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7 DIY Party Favors for Spring

Party favors don’t have to be sugar-filled or overpriced to be a hit with parents and kids alike. Check out our top 7 DIY party favors sure to make your spring soiree a smash.
1 // Miniature Potted Plant
This unique parting gift is one that will keep on giving long after the cake is cut. You provide the miniature ceramic pot and seeds; guests are responsible for dirt and sunshine. For even more fun, have the birthday boy or girl paint the pot before handing out to friends.
Miniature ceramic pot – forever-bloom.com has a variety of creative styles
Small packet of flower seeds– Available at home and garden stores or parkseed.com
2 // Story Stones
Everyone has a story to tell. Bag a set of 5-6 story stones for each guest. Cover the stones with liquid paper before using colorful permanent markers to draw simple age-appropriate play motifs like: birds, cars, boats, trees, bugs, people and houses. The possibilities are endless for partygoers who are sure to have hours of fun rearranging the stones and creating their own one-of-a-kind story.
Clean stones in a variety of sizes – Collect your own or buy at Home Depot (multiple locations; homedepot.com)
Colored permanent markers
3 // Seashell Souvenir
Have the birthday boy scour the sand on your next family vacay. Take home the seashells to be cleaned and gifted at your next birthday bash. Attach a card explaining where the shell came from and that each was hand selected by the birthday boy himself.
Seashells – Collect or buy at seashellworld.com
Custom labels– Find stationery at Papyrus (multiple locations; papyrusonline.com) or print your own card at moo.com
4 // Flower Pinwheel
If you are feeling particularly adventurous, send guests home with a flower that will last well past spring. The paper flower pinwheel spins like a top and is beautiful to boot. Get creative with your paper choices and coordinate with the party colors. For an in depth pinwheel tutorial check out this blog post.
7" x 7" double-sided cardstock (two pieces)
Cardstock scraps for pinwheel center
Decorative brad or button
Two 1/8"–3/16" eyelets
12" wire, 18 gauge
Wood bead, 1/2"–5/8" in diameter
18" wood dowel, 5/16"–3/8" in diameter
Acrylic paint for dowel (optional)
1 yd. ribbon, 1/4"–3/8" w (optional)
Craft glue
5 // Felt Flower Ring
Be sure to get the birthday girl’s help in creating these adorable party favors. Make a few extra because these felt flower rings are sure to be a hit with party guests and their mothers. You only need a few supplies and each ring will be as unique as the guest it goes home with. Visit this blog post for the tutorial.
Scrap pieces of felt and fabric
Pipe cleaners
6 // Personalized Bubbles
What better way to enjoy a sunny spring day than to chase bubbles in the sunshine. Bubbles are an inexpensive and fun gift to send home with party guests. With a custom-printed label, they can also be designed to match the party theme and even include the birthday girl’s name and date of birth. Buy bottles of bubbles in bulk and then adhere the custom labels. Check out practicallydarlingdesigns.com for custom labels in a variety of themes.
4–8-ounce bottle of bubbles
Custom bottle labels
7 // Birdseed Favors
For an inexpensive and eco-friendly party favor, try your hand at creating a birdseed favor. Encourage guests to hang the favor somewhere where kids can keep a close watch for hungry birds. For the full scoop on making your own birdseed party favor check out this tutorial.
3/4 cup flour
1/2 cup water
2.5 teaspoons unflavored gelatin
3 tbsp corn syrup
4 cups birdseed
Large mixing bowl
Cookie cutter
Vegetable oil & brush
Chopstick or bamboo skewer
Parchment paper
Cookie sheet
Jute or raffia
Rubber stamp and ink or chalkboard paint and chalk
Hole punch