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9 Workouts to Try This Year

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My friends judge me when I say this, but I love working out and finding new workouts. It’s actually a hobby of mine. Maybe it’s from all my years spent in a ballet studio, but exerting some energy through movement, whether it’s ballet or not, makes me feel less stressed and a tad happier. What was it that Elle Woods said? “Exercise releases endorphins; endorphins make people happy.”

So if you’re looking for some new spots (or just some inspiration) to work out, try out one (or more) of these places below. And remember: Working out is not a competition. If you haven’t been all that active in a long time, who cares? Do it for you, not for others.

Editor’s note: Make sure to check each studio’s COVID protocols prior to booking.

Title Boxing Club // Multiple locations

This is my go-to. It’s a hard workout that offers some serious stress relief. How can you punch a heavy bag and not let out some steam? But if you’ve never boxed or put on wraps or gloves before, don’t worry. Everyone has to start somewhere, and the staff is great about showing you how to get started. Just remember to breathe and pace yourself as needed if cardio isn’t really your thing. There are multiple locations (Plano, Frisco, Allen, McKinney, Central Dallas, Uptown) and each is individually owned, so class schedules and instructors vary. First class is free.

Black Swan Yoga // Bishop Arts and Park Cities

Another favorite spot, with two locations in the Dallas area (Lovers Lane and Bishop Arts), is Black Swan Yoga. The donation-based platform makes for easy access to yoga. There’s a ton of classes throughout the day so there’s definitely a class that will fit your busy schedule. And the ambience is like no other yoga studio you’ve been to—think energetic, upbeat music with bright, multi-color murals. You’ll have fun and feel inspired while you get your sweat sesh on.

The Bar Method // Multiple locations

Who says you have to lift heavy weights to build or tone those muscles? Bar Method will get you strong with as little as one to two pounds. The classes have great music and are easy to follow, even if you’ve never tried a barre class before. And there’s modifications galore if something doesn’t feel quite right during execution. This is also a great workout to try if you’re not that into cardio or just need a break from it. Bonus: There are tons of locations. First class is free.

BEYONDPilates // Multiple locations

If you’re looking for a challenge, bring on the Pilates. I have taken Pilates on and off for years, and it never gets easy. But that’s the point, right? If you’re not pushing, you’re not working. So check out Beyond Pilates, where you’ll get a Pilates-meets-interval-training workout. There’s four different workouts you can choose from too. Some require only a reformer, another includes a jumpboard, and one involves weights and a treadmill. Something for everyone! Classes vary by location.

CycleBar // Multiple locations

If spin is your thing, check out CycleBar. The classes make you feel like you’re doing anything but staying in place. The music is always fun, and trying to see how fast you can go or how much resistance you can handle makes for a great challenge. This is a fun workout for those of you highly competitive people out there. There are locations all over the Metroplex. First class is free.

Offbeat Boxing & Cycling // Lake Highlands

A new workout spot on the scene is Offbeat Boxing and Cycling. And it’s exactly what it sounds like: boxing and cycling. And the membership or class packages can be used for either class. Added bonus: They have you covered when it comes to the gear. Cycling shoes are free to rent, and the boxing gear is free with the intro package. Single class is $25, and the intro package for first-timers is $18 for classes. What a steal.

AKT // Plano

Another fun spot to sweat and get your moves on is AKT in Plano. And talk about a cardio burn. This place will make pushing your limits a blast. There are four types of classes: dance, bands, tone and circuit. Each of them will work your whole body with interval training thrown in. The website has some videos of each class so you can see more about what each class focuses on. First class is free.

Breathe Meditation & Wellness // Highland Park

If you’re looking for a spot that will allow you to just take a moment to breathe, this is it. Never tried meditation? The studio has different types, from guided and group meditations to private and audio styles (as well as workshops and trainings) plus many other services such as craniosacral therapy and yoga therapy. Another bonus: The classes are just 30 minutes long in case you don’t have a full hour to commit to your outing, and there are a ton of class times to choose from.

Row House // Multiple locations

The best part about this workout is the high-energy but low-impact style. And it’s a great spot for those who are workout junkies as well as newcomers. The classes focus on indoor rowing with resistance training and stretching, and you can choose from six styles. I have to say, it’s pretty cool to be in a room with the lights down low and everyone rowing in sync. The outside world and all its stressors just fade away. There are four locations to choose from—Keller, Irving, Frisco and Southlake. First class is free.

How are you getting active this year? Is there a particular workout you’ve enjoyed recently? Tell us at editorial@dfwchild.com.

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