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child working on spring crafts

8 Fun & Easy Spring-Themed Crafts for Kids

from tie-dye butterflies to broccoli stamped trees

Is it just us, or does spring make you want to be creative? The gloomy weather is gone and bright-colored flowers are popping up everywhere. It’s enough to get you and the kiddos inspired! If you’re looking for ideas on what to create, we have eight fun (and easy) spring-themed crafts for you.


All you’ll need are scissors, construction paper, popsicle sticks, glue, a brown marker and your kiddo’s hands. These cute sunflower crafts can double as a card or gift. Click on the link for a video tutorial.


Such a creative craft, your kids will love making these and using them as decorations around the house. You’ll need coffee filters (four circles for each butterfly), washable felt pens or markers, pipe cleaners, a large paintbrush or spray bottle and water. Click on the link for step-by-step instructions.


Broccoli isn’t just for eating! Create a redbud tree with broccoli as your stamp. You’ll need broccoli, a canvas, various paint colors (we recommend blue for the sky, white for clouds, brown for the tree trunk and whatever colors you want to use to fill out the branches). The link shows you a really good example. This would be a great gift to give mom, grandma or a friend.


Help your child make their new stuffed best friend! (It’s also a great way to use socks that have lost its partner.) You’ll need socks, uncooked rice, rubber bands, ribbon, scissors and a permanent ink pen. Click on the link for instructions with step-by-step pictures.


Fun to make and fun to play with, your kids will love this frog puppet. You’ll need an empty egg carton, paper plates, black permanent marker, tissue paper (in different shades of green), glue, white paint, a paint brush, red, pink and yellow construction paper, scissors, a stapler and a pencil. Click on the link for instructions.


These adorable butterflies have such range when it comes to what you can do with them after you’ve made them. They can be refrigerator magnets, hair clips, bag clips, you name it. You’ll need glue, pipe cleaners, various colors of beads, clothespins and glitter paint. (You’ll also need magnets if you decide to make them as fridge decorations.) The link has some great examples and instructions to follow.


This will be a fun craft for your kids to make, and it will get them involved with nature. Win-win! You’ll need empty milk cartons (the number depends on how many birdhouses you plan to make), acrylic paint, a paint brush, water, paper towels, string or yarn, scissors, a nail or screw, a utility knife and bird seed. Once you’re done, hang the birdhouse outside and watch your new winged friends stop by for a visit. The link has step-by-step instructions.


This craft is a little more advanced for little ones, but they can still lend a hand here and there. You’ll need newspaper, two 1/8-inch dowels, colorful tape, strong string, scissors and a ruler. Click on the above link for specific instructions. Then get out there and fly that kite!

Happy Spring!

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