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7 Tips for Keeping Your Home Clean This Flu & COVID Season

there's more to it than just Clorox & Lysol

While the holidays bring joy for many families, there’s still the issue of flu and cold season hanging out in the back of our minds. Add in COVID, and now we have a trifecta. So what are some ways that you can make sure you keep your home really clean, even beyond Clorox and Lysol?

We spoke to Cason Wright, executive director of Manorly—a Dallas-based home concierge that excels in prepping homes and keeping them in tip-top shape—about what you can do to make sure your home is squeaky clean this season.

Install UV-C Technologies Systems. Wright says UV-C light technology has provided clean air in hospitals, pharmaceutical facilities and aerospace applications for over a century. “This proven and reliable disinfectant is now available for use in residential homes,” he adds. “Easily installed in your HVAC systems, UV-C technology is effective at reducing allergies, cold and flu, microbial counts and odor molecules.”

Install Air Scrubbers. Air scrubbers utilize both UV technology and bi-polar ionization to combat contaminants in the air. Wright says there are proprietary systems on the market that create “scrubber” ions. These ions attach to contaminants and neutralize them. “These systems have been proven to reduce common viruses by 99% within 24 hours of circulation,” he says.

Use High-Performance Filters.Utilizing high-performance air filters in the HVAC system can stop dangerous particulates even before they are circulated through your home,” Wright notes.

He suggests a MERV 13 through MERV 16 filter; these are commonly used in hospital in-patient and surgery areas. He also suggests that you run the fans on your HVAC systems at all times to continuously cycle air through your filters. “Why not create the same sterile environment at your home that you experience at a hospital?” he asks.

You can find these products (and those mentioned above) through major retailers.

Run Your Exhaust Fans. If you end up having people in your homes for the holidays, Wright recommends running the exhaust fans in your restrooms and kitchen at all times. “This allows for a constant air change within your home, reducing the number of times contaminants can be circulated throughout the house.”

Utilize the Beautiful Texas Fall Weather. Since it’s still very pleasant outside, Wright recommends cracking your doors and windows to let fresh air constantly move throughout your home. Also, if you do meet up with friends or family, plan as many events outside as the weather permits.

Disinfect Surfaces. This tip kind of goes without saying: Constantly disinfecting high-touch surfaces such as tables, doorknobs, light switches, countertops, handles, desks, phones, keyboards, toilets, faucets and sinks is crucial. “It’s also important to clean and disinfect soft surfaces, such as carpets and rugs, with a warm water and soap combination,” Wright adds.

Use All the Hand Soap. Wash your hands, people! The CDC still recommends that you wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds as often as possible.

Interested in using Manorly’s services? Visit the website here!

Photo courtesy of Manorly.