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Backyard patio decor ideas

8 Ways to Make Your Patio Pop

garden lights, washable rugs and so much more

Spending a lot of time on your patio right now? So are we. Sure, it’s hotter than Hades outside, but in the evenings when there’s a nice breeze (or when October arrives and the weather really feels magical) it’s amazing to hang out as a family in your outdoor space.

Here are some of our favorite ways to make that space really special.


Garden lights (or any hanging light fixture) can give your space a magical glow. Either hang them along the wall of your house, along your fence or drape them across the sitting area.

Amazon Garden Lights | Wayfair Lights


Need some shade but tired of umbrellas? Consider using sails instead. Depending on how you drape them, you’ll be able to potentially cover more area with shade and give your space an airy vibe.

Wayfair Sails | Amazon Sails


When it feels like an oven outside, we know you’re not exactly racing to get a firepit crackling. But if you have kiddos who love s’mores (be honest, you love them too) or want to have a pit ready for the fall, try making one of these firepits the centerpiece of your patio. Pro Tip: Make sure you have a foolproof setup to protect kids from the fire, such as a gate, cover or shield.

Wayfair Fire Pit | Amazon Fire Pit | Frontgate Fire Pit


Nothing amps up your space like throwing in some color to tie everything together. Ruggable is a site that has a ton of choices, and the rugs are machine-washable. (Mind. Blown.) Frontgate also has some beautiful rugs if you want something a little more fancy.

Ruggable Outdoor Rug 1 | Ruggable Outdoor Rug 2 | Frontgate Rug 1 | Frontgate Rug 2


Is it just us, or do plants really add in a “homey” touch? Depending on your landscaping and sun-to-shade ratio, find some planters that you can set in the corner or on the perimeter of your patio.

Amazon Planter | Ballard Planter | Frontgate Planter | Wayfair Planter


Who doesn’t love lounging in a hammock at a luxurious resort? Bring that luxury home! Either set up a traditional hammock on a stand or grab this Bohemian one that you can put in the corner. Seating and décor all in one.

Amazon Hammock | Wayfair Hammock | Ballard Hammock


If you want to make the most of your space while still providing enough seating for a larger group, grab an outdoor sectional. Pro Tip: Map out the space the sectional will occupy so you don’t accidentally get one that ends up being way too big for the space. That can make your patio feel crowded before people even get out there.

Frontgate Sectional | Wayfair Sectional | Ballard Sectional


The pièce de résistance? A stellar sound system that can take your space from a chilled-out beach vibe to game day to a backyard BBQ all at the tap of your fingers on your phone or tablet: Sonos. I’m all about this system. It’s intuitive and gives you the option to set up multiple rooms. Want the same music to play in your kitchen, living room and patio? Easy. Only the patio? Easy too. Just use the app to pick which grouping you want, and ta-da! The music will stream to those specific spots. And it all can sync up with any of your go-to music platforms, including Amazon Music and Spotify and even Pandora.

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