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6 Baby Products You Don’t Need

purchases we're sure you can skip

Becoming a parent for the first time is magical. You are already so in love with the baby who will be in your arms. You may tear up in BuyBuy Baby or while browsing the baby section of Amazon. And you’ll want to place everything in your basket (which can get a little expensive).

The good news is that you don’t actually need everything. I reflected on my son’s baby stage and thought of six products I could have done without. Needless to say, these are my opinions; so you do you, mama!

1.Lots of Cute but Complicated Outfits

You’ll certainly get these gifted to you, and of course you’ll want them for your newborn photo shoot—but you really don’t need anything except the simplest of clothes for your smallest family member.

For example, I was given a Burberry shorts and polo set (yes, my child was more fashionable than I’ll ever be), a tiny quilted suit and itty bitty tennis shoes. And I bought my son a cardigan-style onesie and bowtie. He wore all of that for a very short period of time—and it wasn’t even a matter of hours. We’re talking minutes.

As it turned out, I didn’t even really put him in snap-up onesies. My go-to babywear was the onesies that zip. They’re fast to put on and fast to take off. And honestly, he spent a lot of time at home just in a diaper and a blanket.

Pro Tip: If you’re using the zipper onesies, make sure baby’s skin is clear before you pull the zipper up! Not that I pinched my son’s skin once or anything…

2. A Luxury Crib

I bought the most beautiful crib I could find. It was this antique-looking, wrought iron design that blew me away.

Friends, I laid him down in it once—literally once to get a picture. He spent his babyhood nights and naps in a pack-and-play set up next to my bed. It was all we needed until he was old enough for a bigger bed.

And maybe you will use a crib, but don’t spent a billion dollars, OK?

3. A Fancy Nursing Pillow

Perhaps you or a friend used a specially designed nursing pillow, or someone recommended one. I don’t want to knock your choices. But I’ll say this: Someone gave me a nursing pillow, and I found it unnecessary. Thinking back, I might have propped him up with a throw pillow if I needed it.

4. Expensive Baby Soap

I was uber-concerned about what products I used to wash my son’s skin at the beginning. And yes, it’s important to use gentle products, especially if your baby has extra sensitive skin. But do what your pediatrician tells you to do. For us, the basic stuff ended up being just fine.

5. Cute Eating Utensils

In my opinion, all you need are a couple small spoons for when your little one starts eating baby food. But you don’t really need those precious little fork-and-knife combos that look like fire trucks or dinosaurs. As your child gets introduced to more things, they’ll use their fingers a lot.

6. Plastic Potty Pants

I delighted in sleeping through the night when my son got older—but sometimes there were diaper leaks. So I came up with the brilliant idea of putting these plastic Speedo-type pants over his diaper.

They crackled when he moved. He said, “Definitely not, Mom.” (In his own way, of course—he pulled them right off.)

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