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Little girl making a Mother's Day gift

7 DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

any mom will love these sweet gifts

It’s hard to believe Mother’s Day is just a few days away. And what better way to brighten up mom’s (or grandma’s) special day than with a handmade gift from their favorite kiddos? Get crafty with your kids to celebrate all mom’s do with these one-of-a-kind DIY Mother’s Day gifts. 

Paper Flowers

These are a timeless classic. Quick and easy, the DIY flowers will last forever while putting a smile on any mom’s face. All you need is some leftover tissue or coffee filters, construction paper (or a vase), pipe cleaners, a ruler and scissors.  

How to: Stack three sheets of tissue paper on top of one another, cutting them into 12-by-6 sheets (or your desired size). Starting with the shorter size, make a 1-inch fold to start off an accordion fold. Turn your paper over to start the next fold.

Keep folding and turning until you have an accordion-style strip of tissue paper (about 1-inch in width). Round the edge of the accordion strip with your scissors. Fold the strip in half gently, and place the pipe cleaner (green, if you have one) at the fold. Loop the stem around to hold it in place.

Gently peel open the folds, separating the tissue layers as you go. Arrange your assortment of flowers onto construction paper or stick them in a vase—voila

Pro Tip: If you have young children (ages 2–6), they may have a hard time separating the folds and tissue paper. Don’t hesitate to guide them if needed. 

Keepsake Box

This project is simple, inexpensive and guaranteed to please. Grab some ribbon, a small box (think jewelry box size), paint and paint brushes. 

How to: Give the box a base coat. We recommend something light, such as white or pink, so your littles can be as creative as possible in the next steps.

Be sure to lay down old newspaper or cloth to protect your work surface. Let your child decorate the box any way they wish—it’ll make it even more special! Help your little one write a note or poem to place in the box as the paint dries. Place a ribbon on the box. Add a dab of glue if you want to make sure it stays in place. 

Handmade Bookmark 

For the bookworm moms and grandmas out there, try this bookmark craft. She’ll love flipping open her favorite book and seeing her little ones’ faces. All you need is some construction paper, photos you’re OK cutting (photobooth photos are the perfect size), glue and scissors. 

How to: Pick your photos for the bookmark. We recommend cropping the photos on your computer if you don’t want to cut the photos to bookmark size.

Some places will print photobooth-sized photos if you can make it to the store. Once you have the photos ready, cut a piece of cardstock or construction paper slightly bigger than the photos. Glue the photos onto the paper.

Flip the paper (so the photos are face down) and write a message or quote. The more sentimental, the better!

Optional: Cut out a small hole on the top and place a small piece of ribbon or string. If you have a laminator on hand, laminate the bookmark to preserve it.

“Why I Love Mom” Keychain

There’s a long list of things mom does that make us love her. Why not write down all the reasons why? This pocket-size project only requires cardstock paper, a hole puncher, a binder ring (or ribbon) and a pen. 

How to: Cut the cardstock paper into 2-by-3.5-inch rectangles. If you have some on hand, business cards can be used to trace the shape. Decide how many cards on the binder ring or ribbon you’d like and cut away.

Number the cards one through your chosen amount and write “I love…” on each. Have your kids write what they love about mom on each card.

If they’re too young to write, ask them to tell you what they love and let them decorate the cards. Involve them as much as possible! Punch holes in the top left corner of each card. Poke the binder ring or ribbon though the hole and you’re done! 

Fingerprint Butterfly Mugs 

For the coffee or tea lover, these fingerprint mugs are adorable and inexpensive to make. Kids of all ages can help out, as the project only needs plain mugs (white is preferred), enamel acrylic paint, a small paint brush and Mod Podge dishwasher-safe sealer. 

How to: Let your kiddo pick out the colors they think Mom or Grandma will love best. Dip their thumb into the paint and stamp it onto scratch paper (to ensure the paint isn’t too thick).

Carefully stamp their finger on the mug but be sure to stay 1–2 inches away from the top. Clean off their thumb and dip into another color, repeating the process.

With a small paint brush, paint on lines for the butterfly antennae. Allow the mug to dry before use. If you’re in a rush, you can bake the mugs on a low temperature setting according to the enamel paint’s instructions. Your mug is ready to use! 

Pro Tip: Mod Podge sealer will serve as extra protection to keep the paint from coming off in the dishwasher. If you can’t find the sealer, we recommend exclusively hand washing these mugs. 

Rock Garden Markers 

Who doesn’t love a beautiful, blooming garden? Help your little ones paint garden markers to brighten up the garden and mom’s special day.

Here’s what you’ll need: smooth rocks, patio paint (or outdoor craft paint), black marker or Sharpie, paint brushes, a pencil or toothpick and clear coat or outdoor sealer. 

How to: Lay out the smooth rocks on old newspaper or cloth. Don’t worry about the size of the rocks—some plants will need larger ones if they have a longer name.

Paint the top of each rock with paint. Let them dry and paint a second coat. We recommend only painting the tops and the sides, as the paint can be toxic for the garden if it seeps through.

If your child can write, have them write the plant names on the rocks once they’ve dried. Allow your kiddo to decorate with the paint brush and wait for it to dry (the rocks will probably need 2–3 hours to dry before sealing with a clear topcoat). Let the overcoat dry overnight and they’ll be ready to place! 

Pro Tip: If you’re using a Sharpie to write the plant names, be sure to let it dry for an hour. It will bleed if the ink is not completely dry before sealing with the topcoat. 

Teacup Cards 

Homemade cards are one of the most thoughtful presents you can give. All you’ll need for this craft is a blank card (or folded construction paper), colored paper, one cut-up egg box (you only need the corner pieces), a pipe cleaner, Mom’s favorite tea bag and glue. 

How-to:  Let your little ones pick the color of the paper to glue onto the card. Glue the colored paper on the card.

Make sure the cut-up egg box can lie flat on the card before attempting to glue it. Glue down the egg box. Cut a piece of pipe cleaner (preferably a color similar to the egg box) and glue down to look like the handle of a mug.

Place the tea bag in the glued egg-box on the card, and either tape or glue the tea bag string down. Decorate the card, write a sweet message inside and you’re ready to hand it off! 

Is your kiddo making a Mother’s Day gift this year? Show us! Send your pictures to editorial@dfwchild.com.

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