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7 DIY Halloween Projects You Can Do With the Kids

Spooky projects to get you and the kids in the Halloween spirit

Halloween is right around the corner, so we put together a few arts and crafts ideas to help get you and the kids in the spirit before going out for a night of trick or treating fun. Spend the afternoon carving out a few pumpkins, decorating the living room with ghosts and turning those paper plates and hats you have from the last birthday party celebration into cutesy witch hats. Your home will begin looking like a haunted house in no time, plus your kiddos will continue to practice their creativity and keep those imaginations going.

Pumpkin Carving

Halloween wouldn’t be complete without grand, orange pumpkins. Purchase a few at your local grocery store or nearby pumpkin patch for the carving extravaganza. (Don’t forget to place a few newspapers on the table.) Begin by carving out a circle on the top of the pumpkin to take out all the seeds inside. Once the pumpkin is completely clean on the inside, draw a face on the outside. Then, carefully use the knife to carve out your creation. When you’re done, add a small candle on the inside of the pumpkin and take it out to the porch. For more details, consider painting your pumpkin in various colors and swirls.

Materials needed: Knife, permanent marker, ladle, small candle.

Mini Ghosts

Gather up a few white trash bags and cotton balls to create creepy little white ghosts for your front door or arch in the kitchen. Start by gathering 8–10 cotton balls in your hand, then take a white garbage bag and tie it around the cotton. Use a rubber to secure the ghost’s head. Create different expressions with the permanent marker. For added detail, uses different colored permanent markers to create varying expressions. Last step: tie a yarn string around the neck of the ghosts and hang them around the house

Materials needed: Cotton balls, white garbage bags, permanent marker, string yarn, rubber bands, scissors

Spider Webs

For another craft you can hang from the ceiling, create spider webs out of popsicle sticks you may already have around the house. Hot glue three popsicle sticks together, with one in the middle and the other two diagonally facing the opposite direction. Cut a long piece of yarn string and begin tying it around the popsicle sticks. When you’ve made the last go around through the sticks, tie a yarn string at the top of the spider web. Hot glue mini spiders throughout the spider web (you can purchase these at your local Party City, Target or Walmart).

Materials needed: Hot glue gun, popsicle sticks, string yarn, mini plastic spiders, scissors

Mason Jars

Take those old mason jars you have around the house and turn them into ornaments. Start by spray painting the jars in a variety of colors. Once the spray paint has dried, tie a few ribbons around the top of the jar (you could even wrap the whole jar in ribbons to create a mummy-like character), hot glue the spider webs and googly eyes, or take a permanent marker and spell out ‘Boo’ with three different jars. Add a plastic candle on the inside of the jars to brighten up the jar. When you and the kids are done with the masterpiece, spread the out on the front porch to provide lighting for the trick or treaters.

Materials needed: mason jars, spray paint, stretchy spider webs, ribbons in multiple colors, googly eyes, plastic candles.

Witch Hats

Put those old paper plates and party hats to good use. Start by spraying the plates and party hats in all black. (You can also opt for paint here instead, if you’d like.) When the paint has dried, hot glue the paper plate to the party hat. Take the string off the party hat if it’s still attached. Take a glue stick and place glue throughout your now paper-plate made witch hat. Throw glitter throughout the hat and watch as it begins to sparkle.

Materials needed: Black spray paint, paper plates, paper party hats, hot glue, glitter, glue stick.

Canvas Art

Use all those buttons buried in your sewing kit to create a work of art. Start by painting a blank canvas in all black acrylic paint, or your choice of color. Then take a pencil and draw out the figure you would like to create. Draw a ghost, the head of Frankenstein, a pumpkin or bat. Hot glue the buttons around the drawing to create the figurine. For more detail, take a glue stick and spread glue throughout the canvas then toss some glitter.

Materials needed: Blank canvas, buttons, paint, acrylic paint, paintbrushes, ribbons, hot glue gun.

Halloween Wreath

Take the wreath you used to adorn your front door at the beginning of the fall season and update it to reflect the Halloween season. Hot glue a spider web and mini plastic spiders to various ends of the wreath. Or, cut a few pieces of string yarn and glue it to different ends of the wreath to create the spider web. Paint the wreath in different colors to spice it up. Add googly eyes used in the Mason jar, or tie the spider webs created from popsicle sticks to the wreath. Hang the wreath on your front door once it’s done.

Materials needed: Wreath, stretchy spider web, plastic mini spiders, paint, string yarn