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New mom using apps on her phone

8 Helpful Apps For New Moms

From tracking sleep and feedings to finding new friends

As a new mom, you have so much to keep track of: from buying and changing diapers, setting aside time to pump if you’re breastfeeding, making sure you get a shower, the list goes on. So wouldn’t it be nice if there were some apps out there to help manage everything? You’re in luck, because we found nine apps that are great for new moms.


As new moms, it’s common to feel isolated when going through the baby stage—there may not be a lot of other women in your existing circle who are going through the same thing. Enter Peanut, the app that provides connections with other women who are trying to conceive, struggling with nighttime feedings—you name it. On the app, you can meet women nearby, chat with them, create a group message, read (and even write) blogs and form your own communities. peanut-app.io

Baby Tracker

Y’all, this tracks everything when it comes to your newborn. Are you so sleep-deprived you can’t remember when you last fed baby? Look at your app. Not sure how much sleep baby got during their early afternoon nap? Look at your app. You get the picture. Download app here

What to Expect

Already a go-to pregnancy app, this also guides you through the first years after baby arrives. (It even helps you through one of the more nerve-wracking newborn moments: baby’s first bath.) Download app here

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The Wonder Weeks

If you want to make sure baby is on track for developmental milestones, check out this app. It’s essentially a schedule of little ones’ developmental leaps and bounds based on age. As no baby is the same, the app gives a range for when babies tend to hit certain milestones so you don’t have to wonder if your baby is behind or not. It also gives you an idea of why baby might be acting differently this week as opposed to the last. thewonderweeks.com

Glow Baby

This app is ideal for baby’s first year. It gives you info on all the milestones, from when they should start eating solids to when you can expect a good night’s sleep. It also provides daily parenting tips. glowing.com/apps

Baby Connect

Another great app for tracking all things baby, but this one stands out because of its ability to sync with multiple devices. That means you and your SO will both have the info on when baby ate last or had their diaper changed. It’s also useful for when you start using a babysitter. If your babysitter has the app too, then all of you know what kind of schedule baby’s been on for the day. babyconnect.com

Sound Sleeper

This one is a game changer. The app acts as a white noise machine but it also has a Listen Mode where it will listen for baby’s cry and automatically turn on soothing sounds. How amazing is that? Download app here

Milk Maid

This app will help you keep track of how much milk baby consumes throughout the day. It also allows you to monitor how long pumped milk has been stored in the fridge, so you know when it’s time to throw it out. Download app here

This article was originally published in September 2020.

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