fees depend on order size and delivery time. Delivery fees start at $3.99 for orders $35 and $7.99 for orders under $35, plus a service free. Prices vary by location. In addition, Instacart offers yearly subscription service that provides free delivery on all orders over $35.
Tipping or no tipping? Optional but encouraged. 100% of tip will go directly to your shopper.

The details: Walmart+ is a membership that offers grocery delivery and free delivery on online orders. It offers an alternative to popular grocery delivery services and is exclusive to Walmart stores and products. Grocery delivery is included in Walmart+ membership, otherwise, for non-members, you can place delivery orders for an additional fee.
Why users love it: Low Walmart prices. You can track your order and get notifications about your order through the Walmart+ app. Walmart+ members get $0.05 off per gallon of fuel at Walmart and Murphy gas stations.
Cost: No membership required for deliveries. Delivery fee ranges from $7.95-$9.95 for non-Walmart+ members. Subscription based program, Walmart+ ($98 annually or $12.95 monthly) includes free same-day shipping on grocery orders over $35.
Tipping or no tipping? Optional. 100% of your tip will go to your delivery driver. You can choose to tip before or after placing your order or after delivery.

Whole Foods
The details: Whole Foods grocery delivery is available for Amazon Prime members in select areas.
Why users love it: Convenient and fast delivery options. Wide selection of organic products to choose from. As an Amazon Prime member, you can get 5% back on any Whole Foods purchases.
Cost: All delivery orders (one-hour and two-hour) will include $9.95 delivery fee no matter the price of your order total is. Additional rush fees may apply to one-hour delivery orders.
Tipping or no tipping? Optional. If you decide to tip after delivery, you are able to edit your tip amount for up to 24 hours.

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